The End of Insomnia

When life gets busy, our home generally doesn’t regenerate paper towels, toilet paper, eggs, milk—you get my drift. It’s up until I open up the refrigerator door and realize, “Oh no! I gotta go shopping!” I’m certainly not going to eat Szechuan chicken at 6am along with my coffee. It’s toast and butter for now. Anticipating the cooler fall-like day we’re going to have today, my plans include grocery shopping as well as plant shopping. I’ve been on this big ‘plant excursion' for the past couple of months. Madelene comes home to a jungle and the first words out of her mouth are: “Are they fake?”


It’s a cute little odd life I have here. I wake up quite early to write, edit and submit my articles to my editor and then my workday ends in mid-morning, which kicks in my newly domesticated ass in gear. I trek down to the local farm where they sell plants and other home goodies. I never thought I’d be one of those ‘green thumbers’ but lately, even living in a condo with not a blade of grass to claim as my own, my place is looking more like Tarzan’s palace. The thing that really pushed this “green insanity” is, I realized that my insomnia quickly dissipated once I put a few plants our my bedroom. In fact, not only do I sleep for a good 8-10 hours per night--I even take a nap at 3pm if my day is free and clear, wake up, clean like a lunatic and prepare dinner for Madelene once she gets home from work. I don’t know what these plants are doing for me, (other than supplying the lack of oxygen in my brain), but I’m loving it and apparently, obsessed.

So, if you’re having insomnia, I urge you to buy real live plants and place them throughout your home and especially the bedroom, and watch yourself go into a deep slumber. Please don’t forget to water these living creatures... That’s kind of important!