It’s enough to drive you crazy—being sick with the flu. It’s even worse when your partner/girlfriend/boyfriend or marital spouse gets sick with you. For my birthday, Madelene gave me the flu wrapped up in a red ribbon. We were quarantined in our home for quite some time. Between coughing in one another’s face to sneezing in each other’s direction while we were trying to go to bed was just insane.

“Can you open a window?”
“Are you kidding? I got the chills! No way!”
I said.
“But I’m burning up and I want my fever to go down.” Madelene whines, as I grudgingly walk over to the window and open it. I then covered myself with three huge comforters to get warm.

I couldn’t help it—every time she coughed or sneezed, I cringed. I thought, “I’m gonna get sicker!” But if I already have what she has, then why would that even cross my mind? My OCD drives me complete mad when I’m sick---especially when someone else is sick around me.

When one was feeling better than the other, that person would help out more. For instance, I was the one with the higher fever, so Madelene graciously says, “I’ll go and make us some breakfast and hot tea.” You’d think I would say, “Oh wow, thank you so much!” No. I’m almost in paranoia-mode. “NO! You can’t! Stay here! Don’t! Wait!” I didn’t want to reveal my fear of a germ warfare about to brew within our own home, but I just couldn’t take the thought of hearing her sneeze while making our breakfast. It didn’t sit well with me.

When she went downstairs to get something, I would secretly grab the rubbing alcohol and clean off all doorknobs, counters, remote controls and the cordless phone that we used while being sick. I then went into the bedroom and quickly changed the sheets and sprayed this anti-bacterial stuff all over the room. It’s like Lysol, but Fabreze makes it. It kills germs on the spot. Then I aired out the entire room—hoping the germs would just scatter out of there. It was insane. I could never work in a hospital.

My hands are so dry. I mean—cracking skin kind of dry from all the hand washing I’ve been doing. Another dilemma we had, well, “I had” was that we shared a thermometer. I know what you’re thinking---how can YOU share someone else’s thermometer? Well, I would soak it in a cup of Listerine. That stuff will kill absolutely anything. Once you put it back into your mouth under you tongue---it would singe off any skin leftover---that’s how strong this stuff was. I knew I was safe.

My birthday consisted of tons of green tea, soups, and coughing like a bunch of donkeys all day. My sister was nice enough to come by with her daughter---who happened to be sick too. “NO!!!!!!!!” That’s all I need now! I spent a little time with them, but retreated back into my apartment so that I wouldn’t get ‘them’ sick. (Or get myself sicker.) To me---kids are a field day for germs.

I want to thank all of you who wished me a happy birthday through my comment section and through email. I appreciate all your nice words and thoughts that went behind it. I was really flattered that you took the time out to send something special. I’m feeling a bit better, but not enough to go out just yet. I will be back online Tuesday. Madelene seems to be recovering better than I am.

I really have to also thank my good friends for calling me up and sending me things through the mail. You all are terrific! You made my day really special, and next week we’re going out! Promise! I also want to let Tara know what a special friend she is to me. This girl is amazing, and she is definitely a ‘keeper’. Also, I want to let Lisa know how much I appreciate her giving me a call from the midst of a good time in Vegas to remember my birthday. You guys are the best! And to all my blogger buddies--you rock! The ecards and the birthday wishes made my day!

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday---and remember Boyz at da'Jammy--PASS THE WINGS PLEASE!

Back to my couch that awaits me.