Gas Leak?

The other night, right before I went to bed, I walked in the hallway and noticed a gas-like smell. It had that sulfuric odor to it and I knew that it had to be a leak somewhere. It was midnight and I was tired, but hell if I was going to fly under those covers to never wake up again. Madelene called the gas company and they came over right away. This older man who’s been doing this for over 30 yrs tells us he definitely smells something too. So, I’m thinking, good thing we called! He’s shuffling around the apartment and then goes to the dryer. (Which is the general area where I smelled it.) Anyway, he checks the dryer to see if it’s gas or electric and finds that it runs on electric thank God. He gets his little meter stick out to check if there are any leaks, and no beeps were heard.

He walks over to the gas stove, and I heard loud beeping. “Don’t worry, just checking if this thing works.” he shouts over, reassuring that we wouldn’t be dying anytime soon from carbon monoxide. He kept sniffing. He insisted that he smelled the same thing we did as well. There was definitely a smell of gas in the air. Then, he went out onto the deck and into the boiler room. He then walks out after 5 minutes and says, “Nope. Nothing.” He begins to walk towards the door and says, “Well, you’re ok, your alarms are working fine and there’s no detection of gas, but I do smell it.”

I glance over at Madelene, and then asked the gasman, “You mean to tell me I have to sleep knowing that the professional smells gas?”
“Well, it could be your neighbors.”

Well isn’t that comforting. I guess he didn’t want to disturb their sleep, since we were all going to blow up into smithereens anyway. Who cares, right? It’s just a condo full of what – 30 people in the same building? No biggie. Light up that fireplace!

Later I find out that it was a candle that we had just blown out making simulating a sulfur-like smell. Nice, huh?