Monday, August 07, 2006

God Hates?

Many of your comments from my previous post has inspired me to write this next post. Thank you all who have participated in the discussion and shared with me your beliefs and thoughts. And now, here's yet, another religious post about what I truly believe.

Does God hate?

Realistically speaking, emotions such as hate, anger, guilt and sadness are all “gifts” from Satan. In my beliefs as a Christian, the devil tries to take away your joy and replace it with these negative emotions. It can even be in the form of a person in your life that drains the energy out of you, discouraging words from someone or even thoughts of things that you did in the past which you regret, that manifests itself into guilt.

Why would God want us to feel negative emotions? Why would another Christian try to make other Christians feel guilt for the things that they do in their life if they don’t agree with certain things? Regardless of what religion you are, it’s still unnerving for someone to try and reinforce their beliefs upon you in a negative aspect. They’re not trying to help us; they’re not trying to edify us and lift our spirits up. This is how the devil uses people to get to us. Don’t buy into it.

Why are radical Christians so concerned with other people’s lives? They’re bored, because they’ve been sucked into this web of lies—living a life that’s unnecessary. They’re living a life full of guilt in the past that trickles over into their current life, which ultimately trickles over into other people’s lives. Remorse and having apologetic feelings is one thing, but guilt is such a horrible emotion. It’s only what I believe though.

Now who can claim to know the “TRUTH” in the spiritual sense? You can definitely say you believe it to be true, however, you can’t speak for everyone else. As I’ve said in previous posts, I’ve had spiritual encounters that led me to believe that God is real; that Jesus is real and living among us. I can only claim it’s ‘true for me’. I can’t convince you that it’s factual, because I may have had a psychotic moment or way too many martinis to see straight. So how would you know it’s true, unless you’ve encountered a spiritual experience yourself?

That’s where faith comes in. So many of us have faith on a particular religion---and a lot of people have the same faith in the same religion, yet with different beliefs. How does that happen? One Christian believes ‘this’ to be true, and another Christian believes something totally opposite. What’s the foundation of the faith though? Jesus. If Christians would stop focusing in on everybody else’s lives, and focus on Him, we wouldn’t have so many religious battles all over the world. Why are they so concerned with what we do? Why are they so angry over actions or ‘sins’ of another human? Is their life not exciting enough that they have to stick their noses into everybody’s business? You really have to wonder about that.

So then, who’s telling the truth? The psychotic Christian lesbian who loves Jesus, or the radical Christian bible thumper who rebukes you for your sins. Who should do the rebuking? Shouldn’t God be in charge of all the rebuking? That kind of makes sense to me. Now, it’s not a matter of ‘truth’, it’s a matter of faith and tolerance to those who differ from your own beliefs and values. Being kind to one another and loving others is the only effective way to help…not by criticizing their life. Do they really feel that they’re helping? Or is it a self-satisfying selfish act on their part?

Too many people want to be heroes. They want a big seal of approval from God. They’re looking for a stamp on their forehead that says, “I brainwashed yet another happy person living their lives in peace!” Life is to be enjoyed. Life is a journey; a path that’s full of adventures, learning experiences and joy. It shouldn’t be full of anger, resentment, hatred and people condemning one another…but unfortunately, that’s how it seems to be. Countries all over the world are having holy wars. They “ALL” know the “TRUTH”. Or do they? If they knew the “truth”, would they be fighting and killing one another over it? Of course not. In my heart, and in my beliefs, God is all love. He is nothing but love. He doesn’t put seeds of guilt, sadness, anxiety and fear into us; Satan does a good job of that.

So the next time someone criticizes you for the way you live—regardless of your religion or lack thereof, just remember that it’s evident the person criticizing you, is not happy with their own life. There are so many people who shy away from church, merely out of judgmental people. I know that in the gay and lesbian community, there are so many people that go into other religions that only accept their lifestyle. They have all the beliefs as a Christian, yet fall back on some other religion that says, “We’re gay friendly.” And that’s okay. But, the sad part about this is, a lot of the gay community lost their faith, due to other people giving them strife about their love for another human being of the same gender.

Now, think about this… What about those people who have married a divorcee? No one at the church condemns them. What about those who have had premarital sex? No big deal, right? We have no right to judge another human being. It’s such a waste of energy! Why not put all that energy into something positive, like lifting someone’s spirits up, or being considerate and nonjudgmental to those around you? Why don’t they donate their time into encouraging people to lean more towards God? What judgmental people do is actually the opposite. They draw people further away from God by telling them how bad they’ve been, and how God HATES what they’re doing. God hates?

Here’s what I think… Each person has their own personal and individual relationship with God. Each person has a different purpose in life. We’re all an integral part of God’s machine; each one doing a different job and just as important as the other. You are an important link…I’m an important link. We’re all here for a purpose. God has the blueprints of our life and only God knows what those plans are. How can a mere human being ever claim to know what that is? It’s impossible. I can share with you what my beliefs are, but I have no right to judge your life and claim that you’re a worse sinner than I am. Everyone sins, and everyone falls short—we’re all in this together. I just wish people would realize how much wasted time and energy is being put out there when they literally hurt people by using Christianity as a weapon.


~Dawn said...

Galations 5:
22-But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23-gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

By their fruit you will know them....

Tense Teacher said...

Sadly, ~Deb, Christians have been hurting their fellow men (I include women in that too) for thousands of years, and all in God's name. I guess I'm being quite pessimistic when I say that I believe it's only going to get worse, but of course, the Bible says that too.

I think God is entirely capable of anger, and the day is coming when that anger will resurface, but He's trying to give us all a chance to be like His most precious gift - His son, Jesus - who set the example for the ultimate love.

God definitely loves you, sweet lady.

samuru999 said...

All I know is that God is only about love!
I am sure it makes him very sad to see all these "Christians" being
hateful and judgemental to those whom they think are "Sinners".

I try to love every person for the special and unique human being they are... that is what God wants me to do!
God loves us all... no matter who
we are... or what we are!
Bless you for who you are!

Geek said...

God hates sin, lucky for us He gave us a way out, his Son. I am not qualified to throw stones. I never will be qualified. I think some Christians beleive they are.
I apologise if I come across as arrogant. Tense and I both look up to ya'll.

Jaded&Opinionated said...

God wants us to be happy. He wants us to sing, dance, love, rejoice, celebrate each day. There are "rules" that must be followed, yes, but He doesn't want us to live in fear, nor does He want us to suffer. Jesus suffered for us and made the ultimate sacrifice because He loved us, just as we are, every single one of us. God tells us that even if we have all of the knowlege in the world, all of the gold on earth, speak in the tongues of men and angels...if we don't have love, we have nothing.

Anyone who would use the Bible as a weapon against another human being, Christian or not, needs to be concerned for themselves. The Word was meant to comfort us, educate us, sustain us through the difficult times. It was intended as a shield against those who might persecute us for our beliefs, not as a weapon to do the persecuting. The evangelical movement has only been around for about 250 years. Yep, that's a long time, but nowhere near the more than 2000 years that the rest of Christianity has been around. That, in itself, speaks volumes as to who might have gotten it right.

God will let us know how we did when it's our turn to face Him. We each can know our destiny and God will sustain us. Our success does NOT depend on what others think or do.

Be still and know.

Tai said...

I believe that no one really knows the truth.

I believe that things we use to aid ourselves in this world are there because as fallible conflicted humans we need something other than ourselves to see reason in what we do.

Living in this world is tough enough without the fight between ideas.

Deb says more with "How can a mere human being ever claim to know what that is? It’s impossible. I can share with you what my beliefs are, but I have no right to judge your life...." than anyone claiming to tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks Deb...THAT I can believe in.

Mike said...

It seems most of these radical bible thumpers preach hate, without it, they seem to have nothing to say.

The Stevo in H-Town said...

"..War is not the answer...Only love can conquer know... we got to find a way..To bring back some lovin' to Mercy, mercy me..things ain't what be..."

Marvin (dare I say it?) GAYe...

Yeah...that "hate" shit's "b'low average..." I don't care what God's runnin' dis shit...

Grant said...

Somehow, I still sense the touch of Dani upon your posts. If you don't like Satan's gifts, I suggest you return them. I mean this literally. The next time someone confronts you with negative emotions, stamp "Return to sender" on their forehead and shout "Go to Hell!"

normiekins said...

your last paragraph says it all!

Mark said...
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Mark said...

why not read and study the Bible to find your answer? Otherwise you'll keep answering your own prayers & Blaming the shortcomings of others. The very thing the Prince of this world wants you to do.

Proverbs 1:22 "You simpletons!" she cries. "How long will you go on being simpleminded? How long will you mockers relish your mocking? How long will you fools fight the facts?"

1. Simple ones. Sinners are fond of their simple notions of good and evil, their simple prejudices against the ways of God, and flatter themselves in their wickedness. 2. Scorners. Proud, jovial people, that make a jest of every thing. Scoffers at
religion, that run down every thing sacred and serious. 3. Fools. Those are the worst of fools that hate to be taught, and have a rooted dislike to serious godliness.

limpy99 said...

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Ben Franklin.

(I think).

Of course, Narraganssett Ale might be proff that God is capabale of hate.

~Deb said...

I do study the bible. My book is loaded with scriptures that back up each of my points being made from what I’ve gone through. Each person has a different interpretation of the bible and much of their scriptures. But having personal experiences through spiritual encounters, like the ones I’ve had, has made me realize that God doesn’t hate. Yes, He gets disappointed, but the whole message of the book of John is primarily a symbol of God’s love; His generosity of giving His only son to us. Jesus paid the price in full. But most of all, having that personal relationship with Jesus, as well as meditating on scriptures in the bible has made me see things with clarity.

Each person believes differently. That’s my whole point.

The Stevo in H-Town said...

Limpy...I think that's why the call booze "Spirits"

Miss 1999 said...


That has to be one of the best posts I've ever read! You brought up so many great points. I've screamed until I'm blue in the face, for others to mind their own business! If we feel someone isn't "living right" it's up to us to love them, and pray for them, just as Jesus loves us.

As for Judging, you're right once more, it's up to Jesus to judge. I, like you, don't believe he hates anyone, or anything. I think sin hurts him deeply, but I don't believe he hates.

Radicals are the reason we're no longer the fastest growing religion in the world- If everyone could just learn to love one another as Christ loved us, and to do our best each day to walk in his ways, then the world would be a lot better place.

Thanks again for a great post :0)


~Deb said...

Love spirits! Love my wine! I wish I could just change my water into wine…very cost effective!

I definitely agree with you Miss1999, because Jesus sat amongst tax collectors, adulterers, and other ‘sinners’---without condemning them. He educated them and let them make their own choices. God gave us freedom of choice and also our each individual purpose. It’s funny that some people will not associate with “sinners”---even though we’re all in this together---but they go on the basis of the teachings of Christ! And ironically enough, they shun ‘other sinners’, as Jesus never did. Aren’t we supposed to be more “Christ-like” as Christians?

Lazarus said...

Funny how so many Christians in this country seem to know exactly what God is thinking - what he's angry about, how he wants you to live your life, etc.

Romeo Jensen said...

I used to get angry and protective of you everytime one of those 'Deb haters' came in here talking trash!

I'd make a snide remark at them until you taiught me a valuable lesson.

Observing you and how you handled yourself maturely and with Christian temperence... answering your critics in a very Christ like manner... and backing your points with solid biblical refrences!

I a better person for knowing you!
You've taught me how to be humble... quiet... and to NOT return Anger with Anger!

the voice said...

Jesus was about love. Jesus was God. We are followers of Jesus. Nuff said.

Leesa said...

I think God hates the Georgia Tech football team. The evidence is overwhelming.

jali said...

I think those who who claim to know the truth are gonna be very surprised in the end.

God might love the psychotic Christian lesbians most of all.

We that are getting to know you do.

Romeo Jensen said...

c'mon leesa... that's a no brainer!
Everybody hates the Yellow Jackets!

Anonymous said...

They primarily miss the entire point of thou shall not judge as well as love one another, and twist religion into something entirely too ugly for words. It becomes an evil religion of hatred and resentment. Is this was Jesus did? It just amazes me. My partner and I pray in the comforts of our home. We don't go to church due to the hypocrites who harp on our lifestyle, but we never give up worshipping Jesus! Thanks Deb!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you know what use to freak me out as a kid?..knowing that God allowed His Son to die...I dont know why, but the fact He let His son die a brutal death, made me fear him..

I still kinda do..

But I really dont belive God hates. If he does, we are all in big trouble..

anyway, there is my measly two cents..carry on now:)

anna said...

Oh Deb, what a great post! If only everyone would understand and live by the words of the Bible, then they'd realize what you just posted was true.

Preach on sister!

LZ Blogger said...

Deb ~ You are CORRECT... GOD IS LOVE!!! ~ jb///

Anne said...

Amen and amen!!!

Observer said...

Let’s all gather together at Deb’s place so we can feel good about our sin.

Yup – God is ALL about Love! God doesn’t hate anything! He loves everyone. God loves all the Catholic priests who sodomize young boys. God loves men who beat up their wives and parents abuse their children. God loves it when mothers murder their unborn babies by choice or toss them in the dumbster after they're born. He loves all the sadistic rapists and violent murderers out in the world too – but most of all – God loves you Deb, for being an abomination to Him and living as a lesbian.

Pat yourself on the back – You are comfortable in your sin and you are getting the approval from many of God’s adversaries. Hooray for you!

Oh wait a minute…

God DOES HATE SIN – Especially homosexuals who boast in their perversion!

Psalm 5:5 says - “The boastful shall not stand in Your sight; You HATE all workers of iniquity.”

~Deb said...

My point exactly. A radical Christian judging another. Lovely, huh? Is this what Jesus would do?

I don't think so. Keep living that angry life, observer, and see how far that gets you.

God bless!

Sue said...

Exactly Deb.....most of us who have "chosen" this lifestyle can trace it back to our very early years. I don't believe you can chose to be gay at 4 and 5 years old when you don't even know what it means....and I HATE when people assume that you must have been molested and/or had a bad relationship in order to have "chosen" to be gay. I spent a month away from THAT website, read it again today and now know that I need to never go back again -- they tick me off because it never changes and it never proves anything except how really shallow they are....

~Deb said...

Thanks Sue. It’s funny how contradicting they are. But, as far as “THAT” website, I never venture over there anymore, because it’s not fit for anyone who claims they worship God or Jesus to read. It’s hatred in its purest form. So, with that, I am glad that the communication between our blogs have diminished. People like that will only bring others down with them… It’s no use even arguing or debating with them, because they are so focused on other people’s sins. They don’t notice their own. It’s hard being perfect I guess.

Steve said...

I don't go to church.
I hardly ever talk about religion.
No, I am not bragging about that...
but neither am I ashamed of it.
All I know though is Rom 8 says that if we are in Christ,
then we are NOW no longer under condemnation,
like we were before the Spirit of Christ touched our hearts and lives.
We have freedom NOW, baby. Oh, sweet freedom, NOW!
It wasn't took Christ's fragrant sacrifice of love and obedience.
But NOW, we have HIS righteousness, that we could never earn on our own...
That is genuine "grace for living," if I have ever heard it!
And if God does not condemn me NOW,
then how can I condemn myself or other people anymore?
Then I am left without any excuse...or sacrifice...
because I am choosing to place my self above God when I do that.
"Oh!...if God just knew THIS about me!...He wouldn't love me."
No...God does know THAT about you.
He is a God that knows each of us so intimately,
that His Spirit can even count the number of hairs on our heads!
And yet, we are in Christ...
and we are NOW no longer under any condemnation
from the law of sin and death.
Let's just Praise God for that! :)
Okay, now I will shut up! LOL!

None333333 said...

I believe God hates sin (acts/attitudes) because sin hurts his kids and pulls them away from relationship with him. For example, I believe God hates child molestation and alcoholism. But this is a different kind of 'hate' than hating a person, which is itself a sin. God doesn't hate people because they were made in his image.

If someone is acting in a way you think is self-destructive or wrong, the best thing to do is pray for them so God can help them to change.

~Deb said...

Goes back to hate the sin, but love the sinner. But ... we are all sinners. Then what? This is why Jesus came to to us.

So technically, if God hates the sin, wouldn't he hate all of us? It doesn't make sense.

Thanks Steve and MQM.

Steve said...

No Deb...
it does make sense.
God hates sin, yes?
And God wouldn't be holy and righteous if he didn't hate sin, right?
And God would not be just if He simply overlooked the sin of the sinner, right?
And so, that is why Christ died...
It was for the sake of God's own righteousness, not ours, that Christ died!
So that God could forgive us, "love the sinner," and yet, remain righteous in doing so...
and God could also remain just in his verdict against sin,
even though he pardons the sinner who believes in His Son.
Gosh, Deb... I hope that explanation helps you understand better, honey. :)

(btw, thanks for visiting) **big smile**

Observer said...

Does God hate anyone?

The answer is YES!

Some say that we should say that God only hates the sin but loves the sinner. But, these scriptures (Psalm 5:5; Lev. 20:23; Prov. 6:16-19; Hos. 9:15) speak contrary to that.

God HATES sin. But, He does not punish sin or send sins to hell. He punishes the sinner and He sends people to hell. Sin cannot be tied up and thrown into a fire. It cannot be put in a box or glued to a stick. The sin is not separate from the sinner. It is rebellion. It is rebellion in the heart. It is breaking God's Law. Sin occurs inside the heart and mind of people. Proverbs says, "For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he." Therefore, God must punish the sinner. Why? Because He is both Holy and Just and the person who sins offends God. God's Holy and Just character will not allow Him to ignore this offense. Why?....

God's word is powerful. What He says is never futile, empty, or without power.

The Law is a reflection of God's character. It is pure and perfect. It is powerful. The Ten Commandments reflect God's holiness and justice. These commandments are not without punishments. A law without consequences is only an empty slogan.

To sin is to break God's Law and offend His character. To sin means to challenge His character and authority. It means you go against His word. But God is not a liar. His word is true. He has said He will punish the lawbreaker.

"For if we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins."- Hebrews 10:26

~Deb said...

I didn't make myself clear, I apologize. What I meant, was that God loves all of us, and knows each and every one of us are sinners. Yes---God does hate the sin, however, He will never hate us for 'sinning'. It's been taken away from us by His son.

Sorry about my confusing comment. I re-read it and it did look weird. (*sigh*)

Thanks again Steve!

~Deb said...


Dani, (observer) I have your ip address listed at the same time. Please, if you don't enjoy my blog, than don't read it.

I know you had mentioned before that you didn't know what an "ip" address was, ...which would make sense that you wouldn't think I knew it was you. Too funny you are. I hope you're doing well, but again, we do not believe in the same thing. Your "TRUTH" is not the same as my "TRUTH".

Sorry. Not going to convince me otherwise. I've seen for myself, and I believe for myself.

Thanks for stopping by, Dani.

Dani said...

Yeah - Well as "loving" as everyone is - I know people hate to see my name around here or read my comments which is why I came in as an "observer".

I knew you would know it was me from my IP address - it just sounds better on the surface not coming from me as "Dani" I guess. Besides I already lied several times now and said that I am washing my hands of this issue, but when you post stuff like this referring to "THAT" website - I honestly lack the self-control to contain my words with you because it boils my blood so bad.

No need to get into it again and hash out the SOS we already have gone over a thousand times because we both know it's a fruitless effort that goes no where. Sorry for being deceptive with my identity - I promise to stay far away. No matter how much we disagree - you still weigh heavy on my heart and I sincerely hope that someday you will stop mocking God and turn from your perverted lifestyle so you can really glorify the Name of Jesus Christ.

Just know that it's not about your "TRUTH" or my "TRUTH" - It's about GOD's Unchanging TRUTH!

In the end, you will have to give an account to GOD ALMIGHTY for the unrepentant sin in your life - and I am looking forward taking part in the judgment that you will receive from HIM if you continue to live in rebellion and against nature.

Enuff said already! I'm sure our paths will cross again in the near future.

Peace Out!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read » » »

Anonymous said...

the meaning of life is a test of in god through the calimity and tribulations of life....god teaches by tribulations because man is sinful ....Picture life as teptations by evil Jesus was tested on the mountian by satin... if you beleive in the big bang theroy of life you are selling you self short....think of the bigbang and the creation of the universe and before was only empty space..where did empty space come from....