The Naïve Girl

Did you ever feel negative emotions that stir up within you, and suddenly see yourself taking it out on other people? You’re like a walking time bomb creating sparks that eventually flare up into a whole bunch of ugliness. You know it’s about to explode, but you fail to disengage it; instead you’re fully aware of your capability to release this bomb at any given moment.

Your thoughts are racing and your heart thumps a little louder. It’s like a scene in a horror movie where the naïve girl starts walking into the basement when she hears a little bump in the night. The music starts slow, the beat sounds like a heart. Ga-thump…Ga-thump…Ga-thump! She opens the door to the basement and heads down the stairs. Ga-thump, ga-thump, ga-thump, ga-thump! The music suddenly gets louder; the thumping gets more intense and faster. Ga-thump-ga-thump-ga-thump-ga-thump!!! And then—silence... No music, no ga-thumpins’; just dead air. The room gets darker and then out of nowhere…AHHHHHHHH!!!

It’s Dani holding a bible waiting for you to pray with her.

“Come, let us pray.” Dani says, in a low comforting voice.
“What are you doing down here?” The naïve girl says.
“I’m here to guide you and direct your path. I want to help you get saved from the monster lurking down here in your basement.”
“Oh wow. Thank you Dani!”
The naïve girl says, as she sits down next to her.
“I want to be your friend and make sure that you don’t stumble down here not knowing the consequences.” Dani explains.
“You’re so caring, wow, thank you! I didn’t know I had a monster down here.”
“Oh naïve girl, but you do…you do,”
Dani says, as she places both hands on the girl’s hand, “we’ll beat this thing together because I love you in Christ.”

The naïve girl starts feeling at ease. Her fear has subsided and her heart is now open. Dani lights a candle, and they both start praying together.

“Dear Lord, please forgive the sins of this naïve girl. Please place within her a new heart, with new right desires. Give her the strength to walk away from this fruitless life, and give her life full of purity. Instill wisdom and understanding so that this naïve girl here can walk the ‘straight’ path, and find her way to you, Lord Jesus. Please bless her, as she’s about to leave her heathen ways and stop spreading evil around the world… Make her less accepting of everybody around her, because they are all evil little heathens too, doing anything they want at any given time. Stop making this naïve girl so loving. Maker her strong and fight against acceptance!“

Dani’s face starts crinkling up in anger, but she goes on…

“Take away her thoughts of love for another human being and replace it with a 'robot-like Stepford wife type' love. Make it conditional, unlike what the Corinthians teach. Let her condemn those who are different from her! Let her be the arbiter of righteousness! Let her judge those around her and give her plenty of stones…for she’ll need them due to the evil nature of this world... In Jesus’ name, amen.”

The naïve girl looks up and glares at Dani’s candlelit face. She looks so angelic, so beautiful and so full of enlightenment. The naïve girl could feel the change within her. Could it be the Holy Spirit? Could it be the power of Dani’s mighty words? She must have a direct connection to God himself! What a true revelation this is!

“Thank you Dani, I have seen the light.”

The naïve girl starts heading up the basement stairs. She opens the door and heads into the living room where her lesbian lover awaits her to watch a movie.

“Where did you go sweetie? I made some popcorn for you. Here, come sit with me!” The lesbian lover says, as she pats the couch a few times.
“DECIEVER! LEAVE NOW!” The naïve girl starts screaming.
“Honey, are you feeling alright? Here, let me take your temperature and make you some hot tea.” The lesbian lover says with concern in her voice.
“Get out! If you love me you will leave me!!! HEATHEN! GET OUT!” The naïve girl starts chanting as if she was giving an exorcist to draw this evil spirit away.
“I’m so sorry. I know you’re going through a lot of stress sweetie. What can I do for you? Tell me how I can make you feel better? Do you need a hug? Do you need some comforting?”
The naïve girl screams out. Her face red and blotchy from the anger and hate coming from inside of her.

The lesbian lover packs up her things and she leaves as tears run down her cheeks. She tried everything to show how unconditional her love was. She heads out the door into the car and drives away. Her tail lights fade in the distance. The night was cold and dark. The naïve girl sat there alone, watching the rest of the movie she planned to view with her partner. The popcorn sat there, getting cold, and sounds of the tea kettle whistles throughout the living room coming from the kitchen. Her tea was ready. She grabs some popcorn and eats it. It didn’t taste as good as it would if her partner was here sharing it with her. She decides to walk into the kitchen and pour herself a cup of tea. She put extra honey in it and a squirt of lemon—like her partner used to make it. Sadly enough, it didn’t taste the same. It was bland.

The house was so quiet, it was almost deafening. She had a funny thought about something that happened to her earlier that day, but realized she had nobody to share it with. She sat there and focused on the movie. A funny scene came on, and the naïve girl started laughing and chuckling, “Ha-ha-ha!!! Wasn’t that funny?” Then she forgot, there was nobody to laugh with any longer…nobody to talk to.

The naïve girl lit a candle, and started to pray to God by herself.

“Dear Lord, I thought this life would be a happier life. Dani reassured me that this is the right path to take. Tomorrow is Sunday morning and I have no one to go to church with, and I have nobody to pray with and share the joys of what you have done for me. I’m lonely God, and I feel abandoned; yet I made this all happen by telling my partner to leave. Dear God, I don’t want to be eaten up by the monster in the basement. Dani said that if I choose this road, that the monster would go away, and you would help me. She said that this life is a better life. Dear Lord, please hear my prayer and help me! I’ve hurt the one person who takes care of me, who helps me, who loves me unconditionally and who puts you first before anyone.”

The naïve girl sits and waits. She meditates and remains silent. Then she hears a voice…

“Naïve girl, I love you with all my heart. I love you more than anybody else can ever love you. I want to see you happy and live an abundant life full of love here on this earth. I know your heart, and I know your motives—they are of good—not of evil. The only monster in that basement is Dani. Now call your partner up and apologize. Enjoy the movie, enjoy your popcorn and tea, and most of all, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning in my house of worship. I love you...God.”

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