Has It Been A Year?

Oy. It’s been exactly one year today when I first started blogging. I even used emoticons on my first post! I started blogging after I wrote my first book, so that I could keep up with it. Either something would happen to me, and I’d bitch and moan about it, or just vent about my life…which many people do.

I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote, and not one comment. I never knew people were reading my stuff until I put a sitemeter on. I started visiting other blogs, and realized that there were many talented writers pouring their hearts out. I had to comment, because some of the material I read out there was just amazing. I always thought having a ‘personal diary’ online, was sort of juvenile; something a teeny-bopper would do. Blogging opened my eyes up to a whole new world of amateur and professional writing.

I’ve met so many wonderful people through this forum, and I have read some incredible experiences that others go through. I was quite surprised of how many people shared such intimate details of their life. Then I started doing it myself. Stories regarding my family’s history, (which I needed permission from, unless I wanted to get thrown into the Hudson River with two cement shoes on…) stories that focused on my horrific time in the dating pool, as well as personal feelings regarding certain things in particular in a subliminal manner. (Meaning it was directed at 'someone'…but it wasn’t in ‘black and white’…)

A lot of you stuck with me as I raved on like a lunatic with topics that ranged from religion, to lesbianism, to mafia related stories, as well as my feelings for my partner. You’ve stuck by me even when I was going through my depressive and manic phases, as well as my PMS days. You heard all about my phobias, my OCD, my anxiety attacks and listened to me as I ranted on like a freak on speed.

Your comments helped me through some difficult times. Your encouraging words kept me moving forward; seeing things in a different light. I’ve never met such intelligent and compassionate people. It’s rare to find those two ingredients in a lot of folks.

So this post is dedicated to all my readers, my lurkers, as well as all the friends I made in person through this blog. This also goes out to those who had different views and beliefs who challenged me to the very end—you let me see a different side of the spectrum, which is always a wonderful thing. I let you into my life...and you let me into yours.

Thanks for a great year!