Friday, July 07, 2006

Thank GOD.........

It’s Friday! Most people find themselves in a 'giddy-out of body experience' type of euphoria on this day. Some receive a nice hard earned paycheck, while others wait for their bi-weekly check that usually falls on a Thursday. Some people wait for Friday to come due to that special even that’s held in every bar across America----happy hour! And why wouldn’t they be anticipating this all week? Having cocktails after a hard week of work and spending time with your buddies is always a wonderful thing.

From what I've learned in my own experience, every ten years it gets different. For example, when I was fifteen years old, I would be working all week at the Chinese restaurant down the road in the summertime. They would paid me $4 bucks an hour off the books. That was fine. I took whatever cash they gave me on Friday and headed out to chip in for that keg of beer. We would head off with the older kids and go to a remote place to build a bonfire and drink our brew. I know I was young, but everyone was doing it. Blame it on peer pressure.

When I was twenty-five years old, I had my first apartment with my girlfriend. We were strapped for cash most of the time so we could pay our bills. My Friday nights were a little different. I would run to the bank, go grocery shopping and make dinner for Madelene when she got home from work. I looked forward to it. When we had extra cash on us, we would head out to happy hour and grab the free wings and $2.00 Coronas from 5-7pm. You really had to drink a lot within those two hours to get your money’s worth.

Now that I’m thirty-two years old, I find myself enjoying Friday nights at home barbecuing, spending time with friends and family at one another’s houses or simply going out to a nice restaurant to unwind. Sometimes when I find myself sitting at a bar in the midst of the ‘happy hour rush’ full of people coming home from their mechanic’s job, construction site or strolling in straight from the accounting office--I often wonder if they have the option to go home and have a nice barbeque with their loved ones. Is this it? Is this their final stop? Does their weekend go on? I always wonder about each individual and how their life is. How do they spend their weekends, and who do they spend their weekends with? Sometimes I see men walk into the bar all alone and throw back a few beers not saying one word to anyone. They just stare at the ballgame and drift off into space. Do they have a wife at home?

How do you unwind after the hard week---whether you’re a stay at home mom, a banker, salesperson or the CEO of a corporation?

Enjoy your weekend! I'm outa' here till Tuesday.

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