Watch Me

Have you ever been taken down by negative words that took away all of your hope, faith and possibly, your self-esteem? Has anyone ever said to you, “You can’t do it” or “You can’t afford that”, and wondered what motive or intention they had behind those negative words that only left a bitter taste in your mouth? They’re a bunch of Bitter Bettys or Negative Nellys, as I call them - the people who bitch, moan and whine about this, that and the other thing. Everything is a complaint, insult or just a jab at your lifestyle or status. Most will tell you ‘what you should do’, but rarely practice any of their own preaching. I have officially decided that from here on out, I am avoiding all of these Bitter Bettys & Negative Nellys, and focusing on people who don’t wish to put their two cents into my life or what I “can’t” do, because frankly, I can do anything I want --we all can do whatever we want, afford whatever we can, and better yet, be happy the best we can. It's all up to us and nobody else.

It’s a proven fact that negative words hold negative vibes. What comes out of your mouth will soon come into fruition. Positive words do the same. If you speak positive words, you will most likely see positive results. This is probably borderline the “laws of attraction”, but there is something to be said for a positive attitude and lots of faith. Whether it’s through religious faith, spirituality, or whatever faith is brewing inside of you, there is something in our brain that determines to make it happen...and, even to not have it happen, depending on your attitude. The people you surround yourself with may hold a negative impact on you. For instance: if you spend time with someone who only speaks about negative things, like other people’s problems, illnesses, insulting people and even goes as far as to doubt your ability to do something that you have faith in ---that can definitely rub off on you at any given time. If you’re strong enough, you can let is slide, but if you’re not in the best of moods and feeling a bit down, that’s when this particular Negative Nelly can slip right into your mind and have you think “you can’t do it”.

Depending on whatever mood I'm in, I know that one of these Negative Nellys are going to eventually eat at me. But, if you really look at the person telling you that it’s impossible, look at their own lives. Are they happy or miserable? Are they always complaining about life and life’s outcomes? And because of all of their negative experiences, they bitch bitch bitch until they convince you that all their unfortunate outcomes will surely happen to you, or worse yet, they hope it all happens to you. I believe that even the “best of people” have hidden motives and “wishes” for some people, whether out of jealousy, resentment or any other negative reason, it all boils down to one thing: misery loves company. Never let someone’s negative words bring you down or make you lose hope for whatever it is you want or want to do.

And if anything, let them give you more motivation.

Negative Nelly: “You’ll never get that promotion.”
You: “Watch me.”
Negative Nelly: "You can’t possibly afford that.”
You: “Watch me.”
Negative Nelly: “You can’t do it.”
You: “Watch me.” 

What helps me the most when someone is trying to make me feel doubtful is my favorite scripture: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” -Philippians 4:13