Mike Bloomberg Puts a Halt on Obesity

Mike Bloomberg is trying to control the obesity rate. Good luck with that. But how can you pick & choose the "sin" of other people's guilty pleasures?  Ok, so he takes away the oversized 62 oz. of sodas and yet leaves KFC in the clear, the chain, Friday's untouched (which one plate is approximately 2,000 calories) and oddly enough, today is "National Donut Day".  Smoking is still legal, but not in most public places, oversized 40 oz. bottle of beer can still be sold in your local bodega and of course, you have BJ's and Sam's Club to go bat shit crazy and buy everything in bulk. Although I can't see anyone actually finishing a 62 oz. big gulp of soda, the same people probably can't see me finish a 40 oz. worth of Heineken. Which is worse? Alcohol is legal, but marijuana isn't? So many priorities are far way up the wazoos of many political idiots. Whatever the political agenda is on Mike Bloomberg's part, it's not going to stop the obesity rate by just making it illegal to sell big gulps. There are other major "offenses" out there that contribute to "America's weight problem", perhaps even our self control? Could it be?

Happy Donut Day!

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