Writer's Block

As some of you probably already know, I’m working on my second book right now. It’s been exciting and this book seems to flow better than my first one. I’ve started two other books that just didn’t flow well. One was based on a fictional story about two lesbians who went through trials of discrimination. The bulk of the storyline was focused on the military life. I’m sure you can imagine some of the plots right there. It’s not finished, however, it’s sitting on the back burner for now because fiction isn’t my bag. This new book is almost halfway finished and focuses on the differences between religion and spirituality. I’m actually having a lot of fun with it and getting some great ideas from all of you out there, as well as doing some research.

It’s funny trying to sit down and write without the phone constantly ringing, or being at a place that just isn’t conducive to creativity. Amy suggested that I head over to the café and write my heart out. The problem with that is, I would do more people watching, rather than focus on what I’m writing. My café mochas would be pumpin’ my heart a million beats per minute, and I would most likely be listening to a juicy conversation at the next table. My ADD would kick in big time and my book would be a huge gossip column. Not good.

I started my writing while on vacation in the Hamptons. I watched the surf come crashing in, as the sunset danced across the ocean. It was the most beautiful sight ever. The bulk of my inspiration was sitting outside on my deck watching the ocean and praying. I’ve had so many revelations, confirmations from God and thought processes. It was what I needed to start my new book. Each day I’m finished with a few chapters. Sometimes, I find myself writing so fast, that the errors are just unreal. I usually have them edited and thrown back to me like a second grade grammar school student.

I know that a few of you who read me have written books yourselves. Right now, I’ve come to a little bit of a stumbling block. I don’t want to force a new chapter, I need it to come crashing through like all the others did. I guess I have writer’s block right now. It usually creeps back in when I least expect it. As writers yourselves, what techniques do you use or inspiration do you get in order to continue writing? I think it helps a lot to hear from other writers. It helps hearing from numerous authors who write anything--whether it be poetry, song lyrics or even short stories and blogs. What plants the seeds of your stories or lyrics? Is there something you do that produces more thought processes and ideas?

I’ve heard that espresso works well. I tried this, and although it does give me energy, I find myself with racing thoughts, instead of focused and well thought out ideas. It’s almost like my blog, very fast paced and rambled through. They say that if you eat more fish, this seems to help with brain functions. (I need a truckload!) I’ve been eating fish almost two to three times per week. I guess it helps. I’m not sure. It comes and goes. All the mercury in my blood probably gave me this blockage.

I’ll be writing here and there on the blog when I come to a stumbling block, but for now, I’m going to focus on my book and try to visit you all when I can. You’ll probably see some funny random videos on here – or just some short dribble about my frustrations with this new book.

And for those who have personally emailed me asking if I was moving to Denver, please read the entire post and see that it was a sarcastic poke fun bit at Dani. My roots are long and deep in New York.