Buh-Bye, Infectious PC!

It’s 10am, rainy and dismal out.  I have graduated from the PC to a Mac and absolutely loving it.  I thought I would never get used to the change, but there is really not much of a huge “change”, except for all the benefits of what a writer, artist, musician or filmmaker can get out of it.  I don’t know why I haven’t gone this route before.  I’m sitting next to the fire as it pours.  It’s Christmas Eve, and yet I haven’t finished shopping.  I should be in the shower getting ready, but I’m incredibly cozy and enjoying my new toy, thanks to Madelene.  It was her gift to me.  She was sick and tired of me foaming at the mouth over my Sony Vaio that kept getting viruses from day one.  Although that computer was an amazing machine, it had many flaw which made it frustrating. So now, I’m assured 99% of the time, I will remain safe from viruses from the skinny genius Mac-head that helped me pick my computer out at the Apple store. 

Can I just tell you what an interesting experience I had walking into the Apple store?  First of all, the people who work there are either #1. Total Einsteins #2. Incredible artists or writers #3. Homosexuals.    And no, I am not stereotyping Mac people, but this seems to be the going trend for them.  As soon as I walked in, this beautiful feminine gentleman with these huge green sparkling eyes walks up to me.  He was tall, lanky and almost curtsied me in a weird way.  His knowledge of all the machines they had available was extensive, elaborate and overindulgently exciting.  His manager walked up to him.  He was new and needed to know how to use one of his palm pilots to ring up the Macbook I picked out.  She was short, stocky and solid.  Her hair was spiky, frosted and she had those Greenwich Village-type reading glasses on.  Her tone of voice was demanding; she had a masculine way about her, yet there was a glimpse of womanhood in there somewhere.  Yeah, she was on my team.

The entire store was organized. Their employees were like little worker ants trying to tackle every sale and issue.  The lines were evenly distributed throughout each cashier. No one held their merchandises - the sales crew brought it up for you while you waited on line.  The overhead plasma TVs displayed suggestions for your new purchase.   They gave instructions and what to do “if this happens” --it was amazing.   

Let me just say this: the bathrooms they provided for their customers were stainless steel over-the-top luxury suits.  I’m surprised this place wasn’t serving hors d'oeuvres and cocktails.  When you walk into a Circuit City, it’s messy, chaotic and full of arrogant employees who don’t want to be bothered by you.   I am happy to say that I am totally done with PCs for good. What a headache to buy a new PC every two years just because a virus attacked it.  

So this is my note to you all just to let you know I’m back with a new computer and will be blogging after the Christmas holiday.  I’m still on the wagon and feeling wonderful about it.  Things have been very busy here lately, so I haven’t really gone to many meetings, but I’m still experiencing and maintaining these beautiful benefits of sobriety.  

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday and a very happy and safe new year!  

EDIT: I'm not quite sure why my font is a bit different, but if anyone could help me out or give me suggestions, I'd appreciate it.  I'm using Safari, because Firefox oddly links every text I type.  I tried playing with the font types, but they don't appear the same as the other blog posts I have written previously.  Is there something I'm doing wrong?