The "New 29"

Personally, I’ve always thought that women in their 40’s are amazingly beautiful. I’m not trying to kiss up to any one of my friends or my wife for that matter, but it’s true. Being in your 40’s is the “new 29”. Then I watched Susan Boyle sing her little heart out and was so touched by her ability to shock the world, yet amazed how someone her age looks like she's hitting 70. I’m not superficial in the least, and I know that with more fame and work, she will be tackled down by some makeover crew soon enough. Aside from that, I don’t care - her voice rocks. During breakfast, I showed Madelene her video on Youtube and yes, I did see a tear! You rock Susan!

Speaking about age and such, I’ve been feeling a little better lately. My arthritis / gout is seemingly fine in the morning. (It’s morning as I type this.) Oddly enough, after the coffee has drained out of my system, I start feeling like a creaky old bag of bones again. My mom gave me some interesting news that was way overdo. See, my entire right side - my leg and arm, can be pulled out of its own joint. I have clicking hips. My mother says to me yesterday, “Ohhhhh, that’s because the doctors pulled you out from the right side when you were born breech. They also told me you were going to have clicking hips and possible spinal cord injuries. They said you might have problems with your joints, but you were fine growing up so I didn’t say anything...”


Since my mother irritated me a tad with that news, I also told her my hips click during sex. I’m sure she was thrilled to know that. In fact, she did one of those nervous laughs and blew it off as quickly as she could. I can imagine the questions that lurked in her mind when I said, “when I have sex”.  She still thinks that lesbians cannot have “sex”.  We just kiss.

Moving on. My mom will be turning 71 tomorrow. I cannot believe she is in her seventies. To me, she is still in her 40’s. I know, I know, I just can’t fathom her age. But to me, she has the voice of a 40 yr old and she is still “mom” from when I was a kid. I hate seeing my parents age, but they’re so funny and ridiculously idiotic that it’s hard to imagine them as “elderly”. (And yes I say that lovingly.) I can’t even say that word when describing them: elderly. Maybe I’m in denial. My mother and I still have the umbilical cord attached and basically have way too much intuition with one another - a real strong connection, so her age bothers me, although I realize that we all get older. When I was a kid, I used to cringe at the thought of my parents getting up into their senior years. Maybe they cringed at their daughters getting older too. My father still believes that I’m in my early twenties. When my mother says, “I can’t believe you’re 35 now, Deb”, my father rubs his forehead and looks down.

If age is but a number and it’s “all how you feel”, then why the hell do I feel like I’m 90???

Alrighty then---I’m off to the gym. Wish me luck. Call 911 if you don’t see another post from me. Then again, I’m only 29.