Facebook Discriminates Against the LGBT Community

Facebook rejected my post due to this image.
For the past couple of months, I noticed that periodically, I would get an email from Facebook telling me that my post (article) was rejected due to violating their terms of service. It's not like this is an erotica blog or some sort of hate group blog --- it's a nonsensical, semi-political, everyday type of rants kind of blog. It has no importance whatsoever other than maybe someone relating to my madness. Once in a while, something really gets under my skin, like a mother asking her son to "stop being gay". So I write about it and encourage people to accept one another regardless of their gender preferences. I don't think I have ever written anything in a hateful manner -- maybe a few complaints about this and that, but that's as far as it goes. Well, third time's a charm. Facebook once again notified me that they would leave my post up on my wall, however, it would not show up on any of my "fan's" feeds. It's a page -- I hate saying "fan page" - it's my "writing page". I like to separate my writing page from my personal page because I want people to opt in if they sincerely do "LIKE" my page. Anyway, I asked what the problem was now, and the first time they said it had to do with targeting gender, racial or religious groups in discrimination. I assured them that if they read my blog, they could see it had nothing to do with any hate mongering content. It was appropriate, respectful and loving in my opinion. Then they emailed me again and said that the image on the post contained too much text. It said, "population" on the stork. So, okay. Let me get this straight. I post a photo up of a stork that says, "resources" and then shows the bundles with letters on the cartoon that says, "population" --- and that violates your terms of service? Really?

So for now, if you wish to continue to read my blog, please just come straight to www.debrapasquella.com or straight to my fan page at www.facebook.com/DPasquella. How ridiculous to ban me from showing up on people's feed because of this stupid "violation".  You know what's funny about Facebook's "terms of service"? They allow this group who discriminates against the LGBT community on this fan page. Wow, look how much promotion they got! Facebook - you're a bunch of lowlife bigots!

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