The "Real" Ryan Nickulas

Have you ever watched a TV show where instantly, you either loved or hated a character? And throughout the entire season of watching the show, your ‘first impression’ of that person just sticks. And at times, people’s perceptions of others who are on TV goes even a bit further - assuming their 'real life' character is that way in real life too. My wife and I have had the pleasure of getting to know Ryan Nickulas from The A-List NY, on screen and off screen. His character on TV, in my opinion is how it is in real life: warm, caring, sensitive with a bit of sassiness. It's very consistent. My wife and I took more to Ryan and his husband Desmond, I guess because of their long-term relationship as well as dynamics. Last Friday, we were invited to interview Ryan in his home for our documentary. We were greeted by Desmond & their two adorable pugs at the door. We set up our equipment at the dining room table and waited for Ryan to come in.

Before interviewing anyone, I always give the questions a week prior, asking them to let me know if a question needs to be taken out or added in. Anybody has the right to reject any questions asked. Ryan was a good sport and answered every single question. I saw another side to Ryan - a side where every single person who is LGBTQ and straight could relate to. He opened up and told us the most intimate stories of his childhood and how other people treated him, as well as how other people still treat him, especially being a cast member on The A-List NY. When we asked him if fans or those who have seen him on TV harass or treat him unkindly, he quotes, “Funny enough, the only harassment I get are from other gay men, who don’t approve of me living my life in front of the public eye and saying that I’m stereotypical and shallow.” It’s interesting to see how many critics come out of the woodwork once they see somebody like themselves on TV. I guess we all do it. I admit, I've also been critical to a few celebrities out there before ever meeting them in person, but I have to say I was very impressed with the overall character of Ryan Nickulas - not just on the show - his “real life” persona, which we were so grateful to experience.

Below is a video of the interview with Ryan. I apologize for the poor quality of the audio. The background noise/air were a bit too much for our mics to capture. I just wanted to give you an idea of how amazing this person really is, especially to those “gay men” he speaks about who don’t approve of his lifestyle being placed in the public eye. --We thank him for being in the public eye.

If you cannot view this video, please click here.

A huge thank you to Ryan & Desmond who made us feel so welcomed in their home last Friday afternoon. We had a wonderful time.

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