Happy Valentine's Day...? (A love letter from Madelene)

We start giggling everytime Valentines day comes around because as corny as it may sound---we celebrate this holiday all year 'round. I am very blessed to share my life with you (even though I drive you crazy with my eternal sneezing fits.) Achoo! *sniffle-sniffle* Every day you make special by waking up and making me a breakfast fit for a queen. The delectable smells wafting through the air stir my hunger and each scrumptious morsel is enjoyed to the fullest! You look very sexy with your beautiful brown curls pinned up and your concentration is on my lambchop dinner! I have a blast with you all the time, whether we have a full course meal or beer and wings--it tastes better because I having it with you.

You make me laugh all the time and understand my corny humor. You always know when something is not of interest to me, by some expression on my face that I am still trying to determine what it is---so I can avoid expressing it, dammit! How do you know?

I am constantly invading your personal space---as I need to feel you close to me. I learn something new about you EVERY DAY, and you always hold my interest. I look forward to coming home and hearing about your daily adventures, which you comically share with me.

I love you for the caring person you are, even though I can be a pain in your ass. I love your laugh, your creativity, your complexity, your faith in God and love for others. What is this sexy woman doing with me, I often ask myself? The highlight of my day is sharing a laugh with you, a meal with you, a talk with you, a kiss with you, alone time with you.

Every day magical with you. I still think about the many vacations we have taken and the snapshots of our life together. The stormy weather at the beach house! We almost burnt down the place, when the fireplace broom caught fire! The laughs, (remember when we went to a halloween party and I was a vampire and fell over the stage step), we were howling with laughter---I didn't even lose my fangs! The not so funny times, you are always there for me and I know that I have someone who love me, cares for me, looks for me as I do you. Your my best friend, my confidante, my lover, my wife. You are my l.o.m.l. Love of my life. I am enjoying the ride of our life together,and every stop is one of wonder, enjoyment, tears, laughter, passion, connecting, exploring, seduction and intrigue. And to think--we are still on our honeymoon!

I Love you, Debra, you are my heart.

Happy Valentines Day!

Love always,

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