The Evil Twisted Cross

In my own backyard, dozens of white supremacists gathered in the streets of Kingston, NY to display their hatred. They greatly outnumbered the people who were against the rally. White men dressed in Nazi uniforms stood stance, as if they were hailing Hitler with their stiff Nazi salute. Tons of people holding picket signs on one side of the rally and spewing racial slurs into megaphones screaming, “Equal rights for whites!” and “90% of crime are committed by blacks!” The other side chanted out, “Racists have got to go. Hey, hey, ho, ho!” The counter demonstrators were full of white, black and mixed races, all united to stand as “one” to demonstrate against these white supremacists.

Two hundred police in riot gear were sprawled out everywhere, while other uniformed police officers were riding on horses, in case violence struck out. These types of things don’t happen in upstate New York. (So I thought.) This was the same type of rally that took place in Toledo, Ohio not too long ago. Toledo, Ohio???

What year are we in? I didn’t even know we were at that point again. Not only are we having holy wars with people of different religions, but now we’re back to racial wars. Has the hate ever stopped? Do we pretend to like one another, regardless of different race or nationality?

Events such as these make me sad to think that someone may label me as, ‘one of them’; a white supremacist. I have two things the Neo Nazi’s would kill me for-- #1. I’m Italian and #2. I’m a homosexual. I’m a minority too.

Not too far away from where I live, reside members of the Ku Klux Klan. Ironically enough, they call themselves, “Christians”. In 2003, a school custodian in an elementary school was passing out flyers and material to students regarding the KKK members, and how to be more involved, using Christian tactics and other misleading lures.

How sad to think we still live in a world that we thought we were once freed from. At one time, I sincerely thought we were past all of this, but we’re not. It’s still alive, more than ever.

When I see you on the street, I hope you look at my heart; not my Mediterranean features, or the girl I’m holding hands with—look at ‘my person’. I possess similar qualities to your sister, to your mother and to your own flesh and blood. I may not have the same appearance you may hold so dear, but I’m human—like you—like your own family. If God were to pick you up into the skies and give you a makeover—taking off your white hood, removing the swastika armbands, changing your skin color a darker shade, and dying your blondish colored hair, how would you feel walking down the streets everyday?

Funny…they call themselves, “Christians”, yet they’re full of hate. Aren’t Christians supposed to be full of Christ’s love? Their actions speak out against the whole concept of, “WWJD”.

What would he do?