God Hates?

Many of your comments from my previous post has inspired me to write this next post. Thank you all who have participated in the discussion and shared with me your beliefs and thoughts. And now, here's yet, another religious post about what I truly believe.

Does God hate?

Realistically speaking, emotions such as hate, anger, guilt and sadness are all “gifts” from Satan. In my beliefs as a Christian, the devil tries to take away your joy and replace it with these negative emotions. It can even be in the form of a person in your life that drains the energy out of you, discouraging words from someone or even thoughts of things that you did in the past which you regret, that manifests itself into guilt.

Why would God want us to feel negative emotions? Why would another Christian try to make other Christians feel guilt for the things that they do in their life if they don’t agree with certain things? Regardless of what religion you are, it’s still unnerving for someone to try and reinforce their beliefs upon you in a negative aspect. They’re not trying to help us; they’re not trying to edify us and lift our spirits up. This is how the devil uses people to get to us. Don’t buy into it.

Why are radical Christians so concerned with other people’s lives? They’re bored, because they’ve been sucked into this web of lies—living a life that’s unnecessary. They’re living a life full of guilt in the past that trickles over into their current life, which ultimately trickles over into other people’s lives. Remorse and having apologetic feelings is one thing, but guilt is such a horrible emotion. It’s only what I believe though.

Now who can claim to know the “TRUTH” in the spiritual sense? You can definitely say you believe it to be true, however, you can’t speak for everyone else. As I’ve said in previous posts, I’ve had spiritual encounters that led me to believe that God is real; that Jesus is real and living among us. I can only claim it’s ‘true for me’. I can’t convince you that it’s factual, because I may have had a psychotic moment or way too many martinis to see straight. So how would you know it’s true, unless you’ve encountered a spiritual experience yourself?

That’s where faith comes in. So many of us have faith on a particular religion---and a lot of people have the same faith in the same religion, yet with different beliefs. How does that happen? One Christian believes ‘this’ to be true, and another Christian believes something totally opposite. What’s the foundation of the faith though? Jesus. If Christians would stop focusing in on everybody else’s lives, and focus on Him, we wouldn’t have so many religious battles all over the world. Why are they so concerned with what we do? Why are they so angry over actions or ‘sins’ of another human? Is their life not exciting enough that they have to stick their noses into everybody’s business? You really have to wonder about that.

So then, who’s telling the truth? The psychotic Christian lesbian who loves Jesus, or the radical Christian bible thumper who rebukes you for your sins. Who should do the rebuking? Shouldn’t God be in charge of all the rebuking? That kind of makes sense to me. Now, it’s not a matter of ‘truth’, it’s a matter of faith and tolerance to those who differ from your own beliefs and values. Being kind to one another and loving others is the only effective way to help…not by criticizing their life. Do they really feel that they’re helping? Or is it a self-satisfying selfish act on their part?

Too many people want to be heroes. They want a big seal of approval from God. They’re looking for a stamp on their forehead that says, “I brainwashed yet another happy person living their lives in peace!” Life is to be enjoyed. Life is a journey; a path that’s full of adventures, learning experiences and joy. It shouldn’t be full of anger, resentment, hatred and people condemning one another…but unfortunately, that’s how it seems to be. Countries all over the world are having holy wars. They “ALL” know the “TRUTH”. Or do they? If they knew the “truth”, would they be fighting and killing one another over it? Of course not. In my heart, and in my beliefs, God is all love. He is nothing but love. He doesn’t put seeds of guilt, sadness, anxiety and fear into us; Satan does a good job of that.

So the next time someone criticizes you for the way you live—regardless of your religion or lack thereof, just remember that it’s evident the person criticizing you, is not happy with their own life. There are so many people who shy away from church, merely out of judgmental people. I know that in the gay and lesbian community, there are so many people that go into other religions that only accept their lifestyle. They have all the beliefs as a Christian, yet fall back on some other religion that says, “We’re gay friendly.” And that’s okay. But, the sad part about this is, a lot of the gay community lost their faith, due to other people giving them strife about their love for another human being of the same gender.

Now, think about this… What about those people who have married a divorcee? No one at the church condemns them. What about those who have had premarital sex? No big deal, right? We have no right to judge another human being. It’s such a waste of energy! Why not put all that energy into something positive, like lifting someone’s spirits up, or being considerate and nonjudgmental to those around you? Why don’t they donate their time into encouraging people to lean more towards God? What judgmental people do is actually the opposite. They draw people further away from God by telling them how bad they’ve been, and how God HATES what they’re doing. God hates?

Here’s what I think… Each person has their own personal and individual relationship with God. Each person has a different purpose in life. We’re all an integral part of God’s machine; each one doing a different job and just as important as the other. You are an important link…I’m an important link. We’re all here for a purpose. God has the blueprints of our life and only God knows what those plans are. How can a mere human being ever claim to know what that is? It’s impossible. I can share with you what my beliefs are, but I have no right to judge your life and claim that you’re a worse sinner than I am. Everyone sins, and everyone falls short—we’re all in this together. I just wish people would realize how much wasted time and energy is being put out there when they literally hurt people by using Christianity as a weapon.