Friday, January 26, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside!

It’s one of those days where the news guy is telling us, “Don’t go out there today! It’s going to be the coldest day in years!” Fine. I’m staying put. No one go to work or do any errands today! Do not go out to get your mail and do not even attempt to open your door if someone’s on the other side. We have to protect ourselves here.

If anyone is going to make a huge fricken deal about the weather, it’s the news. They want “big news” and they want everyone to know…you’re in it! Most people tune into the news just to hear the weather if it’s bad outside. The newscasters seem to hype it up a tad and make a fiasco out of it. “Blizzard conditions” and “wind chill” are exaggerated terms in order for the viewer to go, “Ooooh, wow!” What about the “heat index”? Another exaggerated term for telling the temperature. As a matter of fact, the newscasters don’t even bother telling you the temperatures anymore. They just hop on the screen and tell you the heat index or the wind chill temps. It’s kind of funny. And yes, I do realize that the wind chill and the heat index does make it ‘feel’ worse, but it’s just kind of funny how they have forgotten the exact temperature is all.

Then you have Mr. G. In New York and surrounding areas, we have this channel called CW11 formally WPIX. Mr. G is the weather man. In my opinion, he was bumped from being the sport’s guy and found himself doing the weather. He sounds like a football commentary when giving details about our local forcast.

“Anddddd we’re gonna swing over to Brooklyn!!! Who do ya’ know in Brooklynnnn??? Winds reaching up to 50 mph—that’s a record for this year! You won’t believe when we shuffle it back over to New Brunswick---major winds creating - and you won't believe it - tornadooooosssss!!!”

I couldn’t find a better clip, but you can kind of see how he is in this one video. (Never mind the pointed out racial slur.)


LisaBinDaCity said...

I hear ya. I'm like, "OK, no problem Mr. Weatherman. I won't go outside at all, in fact I'll just leave my dog inside to spontaneously combust."

As if!!!

Nancy said...

I think some meteorologists feel like their career choice needs a little more drama. They pick up tips from overenthusiatric sportscasters and magicians. It makes for better TV, and they get more dates that way.

My favorite, though, is when special graphics and a theme song are created for a particular storm or season (WINTER WEATHER WATCH 2007! Dun, dun, dun, daaaa!)

Thanks for makin' me smile.

The Rev. Dr. Kate said...

It is TWO degrees at my house. I dressed my poor son in so many layers to wait for the bus this morning that he could have been mistaken for the Michlien tire man! Enjoy your day in - hot chocolate, warm fire and someone you love with whom to cuddle!

QUASAR9 said...

Can't beat wrapping yourself up warm in thermals and playing in the snow ... or skiing

And then to a warm place with a log fire, and to strip-off on the rug, with lots of spirits, hot chocolate and brandy, or mulled wine
Aaah we humans have it good
Life is good, and it could only get better ... closer & closer to you!

~Deb said...

Lisa: Oooweee, you don’t want your dog to spontaneously combust! Take the pooch out for a walk, but bundle up!

Nancy: Drama---the perfect word for it. I hate it when they get into their weather jargon and start blabbering words we don’t know! Then the whole Doppler view with the clouds whizzing by, jet streams and other miscellaneous things only a meteorologist would know totally baffles me – until they bring the five day “SIMPLE” forecast!

Rev. Kate: He must look like that little boy on “A Christmas Story” ---or was it the “Christmas Carol”? I forget which Christmas show it was, but the kid was so bundled up that he kept falling over. Stay warm!!!

Quasar: Wooo that comment heated me up already! Such a charmer! ;)

Sue said...

Well, if weather people didn't create drama, would we bother to watch when you can just look it up in the paper or online :) -- I love cracking jokes at my Boston newscasters expense in the morning -- that and my cup of joe gets me going :)

samuru999 said...

It is a gorgeous, sunny warm (46 degress..a heat wave for here)
I am off on a walk to enjoy this beautiful day, as we are supposed to get more snow on the weekend!
But, I love the snow...maybe I will go skiing if I can convince my hubby to go!
Stay warm, Deb!


~Deb said...

Sue: They are fun to watch though I do have to admit! But this Mr. G guy has to go! I feel like I’m listening to a baseball rundown.

Samuru: Get out while you can! I am so jealous – a heat wave! But after the heat wave, enjoy that beautiful snow!

Leesa said...

I actually wanted to write about meterorologists (sp?) after hearing one on a national talk show yesterday.

~Deb said...

They're like our little prophets in TV land. They hold the future to our morning commute! Praise them!

ann said...

this is hilarious.... my mother has an obsession with the weather forecast and I always say just stick your head out the window or go outside... you'll soon know.

In this country I don't go anywhere without an umbrella anyway.

Terry said...

That's possibly one of the worst newscast I have ever seen, and I live in Los Angeles were drama is king.

I too hate that broadcast News spends 10 minutes on the weather.

That includes all of the little "teasers" they have DURING the broadcast.

Here in California weather is relatively boring. But damn, when it rains, the News Services go in to overdrive. They quickly fall in to "Storm Watch" mode.

It's fucking rain! Get over it already.

But I know I shouldn't get pissed, after all news isn't even news anymore, its entertainment. Why should the weather be any different?

~Deb said...

Ann: We call my mother accumama. She is constantly telling us if it’s gonna rain, if it’s gonna snow or if there’s any type of advisory out. If I’m about to head out, she says, “The weather calls for rain! Be careful out there!” This is in the summer mind you and the rain usually doesn’t ice up. Gotta love our mamas.

Terry: “DRIZZLE ADVISORY!!!” I guess they get a little bored sometimes. I mean, even when you’re trying to make light conversation, the worse thing is to talk about the weather. It’s so cliché. (To blog about it is even worse!)

ralphie said...

We don't likey the weather? Is that what the guy said? He said it towards the asian newscaster too!

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Hey ~Deb,

We live in the same area, and it is SOOOOO cold out today.

Stay warm!

~Deb said...

Ralphie: I don't know why he said it like that- maybe a slip up? But Mr. G questions him, "We no likey?" And then Katie Tong basically shoots him a look like, "WHAT?"

Dr. Serani: Tell me about it! I'm tappin' the red wine tonight! Stay warm too!

Catch said...

I like it when they say ..Theres a chance of snow...or a chance of rain.....DUH....dumbasses!

~Deb said...

It would be just as bad if a psychic said to us, "There's a chance you may have a bad day today..."

Enemy of the Republic said...

Nine degrees here in Philly. You get an ice cream headache just standing outside.

Maddie said...

I get the giggles every time I watch Mr. G. I really get the impression that he would rather be a sportscaster, than a meteorologist! "Who do you know in Newww Yorrrrk!!
Why do you care! I just want to know the temperature for my commute. Give me the temps, for the love of God, just give me the temps!
Debbie, I cant take it!

~Deb said...

Enemy: My martini is being chilled outside- believe me!

Maddie: How many times have I seen you yell at the TV and curse off Mr. G? "GET OFF MY SCREEN!!!" He's annoying...but did you see the racial remark that the blonde newscaster made? ME NO LIKEY! And he looked over at the Asian woman. (The woman who keeps wearing the red leather jacket every other day! ha) But still--you can hear Mr. G saying back to him, "Me no likey?????" Bad move!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I thought it was cold in Louisville until I received an email from a friend in Canada who said the high was -22 F where she lives.

Steff said...

I used to make fun of my mom because she'd have the weather channel on in the mornings in her bedroom. Now, every morning I watch the weather channel.

I think I'm an old soul...or maybe just old. Sigh...