Who's That Girl?

The mysterious Leesa has always captivated us. Her stories and life experiences have swept us into her world. Who is Leesa though? What is she really like? We only have one headshot photo of this beautiful southern woman whose intelligence is far beyond the average blogger. Her inspiring words pull you in as well as her risqué erotica.

She is a woman who’s faithful to her husband; yet a woman with many fantasies to be told. Have they been carried out? Have her journeys been all a façade? What about her tales---are they all from a secret past? She is an enigma to all who read her. She is brilliant in her writing, which keeps us coming back for more.

Leesa forces us to do this; to be our own judges. To fantasize what she is like. So, with that being said, I present to youLeesa.

I only had a headshot, so I drew in what I thought she may look like from the head down. You left us only to imagine...