Small Fetishes

Yesterday, I made a short video in my previous post explaining how Madelene sneezed on me while I was asleep. With in four hours I had over 170 hits on Youtube. When I woke up, it was over 230. My home videos don’t usually get many hits, as much as the ones focused on suicide and homophobic fundamentalist Christians.

Then a few comments started trickling in. One woman asked if I could get Madelene caught on film sneezing. I responded politely telling her that would be a funny idea. No problem. Then, a gentleman personally emailed me through Youtube and asked if I was ever able to smell the “mist” of Madelene’s sneeze, and if so, what did it smell like.

The woman who requested to see Madelene sneezing has a whole Youtube account dedicated to this human function. I spoke to her personally through email and she explained to me that there are many people out there who have a fetish (sexual or not) for sneezing.
In the past, I had a friend who had a huge foot fetish. I never understood it. I would let him rub my feet because it felt good! He was a gentleman and never went beyond anything uncomfortable, until I saw my feet rising during one foot rub. Then that was it.

Here I am thinking: I wish I had some sort of fetish. Hell---I don’t even have an erogenous zone! I thought I knew everything under the sun, but apparently I don’t. Now, my video below is going to get mega hits because of one thing: sneezing fetishes. Great. I’m going to be known for the most inane fetish of all time!

EDIT: Ok, call me sick but I'm doing an experiment of how many people will actually view me sneezing. Here's the clip. Don't get too excited.

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