Do You "Goggle" or Yahoo?

Ok, so this is probably getting old for those of you who read this drab of a blog, but mom’s come up with a new lingo...

While sitting down relaxing, she discusses ways of advertising my dad’s business more efficiently. As you know, my mom’s not so familiar with the computer or the internet.

Things said such as:
“Don’t you be meeting those people on that ‘intercom’!”
“Deb, can you bring over your ‘blacktop’ later so I can shop for better prices?”
“Your sister constantly ‘tex mexes’ people on her phone!”

Now, she has added one more to her list:
“What about Goggle?”

No, that wasn’t a typo either. She’s heard here and there about “Google”, but she insists on calling it, “Goggle”. It kind of makes sense if you’re ‘searching’ for something, why not call it Goggle or Goggles? Unfortunately for those of you who wanted to bank on this new website, Goggles---it’s already taken.