Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

It’s a scorcher out there today in New York and many parts of the US. The newscasters warn us to keep ourselves well hydrated and not to bake in the sun too long. They want us to check up on our elderly and make sure they’re okay. Rumor has it that the elderly have a harder time in this heat, than someone who’s younger.

I started laughing when the news reporter went up to all the elderly people in the streets of New York yesterday asking them how they’re coping.

“What? What the hell ya’ want me to do? I have to go out!” One old lady yelled to the reporter. The newscaster was sweating more than the little old lady was. She was happy, smiling from ear-to-ear and having a great time in Manhattan. It seems like the hotter the weather, the more the elderly are out and about.

Think about this… I found that when my parents got older, in the winter, their heat is cranked up to 90 degrees anyway. If I go into a home of someone who is in their seasoned years, their heat is enough to make you sweat bullets! What about ‘snowbirds’--the older people who flock over to Florida in the winter months, and then head back to New York when it’s hot again? These people love the heat! It’s people in my age range that are suffering here. Most of them move to Florida. Let the elderly check up on us!

My father proves them wrong. He’s 70 years young, and he’s outside working at this very moment. He is sitting on a hot and stuffy enclosed bulldozer making new foundations for homes being built. The young guys that work along with him usually want to ‘call it a day’ before my father calls it quits.

Is it a matter of the mind? Do we look at the news and start ‘feeling hot’, because they ‘say’ it’s hot out there? Or are we really feeling this awful heat—even more than our older friends?

“Think cold! Think cold!” That’s what some people say to themselves when they’re out in this hot weather. It helps them feel cooler. The mind is a powerful thing---we haven’t even tapped into the other 90%. Can you imagine if we used more than 10% of our mind?

Okay, I’m going to discuss Amy right now. Amy used to live in Arizona. The heat went up to 105 most of the time. She’s used to this type of weather. Now that she’s in New York, I see her wearing mostly long sleeved shirts and blouses while it’s 100 degrees out. She says that she’s used to it, and that she gets colder easily. She also works inside an air conditioned office. But, when she gets out of work, she has to walk five blocks to get to the train.

“What are you wearing?” I ask Amy, as she’s trekking down the street trying to make her train. (No it wasn’t a dirty call, so get your minds out of the gutter.)
“A light crisp white shirt.”
She says to me, as she’s lying through her teeth. She ended up coming over yesterday in a black long sleeve shirt with a hood. At least wear white! When I used to work in an office, I would wear white crisp long sleeved shirts---that’s normal. But black? She doesn’t even appear to be hot. (Well, she’s HOT, but not ‘hot’ in temperature.) But why do some people heat up more than others? If it was up to me, I’d run around naked, but I’m afraid I’d traumatize many innocent people.

So how hot is it for you?

Please visit Amy's blog. I did a little write up about her as a guest blogger. So swing on by and say hello! I'm not sure if this was a toast or a roast I did.


AWE said...

I am singing that DAMNED song now.

~Deb said...

I knew it would stick.

Grant said...

Just look at the heat as a way for you to practice BURNING IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!

Sorry. I miss Dani. :p

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

it was hot here for two weeks, the hottest it was , was monday and it was 112..right now as i sit here i have my window open with a nice cool beeze blowing, and a temp of around 73..

i love it hot, the hotter the better i say:)

Karen said...

Y'all are getting the heat wave that we had here in the West. Here in Vegas, we're used to all those 110+ temps, but in California, over 120 people died from it. Very sad.

And yes, I know, at least what we have is a DRY heat. Please, 110+ is a frickin' oven no matter what, but it hit us during our monsoon season, so we also had 55+ degrees in humidity. Hell, all I had to do for a steam bath was step outside! Even at 7am! LOL

luckysevn said...

It's true what they say - heat and pregnancy don't mix!!! I'm not leaving my house till either the temps go back into the 70's or I give birth!

Please, please tell me Amy isn't wearing longs sleeves waiting for the SUBWAY... LIRR and NJT are one thing, but waiting for the subway train in this heat is like having a death wish!

~Deb said...

Grant: I'd invite the devil before I'd invite you know who over here...

Bossy: What I wanna know is, .......what shirt are you wearing? *wiggles eyebrows*

Vixen: Humidity is the worst part about heat.

jali said...

I'll bet Dani isn't hot. She walks the earth in Jesus-conditioned comfort.

Why do I seem to sweat more than other women? They glow - I drip.

normiekins said...

anything over 85 and no breeze is too hot for me....but really it's the humidity i can't is stifling....three showers yesterday....! The elderly come from the generation of no central air....their bodies can tolerate gram had three fans her whole life and would put wet washcloths around her neck to keep her cool.....we are a bunch of wimps!

say it hot said...


OK, the hoodie isn't black, it's grey and it's super cute. Dontchya think Deb?

It's a rayon blend - not fleece - so it is pretty breathable.

I'll take this humidity over dry heat any day. AZ is drydrydry. My skin was dry. My hair was dry. Everything was brown.

BUT, I have to say I am definitely a fall-winter gal. Can't wait for the cold weather.

├ůsa said...

Deb! I'm sure no one will mind if you run around naked...

~Deb said...

Jali: I'm the same way, I sweat bullets.

Normie: Weird thing about the humidity, my hair looks better. When it's dry, my hairlooks like a disaster. I just can't breathe in this stuff.

Amy (Say It Hot): Oh yeah, it's super cute alright, especially that it shows off your major cleavage! ;)

Asa: Don't request that...really...unless you're coming to NY for a martini or give with me... (hint hint)

Maddie said...

I just spoke to a very nice elderly gentleman and right now (about 1pm) he looked as though he was going to pass out. I gave him some cool spring water, what a little cutie!

Come on, run around naked! Great idea!

Lisa said...

It's absolutely miserable out there and dangerous to boot.

As for the elderly,it's their actual physical make-up. As people age their body thermostats are less effective, as are their nerve endings. They will over heat and die without realizing how hot they are. Wearing a cardigan the whole time.

And then there's me on the extreme other end. Overweight AND menopausal. Spontaneous combustion is a constant threat at temperatures over 70.

~Deb said...

Maddie: I did that last night and froze my butt off facing the a/c unit. I think I have frost bite on my left ass cheek.

Lisa: You're right about their lack of nerve endings and thermostats...It's just so important to hydrate, which many of them forget about doing. As far as being menopausal, I think I have that--but I get really bad when I'm PMSing...I should really consider getting a sex change. *sigh*

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

Considering that I spent nearly 25% of my life living in Boston, I definitely handle the cold temps better than the hot ones.

I'm the one with a jacket on in the winter, but totally unzipped. And hats are only reserved for the really bad days (wind chill below 0). Meanwhile, my fiancee is bundled to the 9's when it's 50 degrees.

say it hot said...

Deb: Frosty bottoms need thawing out. I can be your own personal heater.

Luckysevn: I walk to Penn Station and then I do the NJT. It's not too bad.

The subways are gag-o-rama even when it isn't this hot. I hope the power doesn't go out while peeps are on the subways today.

~Deb said...

Steve: I'm always cold too, and bundle up when it's 50 degrees... bad circulation probably... or just my hot & cold flashes acting up.

Amy (Say It Hot): Oooooh girl! *fans self off* That's the bad thing about the heat (other than passing out in it) is that the power goes out. Queens had an awful time with that--and poor Bloomberg taking the 'heat' for it.

kathi said...

Texas heat...I honestly wear as little as possible wherever I am or wherever I 90% of the people do here. I look forward to sweatshirt weather, cause I'm more comfortable covered up.

LisaBinDaCity said...

I'll take those drinks you offered now ;-)

And this post is absolutely hilarious... and true! All the elderly people in my building are still walking around in long sleeves and sweaters. Whereas my furry dog and I are sweating bullits!

LisaBinDaCity said...

Or is it bullets? Oh whatever. Who the frig cares lol.

Miranda said...

I think the humidity makes it worse whether its cold or hot out. Here its a nice comfy, sunny 68f (20c). But here in Alberta its very dry so even though its hot when it hits the 90's its no where near as hot as in the humid places.

I remember last year, visiting my g/f in Texas, right after Rita. it was like 104f out, and they had a power failure for 2 weeks. Fortunately for me, that was my last night and we stayed in a hotel. But I cant even imagine what she would of done if she couldn't find a generator to get an a/c going.

~Deb said...

Kathi: I'm definitely more into the fall and winter seasons only because I love cooler air, and of course, I love the clothes as well. Didn't I see a post of yours where you had no clothes on? Hmmmmm.... does anyone remember that post of Kathi's? I'll have to find that one and link it here. (mua ha ha)

LisaB: Martini time! But I'm afraid I'll pass out due to dehydration. Can you believe this is the only time I reject alcohol? I'm having a bad case of the DTs right now!!! And...yes...bullets...but who cares! ;)

Miranda: That's scary--power outage when it's this hot. You know, there turning off part of CT's electricity to conserve energy and asking companies to voluntarily turn theirs off as well. The underground cables cannot handle all the usage. It probably stems from antiquated equipment.

J R Estelle said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

~Deb said...

You're welcome...thanks for commenting on my guest post for Amy! :)

Vile Blasphemer said...

Re: Old people

Most seniors enjoy hot weather because, they have thinner skin and get cold more easily.

steff81 said...

Temp: 97
Humidity: Un-freakin'-belivable

I knew when I moved down south that the humidity would be a big adjustment for me. I wasn't disappointed.

You know, people normally ask "How are you settling in?", "Are you finding everything around town okay?" but I'm getting questions like "Are you used to the humidity yet?" and "Trust won't sufficate."

I'm sorry...what was your post about

PS...Jake is doing well. He won't drink water from the bowl so that's a struggle but thankfully not mine...he's living with my parents now. :)

Russ said...

We Americans are very funny. In places like Africa and the Middle East, hot weather is a regular thing. It's fairly warm in those places year-round, and unbearable in the summertime, but I betcha there are no Al-Jareeza reports about how hot it is in Iran.

In other words, people in most of the world have to deal with extreme weather all the time, but they just adapt. Americans, on the other hand, are used to controlling their environment and thus get confused when they can't.

That explains all the news reports about hot weather, I think.

Romeo Jensen said...

OMGolly... I heard a similar report on the radio today... about the Heat Index going up to like 100 and we should check on the elderly and drink lots of fluids... especially water.

small world huh?

So Deb... My Much Much Older Sister...

*uses concerned look on face*
How are you doing?
Are you staying out of the heat?
Drink lots of fluids now!!!
Especially water!

Okay... my daily...
'Fraggle Fix Tease-a-thon' quota has been met!

good times
good times

~Deb said...

Vile: Totally makes sense...I didn't think of that.

Steff: Yeah, humidity is the hardest part. I don't think I can get used to it- and I know it has a lot to do with working in offices which are air conditioned and always being 'inside' if it's too hot. I'm glad Jake is doing well though!

Russ: I just realized something----have you ever noticed when they show you footages of Iraq or some middle eastern region, that they only drive white cars? (Or light colors...) But mostly, they are all white, due to the hot climate. I have a black SUV. I am switching to a white one next month thank GOD! And yes, we're pretty spoiled most of the time in America.

Romey: Listen you little twirp---you ever call me OLD again I will take that HAT off your head...and they'll be no more of what's been going on in your neck of the woods...Get me?....Good. I love my LITTLE brother--I want him to wear his hat and have fun. I emphasize on 'little' I heard. *w

My fraggle Fix Tease-a-thon on Romey's sorry @ss has been met! GOOD TIMES!

samuru999 said...

Great post Deb!
It has been very, very hot in
Colorado this summer... too damm
hot for me!
We did get some rain on Monday
night... but not nearly enough.
Usually CO. does not get this hot.
I swear it must be Global Warming!
I am thankful it is dry here though... do not think I could
take humidity with this heat!
And I am wearing as little as
possible in this heat.
Last night when my hubby came
home... I was almost naked...
he thought it was for his
benefit... Lol!
Just too hot everywhere now!
Here in CO most houses do not
need or have air... but I am
making sure we get air put in
come Fall... so, I will not suffer
come next summer.
Take care.
Try and stay cool!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

At the moment (10:12 p.m.) it is 91 F outside and 88 F inside my house. The air conditioning is not working. It is also not working in my car. I have been feeling as if I live life inside a sweat lodge!

Miss 1999 said...

Hot- I could live very happily if it were always 60 degrees! I love the sunshine, and to swim, but the really hot weather gets to me!

Zibi said...

Well since you talking about the weather , it's only 4 deg C. outside. Almost had snow yesterday( the last time we had snow in this city was in 1981... yes ! 1981) So I could do with some of the warm air you have up there.

Leesa said...

You know, I don't like the heat on workdays and love the heat on weekends. I am weird that way.

Casually Me said...

Bitching about the weather is a lot like complaining about God. Can you change it? Not enough folks in life are counter punchers. Roll with what is given, fire shots back as you can. Duck and the rope a dope. Hope life is well for you today.

Christina_the_wench said...

Hot sucks. I long for snow on the roads and a big ole comforter to snuggle in. You can only take off SO much clothing.

~turns the fan towards her more~

J R Estelle said...

It's hot here, over 100 with the heat index and humidity. But...this is Atlanta, so you'd expect it in the south. But this being 85 before 8 a.m. - now that's ridiculous.

Vile Blasphemer said...

Deb, it's proven fact- it's also part of the reason why so many seniors succumb to heat.

honkeie2 said...

I love extrem weather, I can handle anything mother nature hits me with. I just love watching all the morons out there freaking out about a little heat or a touch of snow.

JJ said...

I remember when I got back from Europe where we had lived sans AC for three years how cold it was in every building, house, and theatre in the US. Now, of course, I run from my house to my car with the AC blasting in both.

Madelene Rose said...

I live in a very HAWT country but the a/c is bliss. I'm never hot (always hot! LOL) unless I am going to the cafe, to the car, in the car cuz of the sun and finally out of the car.

I too, tend to wear long sleeves here. Tis the norm. Come hither and get some of the cheek reddening heat. The good part of it is my amazing tan. *big head*

Video X said...

i've had that song in my head since yesterday.

Taylor said...

Enjoy the weather!

I love winter even more so then summer. It's a love season even though winter metaphorically represents death and sadness..... (don't ask.)

I wish it was so nice here.

Kim said...

I can wear tee shirts and shorts in 30 degree I feel like I am going to burst into flames.