Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

It’s a scorcher out there today in New York and many parts of the US. The newscasters warn us to keep ourselves well hydrated and not to bake in the sun too long. They want us to check up on our elderly and make sure they’re okay. Rumor has it that the elderly have a harder time in this heat, than someone who’s younger.

I started laughing when the news reporter went up to all the elderly people in the streets of New York yesterday asking them how they’re coping.

“What? What the hell ya’ want me to do? I have to go out!” One old lady yelled to the reporter. The newscaster was sweating more than the little old lady was. She was happy, smiling from ear-to-ear and having a great time in Manhattan. It seems like the hotter the weather, the more the elderly are out and about.

Think about this… I found that when my parents got older, in the winter, their heat is cranked up to 90 degrees anyway. If I go into a home of someone who is in their seasoned years, their heat is enough to make you sweat bullets! What about ‘snowbirds’--the older people who flock over to Florida in the winter months, and then head back to New York when it’s hot again? These people love the heat! It’s people in my age range that are suffering here. Most of them move to Florida. Let the elderly check up on us!

My father proves them wrong. He’s 70 years young, and he’s outside working at this very moment. He is sitting on a hot and stuffy enclosed bulldozer making new foundations for homes being built. The young guys that work along with him usually want to ‘call it a day’ before my father calls it quits.

Is it a matter of the mind? Do we look at the news and start ‘feeling hot’, because they ‘say’ it’s hot out there? Or are we really feeling this awful heat—even more than our older friends?

“Think cold! Think cold!” That’s what some people say to themselves when they’re out in this hot weather. It helps them feel cooler. The mind is a powerful thing---we haven’t even tapped into the other 90%. Can you imagine if we used more than 10% of our mind?

Okay, I’m going to discuss Amy right now. Amy used to live in Arizona. The heat went up to 105 most of the time. She’s used to this type of weather. Now that she’s in New York, I see her wearing mostly long sleeved shirts and blouses while it’s 100 degrees out. She says that she’s used to it, and that she gets colder easily. She also works inside an air conditioned office. But, when she gets out of work, she has to walk five blocks to get to the train.

“What are you wearing?” I ask Amy, as she’s trekking down the street trying to make her train. (No it wasn’t a dirty call, so get your minds out of the gutter.)
“A light crisp white shirt.”
She says to me, as she’s lying through her teeth. She ended up coming over yesterday in a black long sleeve shirt with a hood. At least wear white! When I used to work in an office, I would wear white crisp long sleeved shirts---that’s normal. But black? She doesn’t even appear to be hot. (Well, she’s HOT, but not ‘hot’ in temperature.) But why do some people heat up more than others? If it was up to me, I’d run around naked, but I’m afraid I’d traumatize many innocent people.

So how hot is it for you?

Please visit Amy's blog. I did a little write up about her as a guest blogger. So swing on by and say hello! I'm not sure if this was a toast or a roast I did.