Polyamorous Guy Threatens Rape?

Yesterday was interesting after I had posted my article about polyamorists wanting to add the "P" into the "LGBT". Of course I got the 'what about pansexuals' and that LGBT stands for all people if you put a plus sign after it. I had a slew of opposing comments that opened my eyes to another world that I honestly thought was more rare than it is. They even call it a "lifestyle" and develop families out of multiple lovers joining in one home. And yet, as much as it was explained to me, the more I sort of stood even stronger in my stance that this is something that is not apart of the LGBT community. I was called a "hypocrite" and a "bigot".  Funny thing is, I raised the same arguments that say a Christian fundamentalist would raise about me and my own lifestyle. But is it the same as being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender? Doesn't this lifestyle take it to a whole new level? In the same breath, while it doesn't affect me at all of what other people do with their lives, I just wonder how healthy is this for anyone involved, especially their children. I guess people can say the same about me being a lesbian living with my lifetime partner. But not the same...not the same.

I noticed something very interesting that sort of left a common theme in the tracks of the comments of my post that you can read here. At the risk of sounding very judgmental, yet more of an observation, many of the commenters were young, tattooed, pierced (that's not the bad part) and most of them had a demonic overtone to their photos and profiles. I guess you can say most were 'goth' and had a dark vibe to them. I have never seen this kind of crowd swarm onto one of my articles. They cursed and resorted to name calling. The gentleman who was in that trio poly relationship named, Shaun Stoecker who goes under the Facebook name, Shaun GoPackers, said this below to another commenter who disagreed with him.  Crystal Stoecker is his wife who brought a new boyfriend into her marriage. She must've been bored or unsatisfied. He explained who he was and pointed out the other two people who were in the photo with him.
Shaun is the one on the left. 

These people are very scary. To even insinuate "rape" tells me that they are absolute sex fiends who borderline a mentality that we know nothing about. Shaun was not only aggressive, but he showed a lack of respect toward women which is frightening to see in today's society. We have a rape culture that needs to cease and desist. Even in jest, you never, ever, should reference to rape---ever. He quickly removed it once the commenter stated that she reported it. In fact, many of the threats that were being made were deleted. I have collected quite a few of them with screen shots.

That's not even a fraction of the dark side I have seen with these polyamorists. With that being said, maybe only a fraction came over to my page to defend themselves, but wow -- they certainly showed their true colors. Do we truly want to see this kind of society within our LGBT community? Disrespectful, promiscuous, aggressive and also threatens rape? Not me. I will never welcome this group into our community. This is why it is taking so damn long to establish our equal rights as gays, lesbians and transgenders -- to have the ability to marry who we love -- not who we just wanna go to bed with.

So with all of that came harassing emails from Shaun Stoecker threatening to sue me for using an "unauthorized photo" of them. But they seem to forget about the legalities of it all.

#1. I have taken screen shots off from the LGBT News page on Facebook.
#2. I took a screen shot of his very own words.

With that, I can only say one thing: eat crow my friend.

In my opinion, these people I mentioned represented the entire polyamorous community. This will be the last post I will write about this topic.

Moving on...

UPDATE: Due to the harassment, Shaun Stoecker was reported and notified by Facebook that his actions were against their guidelines.  Shaun was removed from the thread of the argument. Shaun and Crystal Stoecker have both deleted their Facebook accounts or have had it removed by Facebook. 

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