Doomsday Prepping or Suicide? Hmm...

Grab yer' guns folks - martial law is here! 
Do you ever wonder if conspiracy theories are true? Do they ever come into fruition---ever? I read an article here that explains sixteen conspiracy theories that had come to reality. It's scary to think that Texas is running out of water, Obama is tapping into our privacy: phone, internet, financial transactions, etc., for the means of protecting us from "terrorism". Our food is tainted, and allowed to be under the FDA as well as cancer viruses being put into our vaccines. You'd have to dig real deep in order to find that out. All of these things that have happened, and all of those conspiracy theories that are 'thought-to-be real' can sometimes drive us crazy. I met my first "doomsday prepper". Well, he wasn't too prepped since he hasn't set up his underground bunker for him and his family, but he constantly walks around his house in terror...and a gun placed at every door and hallway. He has the biggest selection of guns I've ever seen. I mean, he is an avid hunter, but this is "prepped". After the Newtown tragedy, he went to the gun shop and bought over $10,000 worth of guns and ammunition straight from his savings. He is totally prepared to defend off people who will try to get into his home (especially the government) and take his food and water. After Hurricane Sandy and how people reacted like animals fighting for the next empty gas pump, he was sure that without a doubt, that we would soon be living under martial law. If you don't know what that is, you can click here. The article even states that we are already living under martial law. Some believe that Hurricane Sandy happened due to a result of HAARP. Our government can actually control weather patterns now. Do I believe it? I'm not sure to tell you the truth. But here's my two cents worth: if a catastrophic event took place and we had to defend ourselves from whoever is trying to steal from us for survival, I'm checking out of this world, plain and simple. I refuse to save money for an underground bunker or stock up on nonperishable foods. I will stock up if there is a hurricane coming, but not for five years worth. Who wants to live in a world with no food, no water and no energy to fight off looters at your home? I'm gonna die anyway.

A bit too close for comfort. 
Am I a conspiracy theorist? A little. But I think of it like this: anything can happen at any given moment. I can get even a bit more extreme -- our lives can play out like some weird sci-fi movie. Don't believe it? The government doesn't even have to be at your door in order to kill you. A "fly" can enter your house. Little did you know it was a fully armed drone. There is no way of escaping. Screw it -- why spend the money that you can enjoy today? What about the other day when the news reported about the massive solar flares the sun gave off, making all of our internet, smart phones and other devices go haywire? What about NASDAQ shutting down the other day? That never happened, and oddly, it happened the same time the solar flares zipped through our atmosphere. That alone can affect our grids and all communication. Lights out. Catastrophe begins. Then what? We've never had such solar flare ups before. Against all scientific research, maybe the sun is ready to 'check out' --- or maybe, they aren't telling the public all they know. Mass hysteria. Now you can run out and buy $10,000.00 worth of lighters and matches and thank me later. Now that I gave you something to think about, it's time for me to prep my suicide solutions so the mothership can take me away when that time comes. Eeesh, I'm so gloom and doom today. (Places tinfoil hat on head.) 

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