WARNING: Mercury in Retrograde!

Okay, I’ll admit it, I can get into the horoscopes and astrology hoopla, but I don’t solely rely on it to determine how my day is going to turn out. This one particular site not only gives you the horoscope, but it offers what planets are in what zodiac. (I really don’t get it, but I know that my moon is in Uranus. Seriously. ...Not trying to get funny witchya’.)

Anyway, this month features “Mercury’s in Retrograde”. I always thought when somebody messes up on their words or what they say – people will sometimes blurt out, “Oh, it’s because Mercury’s in retrograde!” Okay. So…what does that mean? I was told that during this time, people fumble over their words. For instance, my friend was kidding around with me one time and said, “I’m gonna call you every book in da’ word!” I just thought she was going under some sort of religious spell. Or when I ordered a drink at the bar, I ordered a "muddy blary" … Get my drift? But now I am finding out it’s a whole other can of beans. It actually has to do with miscommunication. People are going to twist every single “book in da’ word”...

If we only misunderstand each other while Mercury’s in retrograde, then my entire life is based during this time. How many times have we all taken things out of context? Someone says something to be nice and we take it the wrong way, assuming they’re being sarcastic or just being a bastard about it. It could have been meant with the utmost sincerity, but the person receiving your message is fuming because he/she thinks that you have just insulted their intelligence or integrity or whatever the hell their shorts got into a bunch over. Other than money matters in relationships, miscommunications and misunderstandings are the most prominent factors in arguments. Even with platonic work relationships and friendships – we all at some point misunderstand each other.

Lately, whatever I say or do seems to be taken as a dig or as an insult. My words are just not flowing clearly…or the person needs to have their earwax removed. When confronted, I think to myself, how can I make it any clearer? How can I express myself sincerely without offending other people? There’s one particular person in my life, which I will keep nameless, however, every single word or thing I say or do gets twisted up into this ball of confusion. To this person, if I’m being nice, then that means I’m being sarcastic or not sincere. If I offer them anything out of generosity, then they think it’s a hidden agenda or that I pity them. If I do anything out of the kindness of my heart – my integrity is in question. Even with my blog posts, they’re taken out of context and the negative tones that are displayed are taken as a personal attack on them when the posts have absolutely nothing to do with them - for the love of God I need a drink!!!

So I guess this is my attempt to just say to this “person” – please stop reading my blog posts if you’re going to keep thinking it’s for you… It’s not! I assure you this is from my past experience and stuff taken from the book I wrote. I never said I was perfect, nor did I insinuate that my character was perfect. It’s far from perfect. I’m really trying to gain some insight and reevaluate my life for the better so I can learn as I go. Again, I write these posts – not as a “know it all” – but due to my past and the way I use to handle them, which I know I need improvement on. When we’re able to admit we need improvement in our lives, then that’s half the battle right there. What do they say? Admitting it is the first step to recovery?

I’m trying. Give me some credit or I’ll definitely have my moon in Uranus! I’m going to blame this entire mess on Mercury if you don’t mind.