Our Prized Possession: The Smartphone

You know a relationship is going stale when your spouse's hands are on their iPhone more than they're on you. Technology has become "the other woman" and seems to satisfy every whim if need be. Let's face it, you can get important info, medical info, music, videos, movies, a conversation with a friend or stranger and even pseudo sex. Everything seems to "appear" better out there in cyberspace, in our little phones that we tuck into our pockets -- our prized possession. On the news, they asked viewers, "What couldn't you possibly live without?" 95% of people answered, "My smartphone." They didn't even mention their significant others nor their children. We're so focused on what other people are doing that we fail to even notice what our loved ones are up to. Status messages are more important than a little, "How are you," when your better half or child walks in the door. Even when I'm out to dinner, the phone is gone, (well, in my pocket), unless I'm expecting a call or text from someone I've been waiting for, like a friend who's late to dinner or something. Our smartphones have become some sort of appendage -- we cling onto them as if it were another body part. I know I do. I say, "Well in case of emergencies," as I scroll down Twitter's timeline. I will say that it beats the hell out of reading some germ-infested magazine at the doctor's office.

I'm not sure where I read this or if I had seen this on TV somewhere, but they were explaining how we're missing out on life by taking too many photos. Especially someone like me who loves to capture every beautiful aspect of the country, or weather shots and even funny pics of my chihuahua -- they say that we're too busy snapping away and not enjoying what's right in front of us. Many love the novelty of taking selfies and others rather just snap photos of clouds. Different strokes. I remember one day I was sitting outside and it had been raining for the past couple of hours. All of the sudden, a gorgeous rainbow appeared. I instantly got up, then thought about how many rainbow photos I already have, and decided to sit right back down in my chair and enjoy what was right in front of me. What about going to a comedy show or seeing your favorite singer in concert? How can you enjoy it while you're filming half of it or snapping away every 20 seconds? I remember one concert Beyoncė did -- she said to someone, "Enjoy the show and stop taking so many pictures!" But I admit, I love to take shots of everything I love, everything that makes me happy in life and yes, of course the food shots are something I'm guilty of doing. I can always blame that on needed photos for my cooking blog.  So you may see less photos from me, but I refuse to quit snapping away.

How about you? Can you live without your smartphone for one day?

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