Swine Flu & Mexican Restaurants: Should It Be Avoided?

It’s a very grim time to know that Cinco De Mayo is approaching and we’re not attending our favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate. Granted, most of the staff are Mexican, we fear that some may have came back from Mexico recently or have had a relative visit, etc., hence being fearful of walking inside their lovely establishment. But is it any different from anywhere else really? Think about it: people of all nationalities visit Mexico and who am I to judge a Mexican restaurant when I’m about to go grocery shopping later on at one of the largest chains in America? Even if I were to get swine flu, it would be the same as getting any other type of flu. The cases are mild here in the states and there are hardly any reported deaths from it, other than what you see from the typical influenza seasons.

Nevertheless, we’re having our own little soiree attempting to make Mexican goodies in our own kitchen. I know, that’s a sin - that’s like me trying to cook up a Puerto Rican dish while my Puerto Rican wife stares at me in horror. Hey, maybe it’ll be good - who knows? And just think about all of those wonderful and talented Mexicans cooking at your favorite Italian restaurants. Our favorite Italian restaurant in New York have Mexican cooks. It is the best. food. ever. I rarely see authentic Italians cooking in their restaurants anymore. But, that can be a whole other political conversation in itself and I don’t want my post going there...just yet.

My heart goes out to the guys who run our favorite Mexican restaurant. They’ll be losing a lot of business, especially on Cinco De Mayo. I’m seriously thinking about going there, in spite of their possible trips in and out of Mexico because anywhere we go, we can all be exposed to it regardless of anyone’s nationality we come across.  But then again my OCD comes back to haunt me.  

What do you think? Would you celebrate Cinco De Mayo at your favorite Mexican restaurant at this time?