You Got Mail!

The best thing about blogging are of course the comments left by interesting people putting in their two cents, and of course, the inquisitive emails I get from readers who never comment---or sometimes from the regular people who comment on a daily basis.

Emails consist of many people who are in the closet, that want to know more information about my life, and how and when I came 'out'. Some of the emails I get are from women that are married with children, who have known all their lives that they were homosexual. They wanted to live the ‘normal lifestyle’. See, each person is so different. I can’t give advice to anyone—because I live a different life than they do. I would hate to break up a marriage and encourage homosexuality. No. I won’t do that. All I can suggest is that they pray (if they do believe in a God) and meditate upon it. Weigh the pros and cons out. If you’re totally unhappy, then do some self-searching and try to see what your heart really desires.

I get emails from people asking about my wacky disorders and how to get rid of their anxiety. Hell---if I knew how to get out of my anxiety, I’d be the first one to tell you! But, I do know what makes me feel better. In my beliefs as a Christian, the more I draw closer to God—the calmer my heart is. A lot of the time, the anxiety is so intense, that I nearly forget about praying and head straight for the alcohol. Not good. It’s a happy little temporary fix, but asking God for ‘inner peace’ is the key. Can you imagine---a person with OCD emailed me and asked me how to deal with it? I told him to keep cleaning. Please---I cannot give advice on something I’m working on myself. I appreciate each and every one of those emails though.

The best email, (the scariest one) was from Grant. Yes, I have permission to reveal his email and picture on this blog for all to see. I can’t even put it into words. For he knows that my faith in God is huge---he sends me this beauty along with a photo attached. Take a look see.

“I spent the evening performing Voodou rites in an effort to speed your recovery. Okay, actually I practiced my Japanese, watched Grosse Pointe Blank, wrote a little, ate shrimp for dinner, cleaned my apartment, drank beer, read, played a racing video game, and then performed Voodou rites to speed your recovery, but your health was in there somewhere. If you look closely at the picture, you'll notice that I used the white-headed pin (good juju) and tacked it to the wishing for a good hair day (for you - I don't have enough hair to be affected by the Fates). The doll didn't have a Get Well Soon field and I don't have a lock of your hair and you live too far away for me to drop by with chicken soup, so this is the best I can do. I figure if your hair is good, the rest of you shall be soon to follow. So, that's one prayer to the Dark Lord and one Voodou ritual you owe me. You're welcome. :p

Get well, get well soon, we hope that you get well...


Interesting. My readers really go all out for me to help with my wacky disorders--and I appreciate that. I asked why he didn’t prick the doll for inner peace, winning the lottery and losing weight. I think he needs to get cracking with those issues. But then again, if I have inner peace, I wouldn’t have anything to blog about---except pure bliss and happiness. Who the hell wants to read about that?

Now on to another issue with blogging. I love all the comments I get. I especially love to have little fun banters with Mikey boy. He amuzes me. Mike’s post for today had an interesting topic. He wondered what everyone thought about us being a ‘cute couple’… Hmm. Yes, he does know I play for the other team and that I do have a partner, however, I don’t 100% define myself as a ‘lesbian’, because I hate the labeling that goes into it. I go for whoever I ‘fall in love with’---just like CP says in her blog. It has nothing to do with gender—it has everything to do with that person.

Well, for all of you who are curious to see if Mike and I would make a great couple—in fact---make a great couple in holy matrimony--then take a peek at this picture. And you guys never thought I'd be in a wedding dress---did ya? Mike has entered a whole new world of absolute chaos. I have already packed up my u-haul and headed to his house. I have tons of ‘baggage’ that he already knows about. House. Must. Be. Clean. If not, my OCD will rear its ugly head, and Mike will end up paying for tons of therapy bills. He’ll certainly love the PMSing days, when I lash out of nowhere screaming and yelling---then break down hysterically crying---and then get back up giggling as if nothing happened. (That can be part of the bi-polar disorder though…) In any case, Mike is wiling to take this on. And a note to Mike--I do! I do!.. I hope you’ll all be at our wedding.