Thursday, October 30, 2008

Political Chest Pains

Yesterday was quite a day. The morning started out ok: had breakfast with my partner, cleaned the house, did some work and right after a phone conversation with a friend, I started to get severe chest pains. I’ve had many types of chest pains before- but this one was different. This started from my chest and made a beeline all the way down to my hands. Every jolt traumatized me. I finally collapsed and thought I should call 911, but instead I called Madelene. The last time I called 911, they charged me $500 for a ride down the road. No thanks.

Madelene picked me up and we drove 10 mph to the hospital. I love Madelene dearly, but the woman drives like an old bitty. It’s her heart that counts, right? Or is it mine??? Anyway, we’re slowly making our way into purgatory, or I should say, the ER when she comes up with this question: "Do you think it's gas?" This isn’t going to look too good because now I’m getting irritated by her questions.

Surprisingly, they rushed me in right away. Usually, the hospital staff sits and stares at you while they file their nails and pop their gum, jotting down medical information from you before admitting you. They treated me like some celebrity in there, rushing me from one nurse station to another. Then they gave me my own private little section and put on the good ol’ ass robe, as I call it. The gown was light blue with ugly paisley designs. They hooked me up to these little electrodes – the EKG machine and another nurse was taking my blood pressure while another nurse was wrapping an oxygen tube around my face and up my nose. As I’m hooked up to a million things, another nurse comes in with two cups – like in a psyche ward: one with water and a small cup with a pill.

“Here, take this. It’s aspirin.”

I thought it was going to be something good. The 5th nurse came in and took 6 tubes of blood from me, and then, two x-ray technicians came into my section rolling this monstrosity of a chest x-ray machine in.

“Here, sign this.”
“Are you sexually active?”
“Are you pregnant.”
“Are you sure you aren’t pregnant?”
“Do you use contraceptives while having sex?”
“I’m gay, that’s my partner.”

The nurse gives me a look and a smile and says, “Honey, that doesn’t matter, there are tons of ways you two can go about having a baby.” While she’s going on with her gay equality speech, I realized she was a lesbian herself with the ~almost~ crew cut hair style and rainbow key chain.

“I know, I know, I just wanted to stifle the ‘are you pregnant' questions." I replied. She takes the forms and puts these heavy led panels on top of me and tells me to take a deep breath.

The big problem with this hospital is waiting for the test results. We sat there for 6 hours before we got them back. While Madelene and I sat there staring at one another like a coupla’ buffoons, you couldn't help but overhear people talk. And, it’s amazing how so many people think their conversations are private, while all that’s blocking everyone are cloth curtains.

Through spurts of blood curdling screams from the psyche ward patient next to me being handcuffed to his bed yelling, “I’m gonna fekking kill you after I get loose you a-holes! Get me outa’ here! AHHHHHHHHHHHH”, I heard a doctor on the other side saying, “I just can’t vote for a black president. I just can’t do it. Being in my line of work, you see the majority of them and it’s hard for me as a democrat to place someone who will endanger this country.”

I look at Madelene’s response. Nothing. She obviously isn’t a good eavesdropper as I am.

He goes on: “It’s like a new fad where everyone gets this ‘change bug’ and goes crazy by wanting to fit in. This guy is going to win because people don’t want to appear as a bunch of racists.”

This is a well-educated doctor. Does it make a difference?

A nurse chimes in with the same sentiments. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. I truly believe that half this election is going to be based on pure racism, for both sides. One screams, “Don’t let the white man run again”, and another screams, “I don’t want a black president!”

I’ve been hearing this a lot lately, (even in the comment section of my previous post) and especially now that it’s down to the last days before election time. I just can’t get over that there are people that are admitting to their racism, but maybe that’s a good thing. We know it’s still out there, which is sad. I guess people will never 'change', even if “change” runs for president.

I’m ok though. The blood work, EKG reading and x-rays were all fine.

Diagnoses: stress.
(Although I am posting a lot about my dislikes about this election, I still have not chosen a candidate or even made the decision to vote yet. I do not lean one way or the other, but feel passionate about the reasons why people are voting.)


Mary said...

Glad to hear that you are fine. Here in Canada, Ontario anyway, it only costs us 75.00 for an ambulance. This is where I feel lucky living in Canada. It's sad that there is still so much racism out there, but I don't think that will ever change. I like Obama, and think he will make a good president, but I think if he does get in he is going to have to prove himself to everyone, thats going to be the tough part I think. I like to think I am not racist, and to me it doesnt matter what colour someones skin is, its what is on the inside that counts. My daughter married a black, and he is the best thing that ever happened to her, and I have 2 beautiful granddaughters, who by the way are here visiting me from Ohio, I just hope people make the right choice for the right reasons..take care..Mary

Jess said...

Well, I am glad you are OK! And just so you know, I have had gas one time where I thought it was my heart. Heart/fart...whatever is what I say. And on a personal note, because we are such good friends and all, that fart was one of the best ones I had ever had! Amazing relief!

~Deb said...

Mary: I’d rather take a cab to the hospital than pay $500 bucks for volunteer ambulances who have more accidents than regular ol’ Joes driving around New York. It is sad that racism motivates people to sway either way, but we’re facing the inevitable in my opinion—whatever end result. I’m still so undecided between candidates and whether or not I should vote. With feeling so undecided, I don’t think it would be fair to Americans if I did vote. That’s just me though.

Jess: Oh. no. you. didn’t!!!! I had chest pains reading your comment—I was laughing so hard.

Thank you- you silly silly girl!

Tim said...

Ok Deb...First, I'm happy to hear that it was nothing more than stress. Second, I'm not happy to hear that it was stress. Now it's time to look at what is causing the stress and work on that. I'm not sure how consistent the health care is in Canada. I have a friend diagnosed with MS after waiting six months to get her turn at getting the tests done and then four more months to get a follow-up at a clinic.
I just hate the thought of people in general and especially educated people basing their decision on the color of a person's skin. TO me, that doctor is just using what he sees in the ER as an excuse for being a bigot.

Tim said...

Oh Yeah.... Please don't reduce your stress by not writing in your blog. Don't want to lose you again. I know.... just a selfish wish.

The Mad Hoosier said...

Ha..."old bitty". I haven't heard that since my friend uttered it high school regarding our Latin...yes Latin...teacher.

I'm glad you're ok.

Try not to stress so're married now, it only get's better from here, right? No? wife doesn't buy it when I tell her that either.

Kevin said...

Hi Deb! Glad to hear everything was normal. I had a similar experience about 12 years ago, except I didn't have any pain--my heart felt like it would flip-flop and I would jump every time they did it. It turns out that it was stress and a lack of potassium. They gave me an i.v. full of it and that took care of it (well, at least the flip-flop heart--not the stress!).
And that is pretty awful about the dr. and nurse.

kathi said...

Hon.ey...geeze. Feet up and AMC on the t.v. for awhile.

SJ said...

I am wholeheartedly (har har) glad that you are OK.

~Deb said...

Tim: Thank you! I think I know the source of my stress and it has nothing to do with home or anything to do with my sweetie who really takes such great care of me. It’s outside sources that are attacking my nervous system unfortunately, however I’m allowing it to happen so I have to make changes obviously. And no, I would never leave blogworld, (at least for now) due to stress, because writing is what keeps me sane…somewhat. Sane = boring. I like to be known as “insane”! And yes, I totally agree with you about people basing their decision because of skin color. In fact, I think I have made a very important decision, due to my extensive research on both candidates. It’s quite the drastic change for me. {{hugs to you}}

The Mad Hoosier: I’ve been using that on Madelene for 14 yrs now because she’s 10 yrs older than I am. (ssshhh) However……she looks 10 yrs younger than me, that little betch. Married life has been an absolute blessing for me. The nurse asked, “Is there anything at home that may be causing you stress?” I told her that everything at home is absolutely beautiful, peaceful and everything I’ve ever wanted. It’s outside sources that seem to be attacking me at this time. I am grateful.

Kevin: You had the good ol’ heart palps too? I used to get them a lot after I worked out or if I had increased anxiety. But, I did learn that it may be deficiencies of a certain vitamin or an increase of it. I know that too much calcium can do that, as well as a lack of potassium. I hope your palps are less.

Kath: I love that channel! I have a hot date with the couch and my T.V. today. I am sitting down next to a roaring fire, a glass of white wine and watching movies all day. Come join me!!!

Sj: ::pokes you::: Why thank you, SJ. The next time I have chest pains I’m calling your ass, in hopes that you will drive faster than Mrs. Magoo over here. Thank you!

Grant said...

I live in the deep South and I haven't heard a single person say they don't want Obama because he's black. You NYers are a bunch of scary rednecks. You're probably reading my comment now by the light of a flaming cross.

BTW, I have heard a few women say they don't want Hillary or Palin because the country isn't ready for a woman, though.

~Deb said...

My friend that I spoke about who is African-American and who isn't voting for Obama due to fear doesn't live in NYC though, she lives in the south, so your theory goes right down the drain my friend. ;) Never assume I only associate with NYers.

Grant said...

I thought your friend was from North Carolina, the title of which connotes a certain Northness. Kind of like how I know North Dakota is a frozen tundra, but South Dakota must be filled with sun-kissed beaches and J-bunnies frolicking in the sand.

~Deb said...

I never stated her location.

Tim said...

Yea! Yea! and Yea! I think I got everything. Hugs

~Deb said...

Did you see my voting tactics on Facebook, Tim? (hehe)

Enemy of the Republic said...

Wow, this election can't end soon enough!

I am glad you are okay. I had one of those 600 dollar ambulance rides too. Unfortunately I did need it, but I couldn't believe the price.

You describe the ER all too well.

~Deb said...

Enemy: Thank you. Today was a better day as far as chest pains or any health ailments. Why in the world would they charge people over $500 to get a ride less than 10 miles away? I don't understand that logic. Being in the ER was very interesting, but being in the ER having a panic attack and chest pains is another whole can of beans. Not fun. I was actually scared that this guy would get loose and attack everyone. :|

BBC said...

Yeah, I figured out ten years ago that a lot of my so called medical problems are actually stress so I just deal with it.

I voted for the brown guy, everyone knows that. And I would have voted for him if he was gay, that is the least of this country's problems right now.

I don't really care who is fucking who as long as everyone is getting fucked.

I don't like the gay thing in my face all the time though, okay, there are gays, big deal, there have always been gays.

But the best ones just lead quite peaceful lives don't make a lot of noise.

While she’s going on with her gay equality speech, I realized she was a lesbian herself with the ~almost~ crew cut hair style and rainbow key chain.

I don't think that is a good way to judge someone. The natural gays I've known looked pretty much like anyone else. I know gay women with long hair.

Oh hell, what ever.

~Deb said...

Well it's a relief to hear that you would vote for someone upon qualifications, instead of race, gender or orientation.

The part about knowing whether or not that nurse was gay was supposed to be made in jest----a rainbow key chain in shape of the female sign is a dead giveaway my friend. It wasn't a judgment; it was my gaydar going off. ;)

Tim said...

Yes Deb, I did see your voting strategy. I guess it could have been worse... you could have picked darts! Ouch!!

~Deb said...

True! Very true!

And thanks for throwing a ghost at me earlier!!!

Leesa said...

I love the nurses comment. It would have been better - and more direct - if she said, "Sweetie, you have overies, don't you?"

rolling tool chest said...

I am wholeheartedly (har har) glad that you are OK.