Religions Based On Hate

This time of year, my girlfriend and I enjoy spending a weekend in Manhattan. We love to go shopping, dine out and of course, see the Christmas tree. I know, it’s so ‘touristy’ of us to do that as ‘New Yorkers’, but there’s nothing like being among people who are in the holiday spirit. There’s something magical about it.

This year, we won’t be going. It’s mostly on my part. My fear has increased with each news broadcast I see. A few weeks ago, al-Qaida had blown up two Baghdad hotels. They were all suicide bombers in vehicles. Their mission is to kill all westerners—mostly American journalists. They ended up killing Iraqi civilians. They’re taking the risk of killing themselves, as well as their own people.

What about New York? All it takes is a truckload of explosives to take down one hotel. They proved that in Iraq already. They have such hatred towards Americans. They claim that their God wants them to do this; to fight against anyone who is not Muslim. Their God wants them to commit suicide while murdering other people. On top of that, do they really receive 72 virgins when they arrive in heaven? Just think about that sentence alone, and see how ridiculous that sounds.

I had an ex-boyfriend when I was younger. Yes, I dated men before. He was from Pakistan, and was Muslim. I respected his religion, as he respected mine—although, I wasn’t quite ‘into’ Christianity as I am today. I was only sixteen years old back then being raised as a Catholic. I remember him teaching me all about his religion. His religion was ‘loving’, just like my belief in Christianity is. His religion taught him to be kind to others, and to love---as Christianity teaches me.

Then why is his religion different from those who want to commit suicide and murder? My ex does not believe that he will receive 72 virgins if he does kill westerners for his God.

Look at it this way—the Ku Klux Klan are Christians. They believe that burning crosses on people’s lawn is a good thing. They also believe that name calling, such as “kike, nigger, faggot and gook” are okay. Can you imagine walking into an Assembly of God church, and hearing those words come out of the pastor?

Just like different sectors of Christianity, there are different sectors of the Muslim religion. What bothered me the most, was when after the 9/11 attacks, some American civilians took it upon themselves to go out there and attack and kill “any” Muslim they could find. They did it out of anger. They thought that all Muslims were the same, and believed in the same thing. They’re not all the same. Just like Christians.

If the KKK is so against the Jews, then why are they worshipping Jesus? Wasn’t Jesus Jewish?

If the Muslim religion teaches about love and respect, why do some people of this religion murder for the sake of their God?

Does God truly want us to act out in hate? In any religion that believes in a ‘God’---how can God hate? God is supposed to be ‘all love’. Love does not kill.

So next time you see a Muslim person, forget about what others have done for their religion. Look at the person; look at their heart. And the next time you see me, forget about the cruelty that has been done for the sake of ‘Christianity’. I hope that you will see I’m not full of hate.