Friday, June 01, 2012

Mike Bloomberg Puts a Halt on Obesity

Mike Bloomberg is trying to control the obesity rate. Good luck with that. But how can you pick & choose the "sin" of other people's guilty pleasures?  Ok, so he takes away the oversized 62 oz. of sodas and yet leaves KFC in the clear, the chain, Friday's untouched (which one plate is approximately 2,000 calories) and oddly enough, today is "National Donut Day".  Smoking is still legal, but not in most public places, oversized 40 oz. bottle of beer can still be sold in your local bodega and of course, you have BJ's and Sam's Club to go bat shit crazy and buy everything in bulk. Although I can't see anyone actually finishing a 62 oz. big gulp of soda, the same people probably can't see me finish a 40 oz. worth of Heineken. Which is worse? Alcohol is legal, but marijuana isn't? So many priorities are far way up the wazoos of many political idiots. Whatever the political agenda is on Mike Bloomberg's part, it's not going to stop the obesity rate by just making it illegal to sell big gulps. There are other major "offenses" out there that contribute to "America's weight problem", perhaps even our self control? Could it be?

Happy Donut Day!

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the walking man said...

Let's not forget the stress of having too many damn people trying to regulate your life for you which is relieved by eating too many donuts...too many donuts unless you;re Homer Simpson, then there are never enough of those tasty circles of deliciousness. Damned diabetes---haven't had a donut in literally years. Cuz i have self control unless it comes to no trans fat tea biscuits available a I love those things. if Bloomberg outlaws them i am coming to NYC for tea and bringing my own biscuits with me and a 64 oz used 7-11 cup which i will fill with melted lard and drink it with my tea biscuits in front of his house.

Then I will smoke one!

Deb said...

Ha, melted lard! Hey, back in the day, my grandmother used to use fatback in her gravy (Italian marinara with meat sauce). She would start the sauce off by dropping a piece of fat in the pot instead of using olive oil. And hey, they lived well into their 90's.... I just think people should be able to drink and eat what they want. If he really wants to control his state, then try sending us all to obedience school like a bunch of dogs. Eh.

Anonymous said...

I live in NYC and am a fan of Mayor Mike. But the laws he's trying to put forth telling people what they can and cannot eat (or at least buy from a restaurant) are ridiculous at best, and overly controlling at worst.
I am a relatively healthy eater, and I would never, ever buy a big gulp. But I strongly oppose my government telling me that I am not allowed to.

I know where Bloomberg is coming from on this - he's trying to create a healthier world, and that's fine. But I don't think the answer is through legislation. We need a societal change. I'd like to see health teachers in grade and middle schools teaching kids about how to live in a more healthy way through nutritous foods and an active lifestyle.