Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Come On Rosie!

As a gay person myself, I’m totally appalled about what Rosie O’Donnell said to Kelly Ripa. Rosie basically pulled the “homophobe” card out. It all happened when Clay Aiken was co-hosting for Regis on “Live with Regis and Kelly”. He put his hand over Kelly’s mouth because she was talking over him. Kelly got offended, and Clay said, “Oh, now you’re mad at me,” and Kelly responded, “Well I don’t know where that hand of yours has been!”

Rosie thinks it was geared towards Clay being a homosexual, as she made that clear on “The View”. Kelly explained that due to her having kids, Clay shaking hands with everyone of his fans and the fact that it’s flu season had her worried about her hand over her mouth.

She is totally right. Now, as I stand—as a gay person with OCD---I am applauding Kelly for standing up for herself! I cannot stand it when gay celebrities pull out the ‘gay card’, just as though some people of different cultures will pull out the ‘race card’. Kelly would have said it to the most gorgeous straight man, if he were to do the same exact thing that Clay did to her. Rosie thinks Kelly is a homophobe. Come on!

What do you think of all this?


~Dawn said...

Rosie needs to take a break from her version of "I see gay people" and not read into things.

I would go with Kelly on this one.

Catch said...

Im no fan of either one of them...Kelly is so full of herself I cant stand her. And Rosie is just obnoxious. But I agree with you...Kelly would have said that to anyone standing there, Im sure it had no reference to being gay, but it doesnt suprise me that Rosie jumped on that bandwagon. Rosie is a big bully. The sooner she gets off the View the better. Not b/c she is gay, just because she is so overbearing. I dont understand why I cant have my own tv program....I would never be overbearing...maybe a little full of myself....lol ....come check out my meme.

Tense Teacher said...

I'd love for Rosie to go back into hiding for another 5 years or more.

Kudos to Kelly for taking up for herself and her family.

Rhea said...

I must say, when I first heard Kelly Ripa's comment I thought 'homophobia'. But I am open to other explanations.

say it hot said...

Not only is she labeling someone as a homophobe without good reson, but she virtually outed Clay Aiken.

Rosie has some apologizing to do. She also needs to realize that not everything is a gay or political issue.

GW Mush said...

Rosie isnt stable enough to know when the homophobe card is appropriate or not. She needs to deal with her own anger & hatred first before she can straighten out other people.
I would love to see Rosie and Oprah sumo wrestle, I would bet $2 on Rosie.

Anonymous said...

I'm not at all surprised that you see it from an OCD point of view. I suppose everyone brings their own prejudices and issues to interpretations of public statements.

As for Rosie, I think she needs to back off on making everything a Gay issue. I don't mind if she does that when it's a legitimate claim to make, but if she does it for everything it will just annoy people.

Anonymous said...

People listen to Rosie? Whoda thunk that?

GW Mush said...

You guys are right. I remember the time Rosie called me a homophobe, I sassed her back by calling her a fat ass!

kathi said...

Some people, like Rosie, think the world revolves around them and their issues...it just doesn't.

Nihilistic said...

What is wrong with Rosie? If someone put there hand over my mouth I would not only be pissed off, but grossed out! If we aren't sleeping together, then keep yourself away from my mouth!! Since they have a live audience I'm sure Kelly had to say something "cute" while she was a little annoyed...Who doesn't say "I don't know where your hands have been"? He could have taken a big shit and not washed his hands! Someone give Rosie a cause!

GW Mush said...

Yea Rosie, think toilet germs before you open yer big yapper!

GirlGoyle said...

I think Rosie is just drawing water from her well cuz no one else will or has in a while. It's a publicity stunt. No one but her would think that it was done in reference to his sexual preferences. Who cares if Clay is gay or straight. No one should be putting their filthy paws over anyone's mouth. It's rude and...unclean.

samuru999 said...

Hi Deb
I agree with you totally!
Take care!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Was so glad you stopped by this morning...missed you too!



QUASAR9 said...

Hi Deb,
is that you in this picture
playing with water & rainbows

Anonymous said...

I think that Kelly was trying to joke about the fact that on national television, Clay Aiken had the effin nerve to physically trying to stop her from speaking ON HER OWN TV SHOW! No matter what I think of either one of them, that is about as rude and disrespectful as you can possibly get. And, even though I don't have a tv show, if someone placed their hand over my mouth when I was trying to speak, I'd be furious!

I don't understand why anyone pays attention to Rosie in the first place. I can't fathom why she has become a spokesperson for the GLBT community. She's loud-mouthed, obnoxious, narcissistic and out of touch with reality. She believes that she and she alone has the answers to the problems of the world, yet, what comes out of her mouth as fact is appaling. Did you see the clip of her talking about how the best treatment for diaper rash was to let a dog lick a child's "diaper area?" Seriously. She said that you should let a dog lick your child's genital area! This is not only wrong on every imaginable level, she was wrong with her information that a dog's saliva heals diaper rash! The only benefit that could happen from that scenario, according to one of the many pediatricians who refuted her assertion, is that perhaps the licking would remove any dead skin. But, there are many more sanitary was to accomplish that ,say, with warm water, soap and a CLEAN washcloth! So, she sat there on television and let everyone know that she allowed her dogs to lick the genital areas of her children, and that's ok with people. How is this even possible?!

The thing I find most troubling about her recent tirade is what someone above already mentioned... Clay Aiken has made it a point to refrain from commenting on his sexuality. So, Rosie basically outed him on national television in an effort to attack Kelly Ripa. As a gay woman, I would think she'd be more sensitive to a person's right to privacy where sexuality is concerned. After all, she kept hers a secret for many years. But, Rosie seems to feel she is entitled to say whatever she wants, no matter who she hurts or offends, simply because she can.

She literally repulses me, and has since the time I found out what she did to one of her employees... remember that? She called the woman a liar and told her that liars get cancer. The woman's mother had cancer. Rosie apologized, but not for saying what she said, only that she was sorry 'cause she didn't know the woman's mother had cancer. She admitted to screaming that sort of foul statement at someone who worked for her. No amount of giving to charity or giving stuff to audience members can paint over those true colors.

~Deb said...

It just gets on my nerve when someone who can represent the gay community pulls their self-defense mechanism up, and makes the rest of us look like a bunch of whiney people. I used to love Rosie, and all that she stood up for. I remember when she did “All Aboard! Rosie’s Family Cruise” on HBO. She really touched upon important issues and made me see her in such a positive light. I guess when she deals with protesting radicals who really bashed her and her family (as seen in that HBO special) I guess you do have to put up your self-defense mechanism. She just needs to know the difference between homophobes and people who are just “being themselves”.

Quasar- that girl is way too skinny to be me babe! But I have been known to throw a few multi-ring glories around! ;)

QUASAR9 said...

Too skinny - lol!
But what a great splasher
How about an image of you with the rubber hose making rainbows - yeah!

J R Estelle said...

Great, get me all riled up before Thanksgiving.

What do I think? Rosie is full of BS. What's up with her atrocious haircut. She needs to settle down. I mean I hear her cruises are great, if you can AFFORD IT. So, who's discriminating now?

And the hand over the mouth thing, just gross. I mean I playfully do that to family members, but I've known them ALL my life.

My verification word was nutmaj. That's what Rosie is, a NUTMAJ.

├ůsa said...

What I think?! Don’t put your hand over someone’s mouth. It’s rude and yucky.

As for Rosie: she had the gay-bashing radar on and thought she was on the right frequency I guess – not realising that also non-gay people might have their hands on private parts every now and then… “get your mind out of the gutter” could be one advice for Rosie before she makes a statement next time.

Video X said...

Well I definitely think that is an overreaction on Rosie's part. I do not see that Kelly Ripa said anything wrong. That is true! Lots of people don't like being touched by others...especially in the face! I work with some of the biggest germophobes...but I don't even think it's germophobia (I know...I think I've spelled 100 things wrong already here). Her explanation is totally valid. I think that is a completely egotistical thing when people try to turn something around so that it is directed at them. Very frustrating. I definitely even watch what I say working in the field that I work in...it's all men...and I constantly hear about "diversity" shit...I've even been TOLD I'm considered for postions because I don't have a penis. Not a big deal...I think it's funny. I would never freak out like that.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

I can't stand either Rosie or Kelly. But I am with Kelly on this one. Clay was being a whiny, snivelly snot on that show and she was just being Kelly as she usually is. She was getting highly frustrated with him anyway, and finally when he put his hand over her mouth, she lost it.

I'd have said worse to him, gay or not.

Rosie, on the other hand... pulls the "gay card" all the time! This isn't the first time she's slung that word homophobic around like it was candy at Halloween.

Not really sure what happened to Rosie. In the early years she was nice, funny and kids loved her! Then suddenly she just changed into this militant gay-rights general who thinks she's leading the charge of something.

What Rosie doesn't seem to get is that the Gay community in this day and age have all the equality they need... as much as any other group out there, anyway, which isn't 100% but no one else does either. The reason I know this is because the general public really doesn't pay much attention to what is balanced in this world. The public only pays attention to what is unbalanced. And having equality is having balance. To be honest, I haven't seen too many stories about Gay Rights in the news lately. They are being treated equally, for the most part.

Gay marriage, however is a whole 'nother subject, but just how Gay men and women are treated in this country nowadays is what I am referring to.

Does that make sense? I may have just rambled and didn't know it. :)

Lisa A. said...

As a gay woman, myself, I have to wonder where on God's Green Earth Rosie got that idea from! I never would have taken it that way in a million years. Please.

I agree that maybe the "gay card" was yanked out by Rosie. Also, let's all keep in mind that Clay Aitken has never actually come out as a gay man. We kind of all suspect, but he's never admitted as much, so Rosie just outed him more.

I do like Rosie, but she is dead wrong here. That preverbial card should have stayed in her wallet next to her Visa.

Lisa A.

Mark said...

I hate it when I agree with you! :)

Rosie past comments comparing Christians to Islamic terrorists should have given her fat arse a ticket off the show! But I guess ABC agrees with her.

Papa said...

Hmmmmmm is there such a thing as a "heterophobe" ???

ann said...

I don't really know any of them particularly well, but imho nothing to do with gay issues, or germ issues, or any issues, I would take offense from a good manners point of view... not a particularly gentlemanly thing to do shoving his hand over a lady's mouth to quieten her in front of a zillion viewers... actually even the other way round would be bad too... but then I'm a lady... LOL

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

~Deb said...

Sometimes I even think it’s out of mere shock value that Rosie goes for. If she isn’t getting much hype, she wants to rile up everybody with something that’s either 1. going to upset someone or 2. just to get people watching her again. And I totally agree with you all, about ‘outing’ Clay. I think that was just wrong and yes—she should have been much more understanding, being that she is gay herself.

And Mark, I know we can see eye-to-eye on certain things! ;)

Of course there are heterophobes. I see it all the time in gay communities. For instance, a lot of gay women (militant types) hate men. I can’t believe that these women (certain ones in the community- NOT ALL) hate men. I for one, love men, and know that we couldn’t live without them. Even though we don’t necessarily see ourselves with them romantically, having them in our lives is essential and gives us balance. I get so upset when these ‘manhaters’ or ‘heterophobes’ shun straight people. It works both ways. It’s sad, Papa.

Terry said...

Yep, you're right Deb. The reality is Rosie could care less about someone being gay or straight. It's about publicity. - Look at me, look at me. - It is the Hollywood mantra.

If your talent doesn't woo them, then start shit. Entertainment Tonight will plaster it all over the TV.

It's prostitution at it's best. Pimp my outburst.

Anonymous said...

Happy T-Day Deb!

Rosie thinks she's the spokesmodel for the rainbow flag. Ugh!

Until Clay says it, he's just a dude with a certain quality. I don't think we can call him gay.

If I were Kelly I would have socked him!

~Deb said...

I just think Rosie didn’t think before she spoke. She’s so up and ready to attack anyone who seems to be against gays. And Kelly? Come on! She is so open-minded! She was just tweaked, because Clay put his dirty grubs on her mouth. I’m tellin’ ya, if he did that to me, I would be pouring antibacterial gel all over my lips! Let Clay do that to Rosie, and see how she feels. I’m sure she’ll be scrubbing her lips afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I met a comedian once, while I was bouncing, that had done a movie with Rosie. She said Rosie was the biggest faker in the world. Never spent anytime with her kids, in spite of everything she said. She had a nanny do everything. Also, what about that whole Tom Cruise thing? Hmmm. Not a fan of the Rosie.

~Deb said...

Whoever has a crush on Tom Cruise has to be slightly 'touched'.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I think it was an over-reaction too. If anyone watches Regis and Kelly, one would know what a germophobe Kelly is ---

BTW, wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

samuru999 said...

Hi Deb
Cracking me up again...
with your poetry!
Hahaha! LOL!
You are a scream!
Loved it!
And, loved the chat!
Thanks Deb!

Luv you!

P.S The link did not work.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Deb,
does that mean you wear gloves when you shake hands, and when you greet a friend you kiss both cheeks, but without actually coming into contact

Some human contact is inevitable, unless one locks oneself away like howard hughes hoping not to live in a bacteria or virus free cocoon

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Deb, those beautiful eyes
and the magical batting lashes
all guaranteed to get you too
into any heaven or earthly do

~Deb said...

Dr. Deb, well yeah, germaphobes will say that to ANYONE who touches their mouths... In my opinion, it had absolutely nothing to do with being gay. Enjoy your thanksgiving too!!!

Samuru, you're the best! Thanks for being YOU! Enjoy your thanksgiving!!!

Quasar, don't you know I live in a bubble??? AND flattery will get you everywhere my dear... :)

AWE said...

I don't have to say anything because the picture that you have up of her says it all.

Happy Early T-Day!

QUASAR9 said...

Deb, Sweet honey lips
you can't hi-jack all the colours
Rainbows have colours
and soap bubbles too.
So from one bubble to another
here's smiling right back at you

Geek said...

I think there is hunger in the world. I also think that some people will do anything to get some press.

Nancy said...

Thank you! I'm not sure where she got homophobia from a violation of someone's personal space...color me confused.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. My opinion might not leave me very popular here, but I actually like Rosie. I don't agree with her that Kelly's comment was homophobic, though after watching the clip, I guess I can see why she, perhaps with some heightened sensitivity, took it the way she did. It was the way Kelly said it -- a sort of sarcastic tone ending with "honey." It looked like when Kelly called into the show and explained it, Rosie seemed to be rethinking her opinion, even if she wouldn't admit it.

I think Rosie's been through the wringer because of her sexual orientation. Before she came out, gays and lesbians vilified her because she chose not to come out. Now people vilify her because she did, or because her opinions are too strong, or because they don't agree with her, or whatever.

Geez, she's human. I say give her a break. I enjoy her comedy, I think she's funny and probably a deeply sensitive person. She's probably as screwed up as the rest of us. I don't agree with everything she says, but I appreciate alot of the stuff she does stand up for and support.

Anyway, it seems she and Kelly smoothed things over anyway. And, that was just pretty rude of Clay Aiken to begin with! At least his hair looks a little better than it did a few months ago! ;)

CP said...

I can't stand all three players in this game, however, I am on Team Kelly for this one. Firstly, Clay has never outwardly said what his sexuality is one way or another, but even if he did/had, would it matter? I know some pretty hot straight men who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. Ew. But as a mother and a nurse, I completely relate to what Kelly said. Peoples hands are the dirtiest part of their bodies! Did you know that the average person has cleaner FEET than hands? I barely ever shake hands. I can't stomach knowing that someone might have wiped their ass or sneezed into their hands moments before they touch me. And, as the mother of a child with a suppressed immune system, allergies, asthma and a heart condition, I feel just as Kelly does. Rosie is being a jackass. As a mother of little kids herself, you think she would know better. I have seen Kelly do thousands of interviews with openly gay people. She never struck me as a homophobe...ever.

I think Rosie likes to pull the homophobe card every now and then to remind her minions that she is their almighty leader. *eyeroll* I loved Rosie all my life. Followed her career from the small clubs in Long Island all the way until now. I can hardly stand her on the View. I love that she has an opinion...I just really hate that she feels the need to put her own beliefs down everyones throats.


Jazz said...

LOL! I just posted about this this morning. I'm a little late I know. But Rosie totally pissed me off. What she said was just stupid and wrong. But if you read what I wrote you'll see that I went on and on about it. haha. We're on the same page though.

Lelani said...

I use that phrase a lot. It has nothing to do with homosexuality. It has everything to do with what a man does with his hands in the bathroom and MANY DO NOT wash their hands! Folks just need to lighten up and not lie in wait to take offense at every little thing people say.

ell said...

gimme a break! i think rosie was totally off the mark on this and i was glad to hear kelly call her on it.

shame on her.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Rosie is insecure...
and pointing the fingers for her own insecure feelings by labeling others makes her even more obsessive and paranoid.

Big Mama said...

THANK YOU!!! I would have said the very same thing! YUCK! Don't touch my face during flu season, especially my mouth!!! UGH! Rosie is trying to turn it in to something it's not... Oh and Kelly's hubby is a total germ-freak total OCD, so I get it.