This is not the last time you're going to go through something difficult. "How did you know I was going through something?" You're alive. That's how. The unavoidable mystery boardwalk. No matter what - you have to walk it. You have to go through the entire length of the boardwalk to get to the other side. Then there's always the easy way out, over there on the side where the never ending ocean sucks you into its riptide just because you couldn't handle life anymore. But is it the easy way out? No one will ever know for sure. Each shop and concession stand is a distraction - a good distraction. You stop in one shop, come out and head off onto the boardwalk again. But at least you took a break. Even with life, everyone needs a break. People often feel guilty while having a pleasant distraction while going through a turbulent time in their life. "It's just not appropriate."  And remember, the boardwalk cannot survive without all of its "distractions" (stores, ice cream stands, casinos, restaurants) - so how will you survive if you never take a break?

Guilt is a horrible emotion. It rips you of all your happiness, peace and anything tranquil in your life. It steals away the power to do what you want in this life - not what others want. When you help, give it your all, and if that's not good enough, you've done all you could. In my personal life, when I'm made to feel guilty, I simply withdraw. I can't have that negative vibe nagging at me, waiting to be absorbed into my system like a sponge. This also applies to being around negative people. Whether negative or positive - their energy will rub off on you. I always try to pick my friends wisely - pick my company wisely. And if the company I keep is giving me grief, I leave. When people are miserable, they tend to hold onto other people's happiness, or whatever joy they have left to give. And while helping someone who's negative or (miserable) in their lives, it's just a good idea to put up proverbial protective shields, or as I like to say, a hedge of protection from God. All those negative words will bounce off of you and hopefully land in a place where it can never be picked up again. Once people realize their negative effects have no impact on you, they withdraw as well. Give it any attention whatsoever, and you'll get more than you bargained for. All the clichés and platitudes are true, yet sometimes repetitive. "This too shall pass", "Time heals", "You'll get through this" - but my favorite one is, "If He brought you to it, He'll bring you through it." Embrace those little distractions that keep you sane...somewhat.

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