Home: Provincetown, MA

It’s days like these where I wish I was in Provincetown running into a nearby cafe from the rain for a hot cup of coffee just to watch it from inside. There’s something mystical about being on the Cape on stormy days. If you haven’t ever been to Provincetown, it’s a great big mecca for those who are creative thinkers, artists, photographers, musicians, gays, lesbians, straights, transgender people, and yes...for writers too. There’s nothing like sitting in a cafe with just a laptop, an espresso and inspiring thoughts that just flow right onto ‘paper’. The energy of Provincetown is extraordinary. Everyone, whether resident or tourist are incredibly happy just to be there. The vacations aren’t long enough, which is why my wife and I have been debating whether or not to vacation there on a permanent basis. Our type work enables us to be anywhere, so it’s a thought in progress. The winters are rough for some, since most rely on the business of tourists, but for us, it’s different. We’re not in the hospitality services, so it works perfectly. Many residents we’ve spoken to have warned us about the long winters, how the narrow streets are hardly plowed and the only businesses that are open are supermarkets and maybe one or two restaurants. This doesn’t bother me in the least because I’m a total homebody in the winter. I’d rather cook dinner at home than have it out these days.

One of our biggest setbacks would be leaving our families. Although six hours in a car isn’t extremely taxing, it’s not like we can visit family so easily anymore. That’s a huge factor for the both of us, however, it would be so liberating to finally be in our element: near the water, being free to be ourselves without judgments from society, pursuing our artistic abilities and of course, seeing our old friends who live there on a regular basis. It’s certainly not a place to ‘make it big’ as New York would be known for; it’s a place to pursue your passions, to relax when need be, to finally breathe in the saltwater air and know that wherever you go on the Cape is always a feeling of being welcomed, regardless of who you are. It's a peaceful and friendly environment that seems to keep calling us back every year. From the start of April to the end of November, Provincetown attracts many people around the country. They batten down the hatches in December, however I hear the winter holidays are beautiful there that time of year.

After our stay there this October, we’ll make a decision whether or not to stay for good. As soon as we arrive into town, seeing the Pilgrim Monument guiding us in, we immediately feel like we’re back home, as we should be. We'll be arriving for Women's Week this year, half for the documentary we're working on and the other half purely for fun and relaxation. If you're going to be in the area during that time and are interested in being interviewed for our project, "Gays & Lesbians of Faith", please send me an email at deb@debrapasquella.com

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