Why Do Atheists Get Angry at Christians for Believing, if They Don't Believe in Anything at All?

The other night, I was chitchatting with a girlfriend of mine who lives out on the West Coast. It was 9pm for her, and way too late for me, but we got into various topics, one of which triggered this post for today. Without thinking about it, my friend chimed in, "You're gonna write about this arenchya'?"  I've touched upon this topic once before, and ever since realizing how common this is, I have to again come back to this topic.


Seems harmless.

Atheism: the doctrine or belief that there is no god. 

How can anyone have a "religious" debate if one person doesn't even believe in God? I never even thought about this years ago until I met someone with such passion for proving the nonexistence of God, that he basically bit every believer's head off. To top it off, this used to be a man of the cloth. Right there, you have to wonder, what happened? Then months down the road, I came across someone else who was an atheist. She basically downgraded my beliefs and insulted my intelligence. (Whatever I have left in this lil ol' noggin'.) Most atheists (or I should safely say "some"), believe that those who worship a god or believe in a higher power are lacking any sort of intelligence whatsoever. They believe they're 'high as a kite' -- dreamers -- people who just don't want to face the "fact" that death is THE END -- kapootz -- that's all folks! They have scientific proof of the nonexistence of God or anything of a spiritual nature - there is no "other side". But my question is: if you were God, would you have your little creations figure it all out? Didn't God create science? Didn't he create the universe (to which some pray to) which is kind of like --- ok, God made the universe so you're basically praying to his product. It's like praising all Apple products without a single thought or appreciation for Steve Jobs. But those are just my beliefs.

Beliefs: confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof.

We all have certain degrees of beliefs, whether there is a god or not, whether there are ghosts or just nothing at all, whether there is a hell or just a state of limbo (purgatory for Catholics). I also find it interesting that many spiritual trinity-based believers do not believe that there is a hell. They think we're already living in one. I can definitely see their point, but what would create the urge to do good -- to better ourselves. And with that being said, many atheists ask, "Why do you need a god in order to do good? We do it genuinely because we want to -- not because we're going to some paradise after we die for it." And again, that also is a very interesting point. My question is: why would you debate someone else's belief upon standing on an unproven faith system? I can sit here all day and tell you that I had a religious experience and saw Jesus right in front of my own eyes. You'll probably ask if I had too much to drinks or ask what drugs I'm on. That's ok. You may even call the mental health unit to come get me. But my point is: there is no argument over such wild beliefs. None. Why fight?

Do you believe in heaven & hell? 
Here's what I think… Maybe millions of years ago, people saw their loved ones dying and wondered if somehow, they could still exist without their carnal shell still being alive. Maybe the "intelligent and creative" kids got together and told people, "There's a heaven and there's a hell," in order to have people to have faith in something and to not fear death itself. Maybe it was also to instill morality among their communities. "If you do something bad, then you'll go to hell."  Maybe they felt safer with this belief system, so that their own people wouldn't hurt them or do something that "GOD" wouldn't approve of. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Even so, living this life on earth is scary enough. We see sickness, wars, death and we hurt as human beings. Is it so wrong to believe in something that may not exist? So why not have faith regardless --- "just in case"?

For years, religion has caused war among the nations and it still goes on as we speak. Even people of the same religion have wars over "right" and "wrong" and which scripture is interpreted correctly. It never ends. But why are atheists getting in the middle of these religious debates? Why are they so angry when they want to discuss the topic? I always find a tinge of anger anytime I'm speaking to a nonbeliever. I have seen many atheists resort to name calling and demeaning one's intelligence just because somebody else has a faith system. "It's like believing in Santa Clause!" That would just tear me up if there was no Santa Clause, but you have to wonder why they want you to stop believing in the god you worship. Why the urgency to get us to stop praying, to stop feeling happy because we feel we've just experienced something so spiritual and beautiful? The "act" of believing in God by itself (even without proof) brings on a euphoric sense of happiness. It has even proven to better one's emotional and physical health. Even if our brain produces this wild and amazing spiritual experiences, why would you want to take that happiness from someone with such anger and resentment for anyone who's religious? Unless that religious person is trying to tell you that you're going to hell --- I see no point in a Christian (a trinity-based believer) and an atheist debating whether or not God exists.

My opinion. My blog.

My overall opinion on these angry atheists is this: they were disappointed in God because they didn't get what they asked for. "Ask and ye shall receive."

God only gives three answers to prayer:
  1. Yes.
  2. Not yet.
  3. I have something better in mind. 

To some, it may seem like a big cop out on not getting your prayers answered the way you want them to be. Did you check your motives for whatever it is you asked Him for? Maybe they were a bit too self indulgent and not humble enough? Maybe if God placed you "here", you wouldn't have focused on God at all, and maybe, it would have steered you down a road that would have led to a much worse off circumstance. I heard this sermon the other day that basically explained that the act of saying, "I will still be okay," when a prayer doesn't seem to be answered is absolute faith and patience. It makes your faith even stronger. It tells God that you trust him no matter what happens. But for atheists, it's nonsense. "If I ask and I don't receive, then how is God working in my life?" Maybe he's saving you from something bad happening. Maybe you lost your job so God could put you in a better position. Remember the awful day of 9/11? People always question God when it comes to a tragedy so horrific like that. It's beyond our understanding. But there were quite a few people who worked at the WTC who had these amazing stories about how they called into work to let them know they would be late. Most arrived 5-30 minutes after the planes struck. Why were just a few saved?" Is it all about the narrow gate into heaven? Nobody will ever truly know for sure.

I just trust in God's will.

Another thing that may make someone lose faith in God is the grief of losing someone we love, whether a family member or a friend. It blows our mind that they're not here anymore. I remember praying and praying for my dad to get better when he was going through radiation and numerous surgeries when he was diagnosed with cancer. Finally, he had a break. The doctors said that the cancer was removed with the last surgery he went through. My dad said, "All I want is another ten years, Deb." I prayed for another ten years with dad, but God had other plans. Would've it been so bad if he stayed another decade? I don't know. Would he have suffered terribly those ten years?  Probably, which is why I trust God that my dad is in a better place - in a place where there is no suffering or midnight calls to get poked and prodded in some disgusting emergency room. The last days Dad was here, I said to God, "I trust you whether or not you'll let Dad stay with us." I'll never forget that prayer. I wanted to know that my father would be okay on the other side. I truly believe he is saved and with God right now because of my in-laws. My father & mother in-law sat with my dad, held his hand and asked him if he would be willing to accept Jesus. And he did.

My point is, you can easily lose faith when someone you love dies. The grief itself can just sink you into a hole of depression, anger, resentment and lack of faith. When bad things occur, we often think, "How can God let this happen?" I truly believe it's a faith tester - your ability to maintain faith and trust in God while going through turbulence. But the atheists get angry and lash out with, "You're a fool for believing in a god that would let something like this happen to you!" So then, let me be a fool. I'll at least die happy and not so angry.

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