Sometimes it's strange when you look back at your life from just a few years ago to a decade or even twenty plus years ago. It rolls out like a movie. You see all the characters who came in and out of your life, and you also see the characters who still remain in your life. From friends, lovers, and even family members who drift in and out of your 'movie'. It plays out with no explanation. Sometimes, when it has a good enough explanation, I always question every single action that led to the break in the relationship. Whether it be the lack of communication, or perhaps too much 'negative' communication, the fact is, it severed the ties. "A reason, a season, a lifetime," comes to mind and I have to wonder which one fits with each person. Do you ever think back to a time when you were sitting with someone you love(d) and thought the relationship would never end? I think many people take their relationships for granted, thinking that same concept, until out of the blue...it ends. At one time, you were so secure in knowing you would grow old with that person. At one time, you never would have thought that the person standing across from you would ever even think about leaving your life. Why---because they promised you they'd stay? Because they 'said' they were going to be there forever? That's why words are meaningless sometimes. 'Mean what you say and say what you mean' really doesn't apply anymore. It's all about actions and that's about all you can truly count on. Life is like a highway --  each route can either pick new people up or sadly, drop some people off. You just gotta know your exit.

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