Letter to Madelene

Dear Madelene,

I love you. I cherish you. I desire you. I think you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. As the years go by, you seem to possess more beauty than ever. It’s not even your beauty; it’s your compassion for others, you’re warm heart, and your giving nature. It’s your love for God, and the way you treat others. You treat me like no one has ever treated me before. I have never been loved so much by someone, as I am by you. You make me feel special and always lift me up when I’m feeling down.

Do you know how much I love you? I know we say “I love you” often, but do you know my feelings behind those words? It’s much more than words can even express. I don't believe I was ever in love, until I met you. The connection I have with you is beyond anything I have ever experienced. On top of that, you’re my best friend. I can tell you absolutely anything that’s on my mind, without feeling as though you’re going to get upset or angry at me. Almost as if you totally figured out the human race---you mastered the human mind. You know that I’m only ‘me’; and satisfied with just that. You’re forgiving and understanding. You give without expectations and love unconditionally. You’re rare.

When I think about growing old together, I daydream about us sitting on a front porch somewhere on our little rocking chairs laughing our butts off, and still drinking our martinis. I dream about all the good times we’re going to have—even more than we have now. I look at you---and I see a happy future. I see family, friends and wonderful times shared together. I see ‘us’. I see holidays full of joy and laughter, and days spent on the beach lying next to one another not saying a word, yet saying so much.

Every morning before you go to work, you wake me up with a kiss. I love that. If you ever forget to kiss me before leaving—I’ll probably be depressed all day. You encourage me to do the things I’ve always wanted to do. You give me positive feedback and tell me honestly what your thoughts are. I love that about you.

Is it possible that each year I fall in love with you a little more? Some people say that the chemistry fades after time. I feel it gets stronger with each passing day. I have never loved you so much as I do right now. Maybe I don’t tell you this in depth like I should, but today I want to let you know what’s in my heart.

Your kisses still give me the butterflies as they did on our first date. To me, you’re a God send. I totally believe that God sent me one of his angels. Not only do I find you physically incredibly gorgeous, but your inner beauty makes it that much better. You’re the ‘whole package’. Sometimes I even wonder what you see in me; why you put up with me... I get scared thinking one day you may leave me. Then you reassure me with your love that we’re in this for the long haul. I call it more of a vacation. We always say to one another that it feels like we’re on vacation when we’re together—even if we’re home.

You are my home. You’re my heart and I will always love you and be ‘in love’ with you.

Thank you for letting me wake up to fresh roses this morning. You know red & white together are my favorite. You're thoughtfulness never ceases to amaze me. Happy Valentine's Day baby! I'll see you tonight!