The Best Medicine

In the past, I used to roll my eyes whenever someone would talk about, “the laws of attraction” or “karma” type of situations where they could place a ‘blame’ on something happening in their lives. Some would chuck it up to luck and others would simply say, “it was all meant to be.” The one cliché that I tend to cringe at, but I somewhat agree with is, “You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.” What about déjà vu? I remember a friend telling me that when déjà vu occurs, it’s a 'scene' that you have already been through in a previous life (perhaps repeating your life again), where the message or purpose is to let you know that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be in your life. It would happen a lot during one point in my life where I questioned it constantly. I still do. I get various answers - too many answers to where I just chuck it up to a ‘faulty memory’.

Getting back to the laws of attraction or even karma, I have to say that these past couple of months have definitely been a real eye opener for me. As you’ve probably read in my last previous posts, I was going through a bit of turbulence in my life and still am, however things have definitely shifted a bit, perhaps mentally and emotionally speaking. I realized the more negative energy I put forth, the same amount of negative energy came pouring back into my life - or even just the feeling (depression and anxiety). As you could see, I was angry, bitter, agitated, irritable, sad, judgmental and very cynical. Hell, I’d like to chuck it up to PMS, but I guess I do that every month. I was too sensitive. I was too combative and very defensive. I’d snap back faster than a rubber band. Many people in my life were a little intimidated to even go near me, and rightfully so.

Not having to realize intentionally what I was doing to fix this, I had eliminated all negative people in my life: people who insulted me, those who would judge me to the point of hurting me as well as those who thought they still had a hold on my emotions and reactions. They no longer bothered me. I prayed and prayed...and prayed. I even prayed for those who intentionally sought out to hurt me. I sent out positive energy and tried my hardest to see the good in everyone and everything. My wife has helped me tremendously by talking with me, giving me her honest advice and just being supportive through everything I have been going through. She’s my rock. I then brought into my life all the positive people: people who made me laugh, those who edified me, encouraged me and shared themselves with me. But, I have one friend in mind who literally saved my life. It was as though I was living my life in a black & white movie, and when she entered it, my entire 'movie' turned into bright, vibrant colors. I just want to thank her for all the positive reinforcement she has placed in my life, and the tons of laughter she has given me. It was the best medicine.

Yes, now I believe all of those corny clichés and platitudes. It all makes sense, if you truly believe it does.

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