Honesty & Trust

People hide and scour over bits and pieces of hidden treasures that aren’t supposed to be known. Intimate, delicate and personal information has become a faux pas between two people who love one another. They resort to mind reading instead, which ultimately winds up being misunderstood and misinterpreted into something ugly.

Insecure people jump into conclusions and try to analyze something that’s not there; in hopes to destroy a potentially good thing. Why are they so concerned with other people’s business? They’re not happy in their own milieu, so they have to squish their nose into the lives of other’s.

If one’s secure with themselves as a person, this will have no effect upon their feelings or thoughts about the one who’s getting the condemnation and attack. Just blow it off, live your life—because your life is ‘that’ interesting enough that people love to give into the drama and fiasco of trying to alter it in some way. Be strong, because your life is your own; you’re independent, beautiful, intelligent and most of all, in tune with yourself.

I love your ebullient nature; the way you carry yourself and the way you’re able to discuss your inner-self with me. Me! Why am I so lucky? You put your trust in me. Your honesty is overwhelming, and your love for your friends and family speaks well beyond whatever anybody can tell you…to try to bring you down.

People focus way too much on the past, and way too much on the future. They forget about the most important thing…the "present moment". Look up, don’t look down and don’t look behind you. Look straight ahead and “in the moment”, because that’s the person I come to cherish!