Tossing Out the Stony Heart

The average person only sees what’s right in front of them. There’s no time to analyze what it is, or what they truly desire--even with all the “it’s meant to be” theories. Usually, realists and those who are still in question - more so upon atheistic outlooks; basing everything upon scientific views will argue over what I’m about to write in this post. Even with my strong faith in God, I still question everything. It’s normal. Even Mother Theresa questioned everything until her last dying breath. The person who fails to question life and the thereafter, are the ones who have simply given up on learning more, or about learning what’s within their own hearts that cannot be seen or heard.

What do you want? That question is vague and almost unrealistic if you think about it. “What do you want?” Your mind can flip through many of your “want files”, but the real question should be: “what does your soul want?” Last year I wanted a set of entirely different things. My mind said, “I want this”, and I prayed for it. I never received what I asked for. But, that’s because it wasn’t what I truly wanted--or something that must have been known that would have been bad for me.

Then I read something so fascinating that it triggered so many feelings and desires of what I truly wanted. I was praying for “this”, but the Spirit was praying for an entirely different set of things for me.

“In the last part of verse 26 Paul says, ‘The Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.’ What does this mean: “With groanings too deep for words"? Literally it simply says, "with wordless groanings." What does that refer to? Does it refer to groanings that we make? Or groanings that we do not make but the Holy Spirit makes? Or is there a third alternative – the one that I want argue for, namely, these groanings are our groanings which are also the Spirit's groanings because he inspires and directs them in us?” --read more.

In my beliefs, here are my thoughts: if everyday life and distractions causes our physical minds to want particular things due to circumstantial reasonings to fulfill our “needs” and “wants” out of life, and we don’t seek spiritual guidance, then are we praying for the "right" things? If the Holy Spirit truly prays for us (some may believe that the Universe is doing this or a spiritual guide or angel of some sort), because it hears or even does the “groanings” of our hearts and souls for us, then shouldn’t we rely on that? But not everybody believes in the same faith or even has strong enough faith to believe they want something entirely different to have that rest upon something of the supernatural. And I don’t blame them, because we live in a third demential world where spirituality and religion are tossed aside and replaced with worldly views and desires. It’s more believable.

I have always debated this scripture from the bible: “And I will give you a new heart with new and right desires, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony heart of sin and give you a new, obedient heart.” --Ezekiel 36:26 (NLT)

It was almost insulting in a way. How can my desires and heart be wrong if it’s something I truly want out of life? I was full of pride and didn't want to be corrected.  And, it doesn’t mean that you’re a stubborn mule because you’re not basing all of your choices upon spirituality, however it does imply that we must trust the fact that some of the choices we make in life are called “mistakes” down the line and into the future. If we’re not listening to that "small inner voice", as some would call it, then it implies that we have a "stony heart", which equates to stubbornness, however sin can be tossed in there as describing the grim outcome. Of course anyone can interpret this in a million ways.

Do you think or believe you have found your true calling in life? Have you prayed for something you have desperately wanted or desired, and received it? Also, would you base your gifts in life through divine intervention or from the supernatural?  Or was it something that you wanted and got for yourself?