Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blogger Etiquette

In all of the fifteen months that I’ve been blogging, I’ve never really discussed my thoughts on just that…blogging. I had just written my first book, and I needed an outlet of some sort, for random nonsense talk about anything type of writing. But where? Then a friend of mine suggested I start a blog. What the heck is a blog? I never heard of this before. I even tried to start a website on Yahoo Groups—but that quickly died out. I canceled it and thought there was really nothing I can do, but to write a journal in my word document.

Starting off in blogworld, I decided it was going to be focused on my religion in Christianity and focusing on the gay and lesbian lifestyle, which is a contradiction to many people. They see me as this deceitful sinning Christian, who uses chicanery to persuade those who are happy with their lives as homosexuals. There were debates (still are) and many anonymous emails directed to myself, either communicating their beliefs and opinions and/or just tactless ways of criticizing me with their words. I was prepared for this. The amount of choler and angst was enough for other people to jump on the bandwagon and tell their views, as they see fit.

As more people logged on and started commenting, I started reading their blog. Some were intellectually written with political views, some were comically enhanced to drive you in looking for more entertainment, and of course you had those blogs that were basically just like forwarded emails that you get from a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time…just to keep in touch. I was never one to create a list of “100 things about me”, or questions regarding personal issues. I just wrote about them, as if it were a story. My issues are all laid out on the table for everyone to read. Some feel blogging is all about narcissism, but it's our blog, right? It's all about 'us'!

I didn’t realize how many “adults” were blogging. I thought it was more like a journal for kids to spew their thoughts and nonsense in- sort of like “Myspace”. I quickly found out that there were so many intellectually stimulating adults blogging about everything from politics, religion to relationship advice and comical material. It was amazing. There were some blogs I couldn’t stop reading. Everyday, they would have a new subject. How they did this- I had no clue. Then you had your bloggers who wrote about absolutely nothing- but the details of their entire day. I had no interest in the amount of laundry that you’ve done, nor did I have an interest on how you got your bowels moving.

Someone emailed me asking, “Why don’t you blogroll people?” I didn’t know what this meant. Blogroll? A girl told me that it was basically putting my favorites on my sidebar, so I can quickly click over and read my favorite bloggers. I created one, and started to put the list of my favorites from my browser, into my blogroll. This created a bit of anxiety for me after a few months, because I would get emails asking why “they” weren’t put on my blogroll. Was this a blogger etiquette? If I blogroll you- you have to blogroll me! It didn’t seem right. But I started doing it. I felt bad. After time, I realized I wasn’t trekking into these blogs, that I felt guilty about, so I deleted them off. I use the blogroll for selfish reasons only—so “I” can quickly move into the blogs I want to read. I’m sometimes not at my own computer; therefore I can’t go into my favorites in my browser. So the blogrolling feature is strictly ‘for me’ to use, as well as anyone else who wants to check out my favorite reads. If I don’t like a blog, I do not blogroll them. I’m not being mean, I’m just being honest.

What about commenting? Did you ever think to yourself, are people really reading this? Or are they scanning and commenting, just to receive a comment back? You really have to wonder. But, then you’re soon relieved by that analytical person who leaves a novel in your comment section telling you about their views on the subject you left them pondering about. I remember once, Mike had written a post about a certain subject (forgive me- I forgot which one it was) but it was hysterical, because he basically trapped people to see if they were scanning his blog. He basically set up a ‘dream scenario’ about a vacation he was going on, and at the end, he revealed that it was just that—a dream. In his comment section, he kept getting, “Have a nice vacation Mike!” We had quite a chuckle over that one! (Mike, if you can, link that post in my comments?)

What about the whole blog traffic fiasco, like Blog Explosion or any other type of service that increases your readership? You literally have to read about a hundred blogs in order to receive so many credits, so that they advertise you on their site. This is always good of course, but you really have to put a lot of effort in weeding out all the crappy blogs that they fling your way. And then you have the “pinging” services. Basically, you ping your blog (which puts your blog on the top list of sites on major search engines like, Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc) and having people come in for the wrong reasons. Of course this increases your traffic, but most of the time, it brings in the wrong traffic. I started to realize that the number of your hits isn’t what’s important, it’s the number of ‘come backs’ that makes your blog worth reading. How many times on your site meter have you found someone searching on Google for, “sexy panties worn on a horse” and found YOU? (Of course none of your material had any of that subject matter, but you did have a couple of posts including the words, sexy and a horse you once rode at some ranch up in the country, as well as one describing the great lingerie you bought in Victoria’s Secret.) They mix and mingle words, so that these freakshows log on, in hopes of finding the perfect article.

Then you come across that one blog, that is much like looking at a bug under a microscope. You don’t comment, because your views are quite different, yet you need to keep coming back for more. You become their anonymous blog habitué lurking at their random spew of intriguing wackiness. You didn’t know there were people like that out there. They’re hidden under an anonymous name as well as a cartoon-like picture. No one knows them, so they can say what they want and feel. That’s the beauty of blogging sometimes.

Did you ever notice that some of the best blogs out there, hardly have any comments? It’s so fascinating to see this! I found a few out there like that, and thought to myself, “Why isn’t anyone commenting?” They write---because they love to write. They don’t care about readership. But, on one of these blogger’s stats, it showed their traffic to be quite large! But the baffling part about it was that no one was commenting. I’ve also noticed some bloggers don’t even give an option to comment. There’s an article out (please forgive me that I can’t reference to it—I read it a while ago) that says when you start a blog for the first time, disable all comments and see who comes in and out. Once you have enough readership, then open up the comments. Usually, they come out of the woodwork—and there you have it. I thought that was pretty clever, and at the same time not so great. I remember the first time I blogged, I left the comments open in hopes that someone would say, “Hey, I agree or disagree!” Just to get a response. And, I absolutely love to come across a newly born blog. I’m sure you’ve seen this before. You log onto a blog that has it’s first post ever. Isn’t great to be the first commenter encouraging them on? (Even if it’s just a frivolous subject matter.) “Good luck” is all you have to say sometimes.

So whatever reason you’re blogging…do it for you. Write because you love to write and get your views and opinions across. Write because it’s therapeutic. Comment on other blogs, because you feel a strong urge to. Write without expectations and know that your thoughts are your own. Develop a thick skin for those who disagree with your views. Comment back to your audience, if you want to, not because it’s the ‘blogger etiquette’ way of doing things. Don’t feel obligated if you don’t feel like reading other people’s blogs that day. Read blogs, because you enjoy them, not because you want them to read yours.

Why do you blog?


the voice said...

Well said, Deb. I'm one of those who doesn't respond to comments, other than that I will do posts on specific issues raised in a comment. My online time is limited, (teenage daughter..nuff said), so I just can't keep coming back to respond. And I have no where close to your readership. My hats off to you, girl. I think blogging is important in that it gives people a chance to explore other views, ones they may not ever get exposed to if it were not for blogging. Perhaps this exchange will change society for the better, some day. A person can only hope, (and pray). God bless you, Ken

Anonymous said...

I've found that msot people don't comment on a blog...they're just there to read and that's no problem to me.


that post you were looking for is in my old blog.....but because you're speshl maybe I'll re-post it in the current blog later today for ya Fraggle.

~Deb said...

The Voice: I've noticed a lot of people don't comment back---and that's fine. The whole purpose of the comment section is for other people to respond to the post. But it's fun, (for me anyway) to comment back. Thanks, Ken!

Mike: Yeah, that was an old post, but an unforgettable one!!! I laughed so hard with that! Priceless!

Crassius Maximus said...

You are dead on about the best blogs having very few comments. Check out my boy's spot at comradexdispatches.blogspot.com and you will se a prime example of this. It's the funniest blog going, with very few comments at all.

The Absent Minded Landlord said...

Oh, woops, I was just here looking for stuff about sexy panties worn on a horse. Well, now that I'm here I might as well answer the question.

My wife blogged as a running journal to keep herself on task. Once she realized people were actually reading it, it took on a life of its own. First, I had to keep teaching her how to do various things with it and how to write simple html. Then, she made it so that only Bloggers could comment. This was my initial motivation.

Now, I use it to experiment and keep the rust off of my writing. But it's way more addictive than I ever imagined.

Pittchick said...

I like blogging as a way to "meet" people that I wouldn't normally come across in my day to day life. By no means am I a writer, but I do enjoy it.
I also blogroll what I like to read, that way I can click on someone, no matter where I am.
I actually looked at my sitemeter the other day and someone found my blog by googling "pimp my husband" One can only wonder what they were looking for...

Heather said...

It started out as a place to vent and as a quasi-journal. Most of my friends and family don't even know I have it because then I would be really conscious about not writing things that were bugging me about them.

But I've "met" some really interesting people through this process.

Leesa said...

I would be offended if someone found my blog by typing "sexy panties worn on a horse". My butt is not nearly that big!

Crap, I hope this blog is not a trap. I read it, honestly. The only question I have is where are the horse panty pics?

Anonymous said...

The blog should be whatever the blogger wants it to be. I started mine as an experiment and have been amazed by the great friends I have made and the neat things I have learned from people all over the country and around the world. Sitting down at the computer to connect with my blogging buddies is my relaxation.
P.S. My older son is a t-shrit aficionado. Shopping for him last night, I saw one that reminded me of you and I "Germaphobes need hugs too. Please wash your hands first!" Searching for my Purell . . .

samuru999 said...

Hi Deb
I'll have you know I dragged myself out of bed...just so I could comment on this post.. I like you that much!
I took a realy bad fall last night in my driveway...thank God nothing is broken...but, I am soooo sore all over my whole body....
so no blogging for me for a few days anyway!
I don't know why I really started a blog..it was mostly on a whim...but, I love to blog and share my poetry with other bloggers!
There are many that come to my blog that do not comment...
It used to bother me, but it doesn't any longer...
Maybe they don't like my poem, and don't have have a good comment.
I prefer good comments to bad comments...but, who doesn't!

I have met so many special and wonderful people (like you Deb)
...so, I'll probably keep blogging for a while!

Now, I have to get back to bed!
My poor back is aching!!!

Have a great day Deb!
Very good post!
Thank you...
and, thanks for your visit today, and your nice comments!


Beth said...

You always come up with creative subjects to post about...! Jeez Louise!!

I blog because... often times, something will happen to me or a thought will occur to me that I don't want to forget. I want to be able to go back to certain things and remember what I felt at the time. It's like a growing process for me. Wahoooo.

samuru999 said...

I had to come back and add another comment...to my comment about dragging myself out of bed to comment on this post!
My new comment is LOL!


GW Mush said...

I comment on blogs for different reasons. I like to annoy some bloggers, I like to compliment other bloggers, I like to read and comments on Deb's blog cuz Im fascinated with beautiful nutcases like her, hehe, oops!
Sometimes I comment cuz I love reading my own comments. Some say I have artistic commentary genius.
Ok, I just made up that last part... waiting for tomorrow's post!

Nancy said...

Okay the horse panty reference and resultant comments are killing me. Did you know that some people have a fetish for women surrounded by or playing with latex balloons? Don't ask me how I found this out, but I am still puzzled by it. It makes doing an internet search for party favors for a 2-year-old's birthday quite treacherous. I mean, who knew?

I blog -- because if I didn't, I would simply explode. I would cease to be. It is a matter of survival. It is a drain for the pain and a megaphone for the joy I experience to other mothers in my support group. It is a way to spread awareness about my son's syndrome. It is a way for me to maybe use some of the horrible crappiness I have been dealt to perhaps reach someone who is thinking of giving up. As a complete surprise to me, I have found that by writing I am able to turn a horrible situation into something deliriously funny and crack myself up regularly. I never knew how therapeutic it would be. And I have seen you work through things in your writing as well. I only discovered other people's blogs by accident and usually only lurk.

Keep it up. You are helping others.

say it hot said...

It is a way to possibly educate and be educated. It is a way to vent your feelings. A way to possibly relate and connect to another person or people.

I started my first blog to document the process of creating a stop-motion animation film. It quickly morphed into a "ODG this is my LIFE!?" type of journal/blog thing.

It is again changing into a new blog, but amidst all the change there are constants: Deb's commebnts (Thank you Deb!) and the idea that it is the only written "journal" that I have.

I have never kept one before because I had an aversion to the whole pen and paper setup.

Blog technology - it has opened me up to writing, delving into my feelings, education, and so much more.

QUASAR9 said...

It's your profiled interests that must surely bring the readers in droves looking for panties, and they probably don't mind whether the horse is wearing panties or not

Anyway, Deb I blog - because unlike MSN or chat lines and phone calls, you can create an article about whatever topic you choose, to be read and/or reread by visitors at their convenience, and interact with those who comment on your blog, or at theirs.

I try to reply individually at my place, but sometimes I replicate the reply at their place, unless I am commenting to their post of the day on the blog - depends how much time I have. I always have time or make time when I visit here.

But yeah, if people were to read comments at my place, they might be mystified ... don't be!
It might be there is an ongoing conversation or debate I'm having with an individual blogger - like this one here with you Deb
Wishing you a nice day!

~Deb said...

Crass: There are so many intriguing blogs that don’t have comments, yet they’re written up so well! I’m amazed! I will take a look at the blog you referenced. Thanks!

The Absent Minded Landlord: It’s funny how encouraged people get with a few comments. I know for myself, I am so grateful for the comments I get from my blogging buddies and readers. It’s definitely part of the motivator.

DNA: You don’t have to be a writer in order to pour your heart and soul onto a blog- but I have to agree that I have met so many wonderful & intriguing people on this network.

Heather: That’s the risky part- having friends and family read your blog. But if they truly know you, it won’t matter. My life is pretty much an open book. Sometimes I do have to wonder, “Should I have told them about my site???”

Leesa: Mine is. BUTT we won’t say anything! I have to fetch some of those horse panty pics! (haha)

Rev. Kate: It is interesting with so many different intricate minds blending together in this blogworld- it’s amazing. I want that t-shirt Kate!!!

Samuru: Awe!!! I hope you feel better. Last year around this time, my back went out and I literally was bedridden for appx. 2 months! I had to go to a chiropractor (that did absolutely nothing) but he referred me to a Reiki master, which helped greatly! I would suggest trying that route! I hope you feel better, and thank you so much for dragging yourself out of bed TWICE to come and comment!

Beth: So basically a journal to keep for yourself? That’s interesting, because I find myself trekking over to the posts I wrote this time last year, wondering what I was doing and how I was feeling. You’d be surprised how many similarities people go through on the same months of the year.

GW Mush: You’re the blog stalker! I love it! Your comments always make me laugh! And yes, I am a nutcase and proud! Glad you find humor in my neurotic life. I definitely need the guys in the white coats!

Nancy: Hmm, thank God I’m allergic to latex!!! Wow, there are a lot of fetishes out there that are … umm … ‘different’, huh? I think all of our blogs in some way are helping out others. We relate to people and feel, “Hey, we’re not the only ones going through this!” So it’s definitely therapeutic! I agree!

Say It Hot: I have learned so much from other people through this. I have been educated with topics regarding politics, religion, history as well as a story on …umm… Mr. Conservative. ;) The people I have come across in blogland have been exceptionally brilliant in writing and intellectually stimulating. Don’t you wish you could just pick their brains over a few martinis sometime?

Quasar: I have to say that your blog is definitely one to learn by! I have been amazed with some of the stuff you have on there. VERY educational! As far as Leesa's blog, ...it may be the subject she links to the most that has people drawing in more and more. Leesa, can you imagine which link is the one that mostly drives in readers? (mua ha ha) ;)

QUASAR9 said...

Debs, yep I have to agree the ladt godiva Leesa links to is probably what draws more & more visitors -
so I take it you wave the panties to onlookers as you ride past...

~Deb said...

Quasar, what I meant was, she has linked me as an experiment quite a few times (for a joke) to see if it would draw in more people. I have a hard enough time getting people to read my dribble! I think Leesa is a fantastic writer and has had her on my blogroll forever. She's a good read! No need to wave the panties! (Although that could be pretty hot!)

~Deb said...

Ha, just to give you an idea of how people find me---here are the subjects they looked up on Google:

1. Gay blogs
2. Happy birthday jarheads
3. Dysfunctional Christmas
4. Drunk
5. A true friend sends letter
6. Liza Minelli
7. Feel spiritually dead
8. Why am I clumsy with PMS?
9. Do Geritol vitamins work?
10. Lebanese belly dancer

I've seen worse searches that led people to my blog.

CP said...

I blog so that I can meet beautiful christian lesbians from New York and have dinner and drinks with them.

Ah ha! My plan! It is a success!



~Deb said...

CP, I knew you had an ulterior motive!!! ;) When we doing that again anyway?

GW Mush said...

You know how I found Deb's blog? I punched in key words in the search engine, I tried "Most beautiful girl in the world", and what the heck, Deb's blog popped right up:)

Anonymous said...

Now your blog will be number one when people search for "sexy panties worn on a horse"!

I've been blogging for a very long time now, compared to most folks. I used to hint that I wanted comments, or flat out asked for them, but I learned to stop caring about that. Plus, I don't think too many of my posts are that interesting to comment on in the first place. I do like to pretend that I have a great number of readers who don't comment. That helps keep me sane.

Why do I blog? I blog, therefore I am.

Miss 1999 said...


That was such a great post! You know, someone found my blog by searching for "the cost of McDonald's meat patties", and found my infamous "Penny Meat Patty" post. It's amazing how people can find things that way! Anyway, there were MANY times, I was running short on time, and have skimmed through people's posts. I have so many blog friends, that it can be overwhelming sometimes to try to keep in touch. I hate doing it, so sometimes I won't drop by until I have the time to really read them.

I do love to leave comments, because I want people to know if I've read something I've enjoyed, loved, hated, ect.

You know, I began blogging simply to write. I began with a fictional character named Chloe' Gardner, and from there, had a blog about myself to heal. I've found so many amazing friends on here- friends I never expected to make. I'm proud to consider you one of them! :0) *Hugs*

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Wow, Deb, you invested quite a bit of thought into the art of blogging. Much more than I have ever done, so I applaud you and say, “thanks!”

Tense Teacher said...

Yay ~Deb!

Well said, as always.

Cinderella said...

LOL @ Mike that was a clever way to catch the scanners.

~Deb, I basically blog as therapy..honestly it's just fun and not something I do as a chore. I don't blog everyday, I only blog when the mood strikes me.

I love all different types of blogs..be it serious or funny...I think it's awesome to have a diverse blogging audience.

Cinderella said...

P.S. I am honored to be on your blog roll girlie =)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice blog! I just started a political blog and it's unlike what I thought it would be. I guess I am blog illiterate. I browse and when I see a blog I like, regardless of it's content, I always comment. Even to let them know I think they have a nice blog.
If others don't comment and there are no ideas being exchanged, well, it's just boring.
I might as well continue to write in my journal.
I'll give it a couple more weeks and see if ANYONE wants to converse concerning the state of our country. I am SO active, politically, but am starting to realize not many people on blogspot are.

Well, just wanted to say hi and add my 2 cents!
Be well!!

No_the_game said...

Hey Deb,

I blog because it helps me to put my feelings on the paper. I also want to be able to go back and look how I felt at a certain period of my life.

Blog becaus lovely people like you can come in and write such a beatiful comment.

I truelly appreciated your recent comment on my blog. I do not think man are able to appoligize for their wrong doings. I guess I leared my lession on a hard way.

BUT seriously, who is the person writing "how you got your bowels moving" blog :) It is a problem of my life. If I can find easier or better way to deal with it, I will be happy :)

With luv,
Tired of Dating Games

Catch said...

I started blogging b/c they wouldnt give me my own tv show...lol..and I figure if Roseanne Barr can have her own show so can I! ; ))

I blog for me. The people on my blogroll I try to read everyday. If there has been a week or so of no communication with them, I remove them. I am quite content with the bloggers I correspond with now, I dont care about going for 100 commenters or anything like that. If someone new comments and I like their blog I link them to mine so I wont forget to read them. They dont have to link me to theirs, thats up to them. I am appreciative when they do but would not be mad if they didnt. I only read the blogs I enjoy....I would never pretend to read someones blog..I always look forward to your posts! I find them very interesting and sometimes funny! You are a good writer Deb. You can take that to the bank!!

Neers said...

Deb, so well put! when i began blogging.. it was to put some of those stuff, i kept scribbling since my tweens, somewhere.. like a repository... so when i began, i had zilch readership... and well, neither did i have "blog circle" :) and then suddenly, i was discovered, guess it was Kuan of http://strider333.blogspot.com/... it was then i began understanding, blogrolling, blogsphere, tags etc... and comments! :) in all this, what really happened was an evolution of sorts... ! and not to miss, these wonderful thinkers/writers/bloggers i have met! :)

Åsa said...

I started my blog because I suck at communication – live so to speak - but somehow I’m better at writing how I feel. I’ve lost quite a few lovers, much due to my lack of communication. The blog is therapeutic. And now when I actually have a few people who read my blog I’ve noticed that it’s a nice way to get other people’s prospective on the things I think about. It’s amazing how people on another continent can relate to my thoughts. Same when I read other peoples blogs: it’s so cool to see that we are so alike on this earth even when we live far away from each other. It’s also educating to notice the HUGE differences as well. Some good – some bad.

Sometimes I comment just to let the person know I’ve visited. To just say hi or that I care. Other times I just have time to read, but not to comment.

When people comment on my blog I like to answer them if I can. To show that I did read it or to continue the conversation. I meant to write you earlier to ask how you can be so patient and write comments to people who don’t write anything back.

This post was a good way to find out why people have blogs! Good idea!

J R Estelle said...

I blog, therefore, I am. Ok, seriously, I blog because it's an outlet for me for all of my emotions and it's pretty much anonymous for the most part, so it doesn't matter if people, don't like it, laugh at it, enjoy it or not. It's me and I can delete judgemental comments.

But honestly, all of the blogs I read, you can just tell that they ARE those people, good people and I hope I get to meet them all someday.

GW Mush said...

I blog to get in touch with my inner commentary self.
Oh, and also because it is foretold in the Bible that I would someday blog as a sign of the beginning of the end times.
Please read the "Bible Code" for more information.

~Deb said...

I think it’s great that I could get everyone’s perspective on blogging and why they blog. I love, “I couldn’t get a TV show, so I started blogging!” There are so many different people with such different types of intellectually stimulating thoughts and ideas. You can’t get that just by meeting someone online. I mean, you can ‘get to know them’ through chat or whatever, but through a blog, you’re getting to know them on a much deeper level, if they’re putting it all out there.

I will say this… I rarely comment on political posts, because I’m not knowledgeable enough to do so. I don’t keep up with it, and I really don’t have an opinion. I read it, and hopefully learn from it.

And I will say that sometimes I have to scan myself or not comment, due to lack of time or just overloaded with other stuff...but I eventually get back to my favorite reads.

I also started to blog, because I don’t exactly communicate what’s on my mind most of the time. I’m a very outspoken person, but sometimes I like to put it all out there, like my problems with anxiety & depression, my OCD manias and how I deal with things in the most bizarre ways. Some posts are even messages to people in my life, hoping they’ll log on to read it on that particular day. It depends.

Thanks so much for sharing your views on blogging. I always wanted to ask that question to all of you, and see what your thoughts are and why you started to blog.

Miranda said...

I blog, cuz I need to, Im addicted, I tried to stop but I cant. Its part of my daily routine, like reading the newspaper with my morning coffee. I go through my blog list, and then some. When Im bored at work, I'll go back and check on people that didnt post. Or if I comment, and know people answer, I go back and see if they answered. Yeah...its addicting.

Natalia said...

Yeah there seem to be all of these unwritten rules but I just thing it has to be what you want it to be. I never resent anyone for not dropping by anymore or for not reding as often. I blog for me and the rest is a bouns :)


Arti Honrao said...

Hi! Reached ur blog thru Margie's after reading ur beautiful poetry :)
Abt blogrolls, I agree with u ...
I add ppl to my list for easy navigation and there is no hard fast rule [at least I won't follow]that u hv to blogroll those who blogrolled u!

Abt writing blog...
y I write?
I write so that I can live ...
I live because I write ...

recently i read somewhere ...

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.
~ Cyril Connolly


Arti Honrao said...

Hi again ...

Abt knowing ppl thru their blogs ... I had taken a poll at my blog n then wrote an article ...
If u get time pls check it out
[am not holdin a gun to ur head so u can very well ignore :)]

and Post


ann said...

I'm curious and would love to know what you think
About blogging and what it brings
To you... I don't doubt my world is extended
By wonderful like minded girls I've befriended
But is there an etiquette, unwritten rules
Do's and don'ts, good manners and all
For when you visit do you always have something to say
Or do you think, I'll come back later today
And do you comment on comments and go back
Again to that blog and there follows a chat
Or just leave the one comment and leave it at that
Do you spend all day surfing about
Or just a little while popping in and out
What are your favourites, the vincent pics
Or bloggers' true life stories, or fanfic
And do you visit someone new
Who for the first time has just visited you
Sorry to ask, but I started to ponder
And realised, you're the ones with the answer

Deb I loved your poems for Marge and thought I'd drop by seeing as I love poetry and all (London-Love-Verse) and saw this post... hope you don't mind but I couldn't resist copying a little ditty of my own that I posted on my blog in September...

lotsa luv ann xxxxx