Thursday, February 16, 2006



Steff! You just won a care package from ~Deb. This is definitely something to ‘brighten up the room’ when you’re feeling down.

But that’s not all!

There’s more!...

Included in your gift that brightens up the room, there’s something for your honey to keep him wrapped up for a while.

Still not satisfied? Because Steff answered the ‘secret question’ so promptly, we threw in an extra ‘helper’ just to show how much we really do care. Items enclosed in this package are sure to make any night...a special night.

Steff answered a question from the comments in a previous post. I asked what takes away menstrual cramps—and she got it correct! Due to the nature of the question, she received a prize that will help her cramps--if need be.

Enjoy your care package Steff!

Remember, look out for that ‘secret question’---you just might be the next winner!

By answering any of ~Deb’s questions, prizes include whatever the subject matter is about. If ~Deb asks a question regarding a horse, you might get a saddle. If ~Deb talks about the dangers of smoking, you may just end up with a lifetime supply of nicotine patches. Answer at your own risk.

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