Loving Life With a Backache

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The wails of cries coming from the bathroom as my back snaps in half. Madelene comes in to rescue me. Immediately, she dials the chiropractor so I can have an emergency appointment. During those awful days of recovering, I realized how much Madelene loves me. I mean, I always knew that Madelene loved me, but this was proof of her love; to help me in every way for two straight weeks.

The past couple of days, I have been able to walk around and do things. My work was never a problem, since I do everything from home, but doing everyday chores, going shopping, working out at the gym and picking up things at the store, literally became impossible. I felt worn out and physically incapable of anything. I didn’t realize how much we need our backs! (ha) This was the type of back pain that practically paralyzed you. I couldn’t even reach for the remote controls. God forbid!

Today, I went out to do a few things. First things first--a manicure. I stopped going to my regular salon, because it was just way too draining to get all your personal information sucked right out of me by these catty gossiping women. After you leave the salon, they all make their conversation revolve around you. How do I know? Because they do it to this one girl who goes there on a regular basis, she spills her guts, and after she leaves—they all talk behind her back like fricken hens. It’s disgusting.

Now I go to this Korean place that takes you as soon as you walk in. No appointments, no nothing- just get your nails done and you’re out of there in no time. The best part about this whole experience is, they hardly speak a lick of English, so there is no ‘sucking you dry’ of personal information. Today was a bit different though. I began to notice the cute Korean girl was looking at me more. She hardly makes eye contact, but today, she was trying to ‘connect’…or so I thought...

“You wanna waxin’?”
“A what?”
I asked. I heard her clearly; however, she never spoke to me before, so it was a shock.
“You know, a waxin’ for you eyebow.”
“Umm, do you think I need one? I over plucked today, and filled it in with an eyeliner pencil.”
“Ya-- you need a waxin.”
“Umm, let me grow these puppies in a bit more, and then I will have you wax them next week.”
“We do Ba’zillin too!”

"A what?"
“Ba’zillin—you know—how you sayyyy?”
As she points to her bikini section.
“Ohhhh! Brazilian! Okay…I will definitely keep that in mind.” I said, looking at her as I grinned uncontrollably. I also noticed that the only other ‘spare room’ was the bathroom. Where did she plan on waxin’ the ol’treasure chest? I have no jewelry to clean up, if you catch my drift. This was going to be one hard sale. Should I dare tell her that I need to grow that in as well?

After she finishes up with the French manicure, she sits me down at a table that has those ultra-violet ray drying machines. This machine literally dries your nails as if they’ve been sitting for a few says. Solid as a rock. Across from me was another girl. I believe she had Down syndrome, or some sort of disability. She was so cute. I looked up, and smiled at her, and she looked down and giggled. She was just like a little girl. She must have been well in her thirties, but acted as though she was eight years old. I said hello, but got no response, just giggles. When I left, I said goodbye to her. Her smiles were nonstop, and precious.

Off I went to go grocery shopping. I wanted to make Madelene something special tonight, so I picked up sushi-grade salmon and fresh salad. I’m going to prepare some delicious wild rice and make Madelene her favorite martini. She gets off late tonight, and I decided to wait up for her. I also picked her up a dozen pink long stemmed roses. I want to do something special for her since she has been such an angel to me—as she always is.

My life has been terrific with her being by my side. I’m so grateful for everything she does for me. She makes me laugh all the time; her spirits are high, even when she’s not feeling well. She makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, even when I look like a bag of laundry—(which I did this week, let me tell ya!)

This post is to let Madelene know how much I appreciate her. I love you Madelene, more than life itself. Thank you for helping me, and for making me laugh when I was crying over my pain the last couple of weeks. Thank you for picking up something special on your way home from work to make me feel better, and thank you for staying home with me at night, snuggling up on the couch watching scary movies. I love every aspect of our relationship, and I want to tell you that publicly. I can’t live without you, and I never want to be without you.

I love you with all my heart!

Now...pictures from vacation...(enough of this mushy crap!)

This is a photo of a beautiful evening out on our deck from our suite. Our guest house overlooked a lake, as well as an ocean. It was amazing after the storm we drove in, that the rest of the days on that trip were pure sunshine and 77 degrees. The evenings were so beautiful, you wanted to stay out all night.

In the morning, my best friend Lisa & her partner Ana strolled on the boardwalk and went out for brunch. As we were walking, we noticed all the gay pride kites high up in the air on the beach. People were out sunbathing, getting the last of the Indian summer into their systems. It was quite a sight to see so many families, straight people and the gay community all come together as one.
We were supposed to join my friend Tara in Provicentown, MA that week--(you all know her as "City Mouse" or "Tararaboomdeay" on my blog.) We ended up going to Rehoboth Beach, DE, due to circumstances--as some of you already know. As it rained all week in Provincetown, MA, we were enjoying sunny days down in Rehoboth, DE. I hate to rub this in my buddy's face, however, I'm so glad Madelene and I made this last minute change to switch our vacation. You can see how beautiful it really turned out.

My two friends on the right were so much fun to hang out with. This is a shot after we had a delicious brunch at this Victorian style restaurant on the boardwalk. 10am and I'm downing bloody marys. It can't get better than that--can it?

This picture on the left is Madelene and I at a restaurant and club called Cloud 9... It was jazz fest that weekend, and we had our fill of overdressed, over-sequenced, women in evening gowns singing, "The Girl From Ipanema"... As you can see, I'm almost falling asleep on Madelene; trying to hold myself up. It couldn't have been the fishbowl size goblets full of chardonnay, could it?

As you can see, Madelene and I were having a very early lunch at this place called, "Irish Eyes"...Madelene was a bit hung over from the night before, but refused to take in any of my suggestions... which would have been----guess? Yep... But no--she didn't want a bloody mary. She wanted to just marinate in her old alcohol, and not replenish it. What kind of alcoholic is she anyway?

Lisa, shut up- I had to put this picture up! My buddy Lisa here decided it would be a ~hoot~ if she grabbed all the condoms out of the salad bowl-like containers and pour them all in my purse. Here she is, trying to look all innocent, while her girlfriend Ana, on the right is giving her a look of horror. (I know I'm going to hear it from Lisa when she sees this post) Sorry! Had to do it! Get your own blog and exploit me as you wish. Love you!!!! (hehehe)

Apparently, after our outing, Lisa forgot that this wasn't New York anymore as she tried to hale a cab. Not a taxi in sight. It was fend for yourself. You either walked to your destination, or you drove there. One or the other, absolutely no cabbies! This left Lisa feeling a bit like a fish out of water. I had to take this shot because I was a bit baffled.

Madelene was a bit tired after we came back from going out with Lisa & Ana. Sorry Dzer- no pillow fights that night, however overall, it was a pretty active trip. Did someone ask me how I knocked my back out? Nevermind.

The mornings outside of the guest house was so beautiful. We would take our coffee and breakfast and head out on our private deck. I couldn't believe the incredible weather that we had--and felt bad for my friends who went to Provincetown, MA---the whole entire week, it rained there. (Sorry Tara) I did miss my buddy Tara, but I really made a great decision and took Lisa's advice to visit Rehoboth.

Anywhere we go, I know I'll have a wonderful time with Madelene...It's just a given. It was an added bonus that our two friends came along with us. They suggested this place, and we are so thankful for that. If it weren't for our friends advising us to run over to Rehoboth, we would have been rained out, and very disappointed.

Thanks guys!