Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't Vote!

With the wedding bells coming to a halt and life beginning to go back to normal, I hear the hum of political jibber jabber on every news channel, personal blog, radio station, ----oh and my local newspaper. Yes, I read newspapers and I can tell you the sources too, unlike Palin.

Most of you know I was 100% for the McCain/Palin ticket. The more and more Sarah Palin speaks, the more I cringe. At first, I loved her. She rocked! I know that every politician lies, but for the love of God--------be a good liar! My father used to always say, “If ya gonna steal---steal big! Get yourself an armored car and run!” I’m sure all the ink from the money would spew all over my face like a fricken octopus, but probably well worth it.

Think about this: Sarah Palin isn’t fit or prepared to become our next president. Yes, I said “next president” because we all know that she’s literally one heartbeat away from the presidential seat. She can’t even name one newspaper that she reads. Her response was, “Ohhhhh, many.” She ran around that bush as if one of her ex-gay ministry convicts were chasing her. All newspapers have a lean towards the ‘left’ or ‘right’, and some you really can’t figure out because they want to cater to both. I’m sure if Palin did answer that question, she would be criticized for her love of a good democratic newspaper. I honestly believe that’s the reason why she didn’t answer.

Every question she gets hit with is too hard for her or she tries avoiding the truth. She can’t lie. Maybe it’s the Christian part that does this to her, but if you’re going into politics, be prepared to be the BEST liar ever. Can you imagine Palin speaking for our country in that “Fargo”-like voice? Nope. Can’t do it. She may look hot in a skirt, as good ol’ John already knows, but I need brains to go along with my good looking women.

The McCain/Palin ticket lost my vote.

I vote for Biden. Well, I really can’t. I refuse to vote for Obama due to links to terrorism, lack of experience and racial issues that have been known to come up to the surface, but many people I talk of are worried that if Obama does win, he won’t be in office long due to our Christian extremists and their fondness of Biden as well. Put 2 & 2 together and you have a disaster. I just don’t feel safe with Obama. I don’t believe he would be adamant about facing our enemies and protecting our country.

I refuse to vote. In my opinion, this election has horrible candidates who aren’t ready. McCain is, but is Palin? Obama isn’t, but Biden is.

Why can’t Obama and Biden switch seats?
I refuse to vote.


Jess said...

It is going to be an interesting election for sure...I still think when it is all over the country will continue to stand and move forward...that is what it has done for ages and will continue to do...and I believe that, thankfully, not one or two persons can bring this country down. I am going to depend on the lower held offices to keep things together. I think it will be OK no matter what!

Enemy of the Republic said...

I understand the unwillingness to vote in this election. I was fine with Obama until the bailout--all of my representatives voted for it, and I was against it. I sent letters, made phone calls,signed petitions and it did nothing. If I were one voice, I could understand. But I haven't met anyone in my jurisdiction who wanted this bailout, so our representatives did what they wanted, instead of what we voted them for. I am thoroughly disgusted by taxation without representation.

But I will vote. Not sure who, but I believe in voting, whether there is a choice or not--usually there isn't. It's how the system is set up. A hundred years ago, women couldn't vote. Now we can. People have died for our right to vote. I will honor that. I've written in my cat, Muffin, so many times that my fingers still bear his name.

I don't wish to get into an Obama discussion--I think the links to terrorism are more Republican hysteria, but I will leave that be. Biden may have experience, but he is as bad as the Wall Street bankers who every now and then does something worthwhile. I never understood the appeal of Palin--I know people who hate her; I don't care enough about her to feel that negatively; she amuses me at times. McCain I once respected, but he has disgraced himself in this campaign--he is so disorganized that he doesn't even know what his handlers are doing--Palin says one thing and he says another. Like Hillary, he suffers from infighting in his campaign; he took on Karl Rove who is no friend to him, and he lost whatever message he had. McCain deserves better, but I think he is too angry and bitter; he won't rally anyone to his side if he wins office. In short, none are particularly awe inspiring; I still respect Obama, but the bailout pissed me off, and McCain is no better.

We have to stop thinking that 2 people in a White House are going to stop what awaits us--America is owned by banks and corporations; they have made sure that our children have no future.

mickey said...

you have lost your fucking mind. are you kididng me with this issue? who cares. you had better vote and vote for who you want. obama and biden are pork whores who want your money. mccain has never asked for an earmark in nearly thirty years. he fought for your country with honor. he reached out to democrats and aligned with them on campaign finance reform. he had the vice presidential candidate, lieberman, from the democrats speak out for him and his candidacy. he is not going to die in office. his mother is a healthy 96. palin is wayyyyyyyyyyyy more qualified than obama and is wayyyy more proactive against big government than biden. for the love of god deb, use your head. biden is the worst liar out there. he said obama was unfit to be president and now he is his running mate championing him everyday. is that really a good liar? come on homegirl, wake up!!! vote for mccain!!!

The Mad Hoosier said...

Where to start...Jess...three people certainly can bring a country down....or at least change it from what it was. Obama, Pelosi, Reed. Those three leaders will be able to do whatever they want in 4 short months.

Republic...I don't understand why the bailout turned you off from Obama. That bailout was right up his alley. He's for redistribution of wealth, as he has admitted, in his eloquent way, all along. It is Socialism...and Socialism is totally about buying government buying into companies, which is exactly what they are doing now by forcing all the banks to sell preferred stock to the government. So if you were for Obama before the bailout, you should LOVE him afterwards.

Deb...I didn't think you'd buy into the media distortion of Sarah Palin. I'm sure you can provide more examples of why you think Sarah Palin isn't smart, but I will vehemently disagree with any example you give. She is smart, despite how a few slanted interviews make her out to be. She's the Governor of the biggest state in the union, she runs a multi-Billion dollar economy there, she takes on her own party when the party is wrong, she takes on "big oil" when it isn't popular to do so, she helped get a much needed natural gas pipeline started to bring more energy to the lower 48. So I'm still not sure how everybody says she's not ready. That list of accomplishments (executive experience) is twice as long as the man who is about to win the Presidency.

I personally love that she doesn't say the same thing as McCain. She's a conservative...McCain isn't...his record speaks for itself in that respect. I may still not vote for McCain...but Sarah Palin is the only reason that I've considered it. My only condern is that if McCain would have won (because I think Obama's nearly a lock at this point) is that Palin wouldn't have had enough authority to do what she does...and that 4 years of Washington would have changed her.

So I'm content to work my butt off for 4 years, make sure I get all my debt paid off...and just raise my family...and in 4 years...I am hoping for a Bobby Jindal/Sarah Palin ticket...for they are the future of the conservative movement. And if 4 years...the country will be ready for some good old fashion conservatism.

~Deb said...
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~Deb said...

The truth is, I don’t think “many” of us are educated enough politically to vote. I’m not educated enough, so I’m leaving it to the smart peeps. My sources of information regarding all candidates come from various network news channels, The New York Times, The Inquirer (hehe), Youtube, (yes I do Youtube political info more than I want to admit) and from a.m. radio. (Totally obsolete, I know but good political blabber.) I listen to both sides.

Here’s my problem.

1. I’m a registered republican. I voted for Bush and hoped that he would follow his father’s footsteps. I admired Bush Sr.’s aggressive nature to fight against the enemy to keep us safe.

2. As a republican, I also voted for Bill Clinton. No regrets.

3. When Hillary was running, I was all for her.

4. I was for Obama for a short while, until many things came up to the surface that just didn’t sit well with me…many. Too many in order to get my vote.

5. I was all for the McCain/Palin ticket, still undecided, yet I feel I want to give up as a registered voter.

Palin is too wishy-washy for me. She supported the Bridge to Nowhere and then said, “Thanks but no thanks” due to popular votes against it. She abuses her power and I’m afraid that it will trickle into her career as our vise president...OR president. She got her ex-brother-in-law fired due to personal reasons regarding her sister. Whatever, right?

Let’s move onto homosexual issues---not that I even care one bit because most of the time bills get passed anyway, regardless, however she “has a best friend who is gay” (sources say they cannot find this “friend”), and that she does not judge. In Christianity, the big thing is, “I don’t judge”------but they do. Love the "sinner" hate the "sin". See, she keeps reinforcing that she doesn’t judge, yet she is adamant that homosexuality is an abomination that’ll send people straight to hell. You know my views on that one.

Whatever. She doesn’t concern me with that. Bigger issues.

The thing is: if you’re going to lie---make it believable. If you’re going to be wishy-washy and undecided, much like myself most of the time, don’t be in politics. Keep a blog. Be happy.

She skirts around big issues way too much.

She’s hot and she’s cold
She’s yes then she’s no
She’s in and she’s out
She’s up and she’s down
She’s wrong when it’s right
It’s black and it’s white….etc., etc., etc.

She sounds like a lost twin of mine. AND, I would never vote for myself if I was running…NEVER! You should all thank me for that. ;)

I'm not voting. I'll leave that job for all you smart people out there.

SJ said...

Hey enjoy the post-wedding glow while it lasts... and IMHO not voting is an expression of your vote too so do what you feel is right.

The Mad Hoosier said...

I hope I don't seem like I'm trying to argue with you, I'm not. Whoever you believe in is fine with me. Agree to disagree is fine with me...I just try to inform, and present my viewpoint when I can. It certainly doesn't seem like you HATE Sarah Palin, like many, many people do...for no good reason. At most, you may just be uninformed, which may not be the case anyway.

If you don't mind me asking...can you give examples besides the bridge to nowhere of her flip-flopping or being wishy-washy.

From my point of view, I'm ok with the bridge to nowhere thing...even if she didn't change positions on it and still wanted it.

As governor of a state, of course you'd take "free money" to improve your state. I know it's not really "free money", of course, but from the state's persepective, it may as well be. I hold the Senator and Representative directly responsible for writing that bridge to nowhere in the bill. Governors are responsible first and foremost for their state. Senators and Representatives, while representative of a state or district, also control what happens in the entire nation. I've written on my blog how taxpayers paid for Evansville, Indiana to have a new sewer system put in. I don't blame Evansville's mayor for taking the money...but I blame Brad Ellsworth for giving it and raising the entire nation's tax burden to fund it.

Now I've never heard Sarah Palin say that homosexuality was an abomination, but I definitly won't argue with you on that one. If you've heard her say it or heard it from a reputable source, I'm with you on that one.

One thing I can tell you is that by vetoing a bill that came across her desk, she granted medical benefits to partners of homosexual state employees.

However, I can't honestly tell you if that was her intent, or merely a biproduct of a different intent.

Finally, please don't not vote...or to make myself clear from crazy double negatives, Please vote. If you don't vote, you're letting someone take your voice away...take your power away.

I don't subscribe to the notion that if you don't vote for one of the two major parties, your throwing your vote away. I'm considering voting for Bob Barr. He's a Liberitarian. He's not going to win, of course...but I'm unwilling to not let my voice be heard(boy I'm all over those double negatives today). Liberitarians are like a hybrid of the two parties...though a major, major disagreement I have with them is that they are for legalizing drugs...not some drugs...all drugs. Even legalizing marijuana I'm strongly opposed. But that viewpoint does fall in line with the rest of their principles, which I agree with mostly. Fiscal conservative...small federal government...states rights...socially liberal(at least to an extent)...and I don't remember their foreign policy stance at the moment. I think they lean more towards isolationism than anything, but I could be very wrong about that.

I think you're wise to know if you're not educated enough on the issues and stances to vote...but I really think you're on the right track with what you're doing as far as researching the candidates.

Who do you listen to for a.m radio(talk radio)? I listen mostly to Glenn Beck, myself...he's hardcore conservative, but I never find him to be hateful...not even remotely. That's Michael Savage territory. I also catch snippets of Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity on the radio.

On the news...I watch mostly just the O'Reilly Factor on Fox News. Regardless of what many people thing, he's not hardcore rightwing. He's an independent who leans conservative, but he works hard to have both points of view on his show. Asside from Dennis Miller, one of my favorite guests he has on his show is Mark Lamont Hill...a liberal leaning professor. I rarely agree with him, but he articulates his position well, so I feel I have a good grasp on where the other side is coming from.

There's never going to be the perfect least not for most people. I strongly dislike the two party system, because often it comes down to voting for the lesser of two evils...but there are other options out there that may at least have a few more stances that agree with your point of view.

Please consider voting...I don't want your voice taken away any more than I want my own taken away...even if we're taking it away from ourselves.

~Dawn said...

I don't vote at all, not even registered... I like it that way.
What will be, will be and I am thankful for my right NOT to vote.

~Deb said...

Sj: Thank you.

Hoosier: No, I totally understand your questioning and realize that people are very passionate about their right to vote…or not to vote. I really do like some of Sarah Palin’s views, her faith and the love she has for her family. I don’t doubt she’s not intelligent---she’s just a bad liar.

”…If you don't mind me asking...can you give examples besides the bridge to nowhere of her flip-flopping or being wishy-washy.”

For one, she doesn’t believe that global warming is a manmade problem. With that, her willingness to better our environment would be next to none. Believe me, I’m not a tree hugger, but I do want someone to acknowledge that we have a huge problem here…or at least try.

She’s also against sexual education for our children. She thinks abstinence is the only way. In a perfect world, right? But the fact is, we have children way under the ‘assumed age’ having sex. Wouldn’t it be wise to educate them as much as we can so they can be prepared and try to be responsible as little adults? We can’t stop them from having sex, but we can at least plant the seed and try to avoid any margin for disease and pregnancy.

I’ve known all those facts before choosing not to vote. The thing that swayed me was her inability to answer a question directly. That doesn’t sit well with me. Say what you mean and mean what you say----lie if necessary but don’t be wishy-washy. I can’t.

I do realize that our leaders in office aren’t necessarily the ones who make the decisions or pass bills, however give me someone with integrity, or ‘thought to be’ integrity behind their words and actions. To me, she’s a flake.

”If you don't vote, you're letting someone take your voice away...take your power away.”

We don’t have any power. I believe the electoral votes are what counts the most, as history may have it. If the candidates are less than qualified or if I don’t know who to choose because I dislike most---I can’t vote.

Would you want me to vote if my vote is “wishy-washy”?

It’s not fair to the people of America. So, I’m staying out of it.

I will do more of my research, but I doubt any will change my mind for some reason.

Dawn: I second that!

The Mad Hoosier said...

Oh, but we DO have power...the constitution gave all the power to US...the citizens. WE THE PEOPLE. There's a reason that those words are in bigger font than the rest, and it's not just because those happen to be the first three words. The minute you let yourself believe you don't have any become a follower...a victim.

The problem is, WE THE PEOPLE have given our power away, plain and simple. Every vote counts...and every vote counts more if you don't vote. By not voting, you give those that vote more power than they deserve, because their vote is now worth more. For every "Deb" that doesn't vote, a lobbyist salivates because he or she gets to influence the outcome of the election more. If anything, chose to dilute their power.

Understandably, with a country of this size, it can seem rather futile when you look it at a large scope...but if millions of people don't vote, other millions have more of a say in the direction of the country. At some point, if you really crunch the numbers, it's probably more of a principle than anything. But this country is nothing if not founded on certain principles.

I look at it this way...and I understand people who don't see it as I do...but millions of heroes died for me to have the right to vote. I owe it to them to do my part and participate. Many people don't like that point of view...they don't believe we owe our country anything...they believe that our country owes us. It's not enough that we live in the best and freest country in the world, we are owed more, according to some. We are owed housing, we are owed healthcare, we are owed money.

I'm not saying you're like that. I've actually never met someone who choses to let their non-vote be their voice agree with me. In many circles, doing nothing is not an option...or certainly not a respectable option. Why is voting different?

In the end, it comes down to whether you believe you have any obligations to our country, I guess. Well, maybe that's a bit strong. I won't cast judgement on those that choose to give their power away. Ultimately, that's just another division in our country that I'm trying not to contribute to.

But I won't stop urging you to vote, to make your voice heard through action instead of inaction...and I won't stop insisting that you do have power and that your power matters...even if it seems small. You can only build a bridge a block at a time...every block that's removed eventually leads to the bridge's eventual collapse. Those in Washington make careers in collapsing bridges...I'm just trying to rebuild them faster than they tear them down. :)

The Mad Hoosier said...

Also...I'm not sure global warming is a man made problem. To my incomprehension, I don't know how we got so arrogant to know that we could prove that. Could we have contributed, sure...even problem...but to say it rests on our shoulders is awfully irresponsible. And to blame it moreso on Americans is just plain silly. The world/universe is a complicated place that we don't and may never fully understand.

Do we have an obligation to live in it as cleanly as possible? I believe we certainly do. I think we all do. If Sarah Palin thinks that we don't have a respoinsibility to make the earth as clean a place as we possibly can, I'd be stunned. She's religious enough to want to take care of God's creation.

I just think that the story we've been fed, that it's all our fault doesn't necessarily hold up. At least not yet. Contrary to popular opinion...the facts are not in and they are not indisputable.

Sure, demolishing rainforests hurts, smog hurts...but we aren't the only nation doing this...and the enviroment is not an issue that I would like to see as the catalyst for a One World Government....or even for Socialism.

Katerina said...

Not Voting?!?!?!

OK, we have different views, you and I (I believe Obama/Biden would be good for our country)....but that doesn't matter.

I DO respect you, your beliefs and your I'm VERY surprised you are throwing away your vote.

...we need people with brains to vote, even if only for what you believe to be the lesser of 2 evils.

I hope you reconsider.

BTW, I tegged you on my blog

Enemy of the Republic said...

Mr. Hoosier,

Thank you for clearing up my thinking on Obama. I didn't know I was supposed to welcome his inclusion into the bailout as an ongoing socialism program. Thank you for telling me what I should feel--I never get that enough from people.

I understand that McCain supported the bailout as well. I suppose that makes him a socialist too. As a conservative, I can't imagine that sitting too well with you, but I won't tell you how you should feel.

Grant said...

I already voted by mail for McCain, although I am seriously hoping he lives for at least one full term. I don't have a problem with Obama, but I would have preferred Hillary. I still think we at least have better choices than last time.

Okay, I'm sick of all the political talk, so I'll just go and masturbate to the picture now. Right here in my cubicle.

kathi said...

You know I nearly feel the same way as you do. But, too many people have died for my right to vote and I think it'd be a shame and an insult to them not to be responsible enough to honor their life with just a few minutes out of my day. I work with a woman (35) who has never voted because she said she's never had a candidate she believed in so it didn't make a difference to her...she said that they're "all the same". Broke my heart.

At church my pastor is doing a series on 'Politicked'. He's not endorsed one or another, and says that they are so close on many issues, which is sorta true. He stresses to look at each one according to God's word, how they stand on issues that are of God and by their charachter and courage. So, though I may not like one candidate's 'complete package', I'm going to vote for the one that I see backing God's important issues.

Also, not backing one or another here, but find it important to mention that the Word tells us that wisdom and intelligence are two different things and that between these two, God honors wisdom.

Love you much.

goatman said...

I usually vote for Nader and avoid all of this controversy!

The Mad Hoosier said...

Republic, I'm sorry if it seemed as though I was telling you how to feel. Though, it was one word, in the last sentence of a paragraph, that you picked up on.

I was merely trying to explain that I don't understand why one act (voting for the bailout), which coincides with everything Barack Obama stands for, made you change your mind on him.

Barack Obama has been quite clear and up front about his ideas. He won't call them Socialism, but you tell me...Government run Healthcare, Government run Energy, Government redistribution of wealth.

"You can put lipstick on a's still a pig."

Again, I apologize if you feel I was telling you how to think. I've never been that way, and never promote people doing just what others say to do. I think many of my comments on this blog alone represent that sentiment. I try to give my persepctive, and when I don't follow someone's train of thought, I try to figure it out, as I was trying to do with your stance on Obama's vote for the bailout plan.

For the record, I think the entire bailout plan was a Socialistic idea, which was confirmed by the Fed FORCING banks to sell some of their company to the federal government. Add Government run banks to that list tied to Obama.

I'm not a hardcore McCain supporter. I was appauled when he voted for it, particularly AFTER they put so much pork into it.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Mr. Hoosier: I appreciate your apology. The sooner this election ends, the better.

I became disenchanted with Obama after he picked Biden, but still chose to go with him. His choice of Biden made me realize that his rhetoric of change was utter bullshit. I never believed every word he said, but I did think he could make a difference. I would have preferred Hillary, but she is no agent of change either; at least she would have brought experience that no one could argue with--BUBBA! But my sense was that Obama and Bill didn't like each other and one would upstage the other. If Obama wins, I hope Hillary gets a cabinet position. I didn't give 2 hoots about her being a woman--the Palin choice on McCain's side seemed to be about appealing to us womenfolk even though I know he preferred Lieberman and would have been an excellent choice.

I like McCain and I think he has been screwed over by the GOP who told him how to run his campaign. I would have voted for him in 2000, but I cannot do it now. It is hard to know who he is right now, but I think he deserves better. I don't care about Palin--she's another Dan Qualye. And the way this economy is going, it may not even matter who wins. But I will vote for someone--always have, always will.