Suzi Needs To Shut It...

It amazes me to see unhappy people butting into the lives of others who are trying to obtain their own happiness. For example, Suzy tries to tell her friend that Jessie’s new boyfriend sounds completely ‘wrong’ for her.

“Well, he’s totally stuck on himself and has baggage. You just got out of a relationship like that. Why do you want to put yourself back in the same place you were?”
“But Suzy, you haven’t even met him yet, and besides, everybody has their own issues to deal with. No one’s perfect.”
Jessie says, as she tries to figure out why Suzy is trying to convince her that her new boyfriend has red flags sticking out of his ears.

Our friends are there for us. They should be more accepting and have an opened mind when it comes to their friend finally finding someone special. It’s safe to say that Suzy probably has some concerns due to what Jessie told her about him. So he has a little baggage, an ex-girlfriend who doesn’t stop stalking him, or some sort of emotional baggage that hasn’t been dealt with. Fine. But who’s to say that Jessie can’t handle this on her own? Why do people constantly butt into other people’s lives?

Take Suzi. She has been dating on and off and finding Mr. Wrong on the internet for years now. She hasn’t stuck with one. Suzie will date them for a few months, and realize they have a ‘problem’ or ‘issue’ and totally detach herself from them—and eventually dumping the poor souls. That’s her prerogative, right? Sure it is. What isn’t her prerogative is that she tells other people what to do with their lives. That’s just wrong and self-centered. If the guy was a serial killer or had some ‘dangerous’ issues to contend with, then I can see her concern. There are exceptions.

In Suzi’s case, she may have a touch of logorrhea…which to me is another word for diarrhea of the mouth. These people love to hear themselves talk. They’ll constantly gossip and tell ‘secrets’ about things that aren’t supposed to be aired out. These are the types of people you need to watch out for in my opinion. When someone talks way too much, they lose all credibility with me, especially when spewing other people’s own personal business. And right now, I am changing names because I am doing just that—spewing other people’s business. It’s different, isn’t it? Isn’t it???

Everybody and their mother has their idiosyncrasies, peccadilloes, issues, problems, dramas, etc. --- whatever you want to call it... Why be so judgmental when you have your own plate of problems to chow down on? I find it amusing sometimes listening to someone constantly harping on someone else’s business. You get three or more women involved and it becomes a complete henhouse! I should video tape my three sisters and mother talking over cocktails one day. Now that’s a sight! Sorry guys—had to add you in there!

People mean well. I know they do. But people can’t help but gobble up on the juicy gossip or give their two cents on what they think others should do.

So say Jessie decides to dump this guy because of Suzie’s assumption? Jessie is totally in love with him, but now scared because Suzy has pointed out some problematic patterns.

What do you think?

A. Jessie will resent Suzi in some way or form?
B. Jessie will be unhappy and miss the guy she was dating who had a few problems here and there?
C. Jessie will have a mind of her own and continue to date the man she chose?