Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech

I have to say, I feel sick about this whole Virginia Tech tragedy. I can’t even imagine what these students are going through—even if they weren’t there at the time. How do they return to school? How are they handling all these overwhelming emotions? What about the absolute nightmare of the families who’ve lost loved ones in this senseless chaos? It affects us. It literally saddens us, scares us and brings us back to reality that anything can happen at any given time- just like that! How can someone be driven to shoot 32 people? How can someone be driven to shoot a person at all? Why are people killing one another?

“Well he was a loner.” I still don’t get it. So this ‘loner’ was angry at the world. How does killing 32 people, plus himself, accomplish anything that he wanted to change? Maybe he couldn’t change his situation? They said he was in love with one of the girls that he shot dead. Maybe the love wasn’t reciprocated, so he needed to take action, but how does killing her give him a chance? How does killing everyone around him give him a chance for a better life? Or did he just give up? He did. It’s too late, and he can never turn back.

What goes through the mind of a murderer? You see crimes of passion- people killing their lovers. Why? If you love that person, how can you think about hurting them? It’s not love then, in my opinion. Is there a fine line between love and hate? Do we hate the people we love and love the people we hate? It’s crazy. Forensic scientists and psychologists try to reason and draw conclusions to the mind of a madman.

Revenge they say. But these innocent people didn’t do anything to this kid. It was reported that Cho Seung-Hui, the kid who went on the killing spree, left a very angry note in his dorm room. They didn’t read it on television, however they did say that he was very upset over rich people. So did jealousy rear its ugly head? He was upset over the woman in his letter. So, again, does it all boil down to jealousy and resentment? Everyone else has everything except him. Was that the way he thought?

What I really wonder is, what was his last thought before taking his own life? Was he satisfied with what he had done? Or did he look around and really see the mental illness involved in this shooting?

God bless the family and friends who have to live with this horrific memory and image in their minds. Cho Seung-Hui killed more than 32 people, he killed the spirits of many people yesterday. I hope everyone rests in peace and may Cho Seung-Hui be forgiven…which is the hardest thing anyone can do at a time like this. I think God is the only one capable right now.


Matt-Man said...

I dont think something like this can ever be fully understood or explained. The tragedy and thought processes leading up to this are just incomprehensible. While I hope the families find peace someday, I hope the family of the shooter can as well.

kathi said...

This gives me so much pain in my heart that I'm just not able to talk about it yet.

TrappedInColorado said...

I have failed to be shocked by these regular slaughters for a long time. Sad, yes, but not shocked. There will be the usual dialogs as far as reasons/solutions but nothing will be done. Lax gun laws? Perhaps. Violence in movies/video games/tv? Maybe. America's violent culture? Could be. There is something worse in this country's future I'm afraid. Dark? Foreboding? Cynical? Sorry, I'm afraid it is just belief based on the past. I'm really not this depressing in real life!

just me said...

I think he might have had a mis-diagnosed mental disorder that wasn't caught. Not that that's any excuse but the whole thing did start a good conversation in a psychopathology class I was in today about how Universities are closing and down sizing their counseling centers and how there aren't enough resources sometimes to go around.

I also think that if he was really prescribed depression medicine that he likely stopped taking it.

Sandalina said...

It's very sad. There seems to be so many questions about why he did it.

So, interesting question for you Deb, that I was thinking about today...do you believe that saying "if it's meant to happen it will happen", regardless of whether the students were warned or not?

What do you think is the purpose of these things happening? Look at Columbine--the gun laws still haven't changed. Someone made a good point about the constitution and the "right to bear arms" which I agree with, which was: the forefathers of your country could not envision what horrors would happen years later because of that "right".

They had muskets and huge cannons that took tons of people to push up hills...not semi automatic weapons --which I know weren't used in yesterday's shootings, but regardless....

I don't think we ever learn anything from these tragedies, bc they keep happening, and that's sad. :(

The Sarcasticynic said...

The Virginia Tech tragedy brings to mind a similar school shooting in 1979 California. 16 year old Brenda Spencer wounded nine and killed two in a shooting spree at an elementary school. She said, "I had no reason for it, and it was just a lot of fun," "It was just like shooting ducks in a pond," and "(The children) looked like a herd of cows standing around, it was really easy pickings."

I Don't Like Mondays Either, But ...

~Deb said...

How devastating it is to just fathom the thought of someone just deciding to shoot 32 people! I just heard on the news that Cho Seung-Hui was depressed, and he refused any sort of couseling. Even the school counselors were trying to get students to get Cho Seung-Hui to get help, but it was hopeless. He even wrote notes like, “You made me do this,” and referred to many people who he despised.

Sandalina, you asked me, “do you believe that saying "if it's meant to happen it will happen", regardless of whether the students were warned or not?”

Some would say that it was their time to leave this earth, some would even go as far as thinking it was their destination in life- God’s purpose. But, to be absolutely honest with you, I have many questions regarding that myself. For instance, none of us, even as strong believers of God can even answer that. They can choose to believe what they want, but is it true? I said this in a previous post, it’s like fish trying to comprehend algebra. It’s nearly impossible to figure out why this happens, or why that happens. God has a plan for all of us. God has a purpose. And, let me ask you something… Do you think people are here on this earth taking up space, having absolutely no purpose here at all?

It’s interesting to try to figure it all out, but we can’t. We just have to have faith knowing that God sees the ‘bigger picture’.

Spoke said...

What was lacking in Cho Seung-Hui's life was a relationship with Jesus. Now, before any of you start giving names and events of "religious crackpots" committing similar crimes throughout history, re-read what I typed. A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS! Not some membership in a hollow, empty man-made religion full of rules.
If (he) looked at the example of Jesus, the meekness of Him and His life story as documented in the bible, and embraced Him, I wager this would not have happened.
Yup, people that dig Jesus become mad, depressed and sick in the mind, granted. But Cho Seung-Hui would have had a community of people around him who loved and supported him through his weaknesses too.
He was ill, he was a loner, he was pissed at something to be sure...but I can't help wonder how many other humans failed him along the way too...
I'm praying for the families of the victims, the survivors, the leaders of America. More laws won't change a thing. Jesus is the only hope for us all!

Enemy of the Republic said...

It's awful and scary. I am so upset.

Margie said...

I just feel numb, and so very sad!
At a loss for words!
I pray for all those that lost loved ones...

Take 2 said...


I also wrote a blog on this horrific incident. We again are reminded of our need for Jesus in our lives. We all our selfish beings deep to our core. Who knows other than this man's creator what really was happening in his mind, in his head.

It is sad... it does not make sense.

Jesus is the only one we can cling to in tradegy.

If you want to hear more of my thoughts please go to my site.

Blessings to all of you and I pray that each of you can find peace from Jesus today as you grapple with the sad and senseless violece.

Love ya.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

There is an old saying: "He who seeks revenge should dig two graves."

CNN keeps using the word "loner." There are many loners in this world, some by choice and some by circumstance. Very few go on shooting sprees.

VT remains in my prayers.

Sue said...

I wanted to write about this as well but I just don't have the words right now.....Columbine tore me up -- this......as for what he got out of it.....he is getting it right now....HIS NAME is out there.....he has become the focus. He will be remembered forever.....those he killed will be remembered for a short while but not as long as he.......he has made it into the record books.............THAT was his goal....what else could there be?

Amy said...

Looking at the faces of VT's student body on the news last night, I was so sad for them. Seeing a mother holding her son so tight because she was so relieved he was alive and safe. Watching the students describe what happened and seeing how numb and expressionless some of them are made my heart ache for them.

I can only imagine the sadness that they have right now, as watching it on televison one never really gets the impact of the raw emotion.

When it comes to the shooter, there are so many layers of possiblities surrounding this young man's situation.

Considering he was a converted Muslim, did he hold resentments and conflicts over women and wealth stemming from having to reconcile his original views with his adopted views? What did he convert from?

In relation to Spoke's comment, can anyone say for sure that this young man would have had a support network around him if he were any other religion?

Many people find that to be untrue...a lot of people are rejected by their churches, pastors, congregations, temples, or other places of worship thus being rendered without a support network. They feel ashamed and alone.

Plenty of people who have a relationship with Jesus commit violent and horrific crimes every day.

Look at George W. Bush.

I've always been one to practice acceptance and at least a level of tolerance for peoples differences, but it is getting more and more difficult to ignore the cultural conflicts stemming from religious extremism.

I don't care what religion a person is, as long as they don't hurt anyone, anything, or themselves, but mark my words, the religious war we are going to have in this nation has started and it is going to be very, very ugly as time progresses.

I pray that the sadness VT's students feel becomes anything but anger and there will be a great amount of good that comes from all of this.

I have to go to work now. Great post Deb!

green said...

~deb: yeah, you found me! Glad to hear from you again. Truthfully, I haven't been over here as often recently as I had been.

On the shootings: very sad. what would lead a person into dooing such a thing? I agree with you - how could you even shoot one person? I think the problem at large rests with our society. Killing is glorified in many movies and video games these days, that many young people are desensitized to that type of violence. I also wonder how someone could shoot themselves, what kind of inner turmoil would lead someone to do such a thing. I hope that the families of the victims can forgive and leave the judgment to God. Sadly though, I doubt it. Who knows how many of the victims or their families were Christians? I can't even begin to comprehend what it must be like to lose a child in that manner.

~Deb said...
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~Deb said...

Hmm, Spoke, I think you’re absolutely right. “The relationship with Jesus” is key. When you say that he would have had a community of people to support him, Amy brings up a very good point too.

“…a lot of people are rejected by their churches, pastors, congregations, temples, or other places of worship thus being rendered without a support network. They feel ashamed and alone.”

I’ve personally felt that isolation myself from my own church, which is now the reason why I have a personal relationship with Jesus only, and seeking a church with people of lesser judgment.

I think that’s what it comes down to- other people’s views on us, their judgments and the way we’re treated. Cho Seung-Hui was mentally tortured. Did he isolate himself on purpose? Probably. He saw that people were mean to him, ignored him or just ridiculed him for being unique. Maybe it was a racial thing- he was emotionally hurt by those who felt he was different.

His cork popped.

Maybe he thought the girl he had a crush on didn’t like him, because of his race. Maybe he thought that he couldn’t be rich, like the other kids, because of his upbringing and the stereotype of Koreans owning drycleaners. He was just fed up.

Sadly, this is only the beginning of what’s to come. There are so many lost souls out there trying to ‘fit in’. If we can maintain a relationship with God, and know that the only acceptance we need is from God, then things like this wouldn’t happen. When we rely on judgments of the world, we will always, always be disappointed. I think this is what happened to Cho Seung-Hui.

We can conjur up all sorts of reasons why he did this, but again, we only see a small scope of things, while God sees the ‘bigger picture’.

Enemy: Your post for today was compelling. It is upsetting.

Margie: Numb. That’s the perfect word to explain many emotions people are experiencing right now.

Take 2: Awesome post with really good points. I just visited your blog. ”Jesus is the only one we can cling to in tradgedy.” I totally believe that. We just have to have faith.

Nick: This kid seemed lost. He was very resentful about being a loner, so it seems.

Sue: Like Nick said, “Revenge”. Cho Seung-Hui killed himself, so he wouldn’t have seen the biggest massacre commited. I’m not sure if I believe that was his goal. I think his mindset was, “If I can’t have it, no one else will.” That goes for having the girl he had a crush on, and having the money that he was so desperately obsessed with.

Amy: The news said that he didn’t want to socialize. It was reported that he was the one that isolated himself and place a huge barrier between him and other people. Was it insecurity issues? No one will ever fully grasp why it happened. It’s done. All we can do is pray.

Green: You’re right, killing is glorified in video games & movies. But to bring it all into reality is a scary thought. The emotional turmoil to just even think about killing yourself is a sobering thought. This kid must have been severely depressed to the point of rage…obviously. Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad to see you!

Paula said...

Here's the thing I wonder about.

Most people who want to commit suicide kill one person, themself. So what is changing in the social fabric to make the suicidal person want to take a whole bunch of people with them?

I don't have an answer.

Cinderella said...

What a senseless act. I am angered by it, by all of the violence for that matter.

I truthfully do not care to understand 'WHY' he did it. He has no sympathy in my eyes and never will. I am a mother of two beautiful children and I can't imagine how the parents of the students who were killed are feeling right now. My heart goes out to those families, and those families alone!

God Speed!

Sandalina said...

I think everyone has a purpose. I was thinking more about this, "was it meant to be" philosophy.

I think life is like those old "Choose Your Own Adventure" book. lol...Sounds nutty, but we're all given choices.

And some ppl are born into pretty crappy circumstances but they have a choice to make their life meaningful or to become bitter and ultimately just take up space on the planet.

But then you look at those students, and going to class was a choice, yah, but they didn't know that choice would lead to death. Who knows. It's all too complicated I guess.

I think the main thing we should learn from every tragedy is to not let those lives lost be lost in vain. Something has to change. :(

tkkerouac said...

Very Sad.

Dan said...

I can't really add to what you've said here, except to remind myself that even though humans are capable of terrible things, they're also capable of beautiful things. So i think of Mother Theresa or Gandhi or Chopin or Picasso. And then I feel better.

When shit like this happens, our lenses get fogged and it's tough to see through the crap to the beauty out there. But it's there.

Catch said...

I have to agree with trapped in Colorado....we are in dark times...Im sure it will only get worse. It scares me to think how vulnerable we are. Its time for all of us to wake up...as for the people in Virginia...my heart goes out to them. We raise our children, we love them, but we have to control over what will happen to them. This could happen anywhere...to any of our children....very scary...

Catch said...

I also agree with spoke and take 2....clinging to our belief in Jesus is our only course...and to make sure your children know Jesus.

Spoke said...

Amy, I believe George Bush is full of deceit,paranoia and self-serving action.He is a poor example of who a "Christian" really is. It appears to me that his "relationship" with Jesus is one sided (poured forth from Jesus). Christ longs to capture George's heart,to bring him into acceptance of His Agape love. Sadly, George hasn't surrendered has he? And he continues to spout Christianese purely for political gain. He will have to answer for that at the end of the day....