Environmental Trojan

Well the Trojan finally hit me. No, not that…the virus that eats up your computer. I was in my hotmail account, and opened up an email that appeared to be from a friend of mine. Then all these alert messages were flaring at me, “Your computer has a virus! Adware and Spyware have been added to your system!” Needless to say, the pop-up ads were coming up more than my heartburn.

Amy has been kind enough to lend me her laptop, until mine is repaired. She uses a Mac. I’m so lost on this thing. I’m opening up things I shouldn’t, and possibly popping up on all her friend’s messenger services. I didn’t think a computer could be so much different than another. I’d like to do a little “Mac bashing” right now, but I have to be a little more grateful that I’m sitting here typing anything at all. So thank you, Amy.

After trying to fix the bug myself (ha!!!) I finally brought it into the experts. They called me up today to tell me I forgot to give them the power chord to my laptop. Great. I can’t get there until tomorrow. Amy? Do you really need your computer this week?

So the weekend is here, and it’s hotter than hell. There’s absolutely nothing I want to do other than to stay inside in the a/c. Isn’t summer supposed to be about spending time outdoors and socializing? Then they say that the entire world is practically hot right now. How can that be? I can’t picture basking in the sun somewhere in Antarctica. It just doesn’t sit well with me. Just plop yourself on an iceberg somewhere and enjoy the rays. No.

What they were really trying to imply, is that the world is heating up. (Global warming) This is scary. Each year, I notice that we get more and more heat waves and more intense storms. “They say” we’re not taking care of our environment. This involves, getting rid of all motor vehicles, closing down plants and companies who produce chemicals for much needed products and possibly ride our bikes more. Carpooling I can totally understand. I hope Santa Claus doesn’t come floating down on some iceberg cursing all of us for ruining the environment. Eventually, everything is supposed to melt. That has to put some type of fear in you. Or will it be in our lifetime? That sounds self-centered, doesn’t it? As if I don’t care about others after I live… But it’s a valid question, no?

Here’s what gets me. They want us to be environment conscious, so they start making hybrid cars. Great. One problem… Most of us cannot afford these vehicles. I went to price two of the same cars out. One was a hybrid, and the other was a gas-driven car. The hybrid cost a lot more.

“They” want SUVs off the road. “They” fail to forget that some of us live up in the sticks up long mountainous driveways. In the winter, it’s like a cyclone. So 4x4 is imperative.

“Well, buy a small all-wheel car—they make smaller models than the one you drive…” “They” tell me. Well what about my cargo and the many things I pack for vacation? What about the tons of space needed to fit for my family and friends? What about the luxury I want? And if I’m don’t drive my big SUV, million other people will be passing me by in theirs.

I believe we built things to better our lives, without the knowledge of the consequences. Now the ozone is ripping at its seams and no one knows what to do anymore. Can we reverse it? Or does it just stay ‘as is’, if we just stop using everything we’ve ever known?

I see bad hair days in my future, if I have to stop wearing my Aqua Net to keep my curls in place. That’ll be one sad day.