Bad Endings

Sometimes there are things that just cannot be put into words. The struggles that we all deal with, whether little or big are all valid and important to us. Some people would brush it off as “not significant”, while others would make a huge fuss over whatever. What seems so small and petty can be the most important thing to someone else. Most times, people don’t even mention their “small and petty” needs because they think that it will be considered as silly or something that should be forgotten about. But who’s to say what’s important to each individual person?

What bothers me may not be so significant to another person. I sometimes don’t say anything that’s bugging me because I feel like I’m bothering someone. Why bog them down with my little dramas? Why even let the story be told if it’s going to just float in one ear and out the other? Do people really listen? Do they really want to know your problems? Some do. But for the majority, I wonder. Then you have people who feel that every single detail of their life should be broadcasted to the world, because of course, it’s so damn important. To them, it is... Again, who’s to say?

This is where the process of keeping it all bottled up comes into play. This is a scary thing because there are so many turnouts with this scenario; almost like a movie with numerous endings and you’re the one that gets to pick out which way it’ll conclude. Some folks will let things fester up so much that it ends up hurting them health-wise. Then you have those people who store it up until the cork can no longer hold it. That also relates to my post about pent up anger. It’s a very scary thing. To even fathom what can happen due to someone going insane because of anger is beyond belief sometimes. Others will simply bounce the hardcore stress of life’s happenings and dwell on self-deprecation with means of hurting themselves or worse off, committing suicide due to the lack of knowledge of handling certain situations. Studies found that the last thoughts of people who had failed attempts of suicide were: “I don’t want to die.”

It’s not worth it.

I’ve been seeing so many tragedies on television and reading articles like the one I wrote about regarding the man who killed his ex-wife’s family at the Christmas Eve party, then killing himself, that you really have to wonder what will it take to finally bring it over the edge? I don’t know the full story or circumstances of that guy’s divorce, but think about it: did she have anything to do with his rage? Did she torment him or do anything to push it over the edge? As a compassionate human being, you never want to point the blame at an “innocent” woman who was just enjoying a Christmas Eve with her family, but if you emotionally torture a person, 9 out of 10 times you will see their rage one way or the other, and sadly, in the worst ways imaginable.

Why tempt a detrimental fate? If you already know that human nature has its limits, then why go through the traumatic ordeal of emotionally torturing a person because you didn’t get what you want? I personally don’t understand people who can’t let go and just forgive and forget. I don’t understand people who have hidden resentments that they can’t let go of. If the window of opportunity to make amends or seek a peaceful closure with someone they’re at odds with---do it; even if that means never talking to them again. When you play games with someone’s heart, the worst can be seen in the best of people. I realize that there are unique circumstances in each relationship, argument and situation, but if the best results can manifest from it, hopefully things can wash ashore and either be saved or forgotten about...not left to drown in a torturous death.

Again, sometimes there are things that just cannot be put into words.

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