Holy Wars

The other night, I watched Flight 93, about the 9/11 hijacking. It brought back some painful and unnerving memories, as I remembered every single minute of how that day unfolded. We rarely speak of Flight 93’s tragedy and head right into the deep horror of the two planes that flew right into both towers of the World Trade Center.

Each hijacker had such a love for their God, that they were not only willing to kill others, but they were ready to take their own lives for their God. It’s a scary concept to fathom. The assailing images of this movie raised my blood pressure. The reasoning behind their motives was a reminder of what goes on in any religious holy war. The determination to kill for your God is a total contradiction, just as some would feel that being a gay Christian is a contradiction to the Christian doctrine.

We believe what we believe.

When we hear the message of God from other Christians, we must keep in mind that there are many beliefs within the religion of Christianity itself. When your heart feels the truth, then believe it’s the truth. When your heart says, “Hmm, something’s not right here,” then talk to God, but also remember to listen for Him. If your ears aren’t open to Him, then you’re heart isn’t as well. Ask for wisdom and discernment, especially when another Christian gives you advice or rebukes you. Ask God what the right path is to take. Advice from other Christians is good, but confirmation from God Himself is better. A personal relationship with God

What does it take?
*Fellowship with God
*A desire to learn more about God
*Evaluating your own situation and letting God take control
*Strength in your faith
*Remembering God’s strength when you’re weak

But the Lord is faithful; he will make you strong and guard you from the evil one. ~2 Thessalonians 3:3

In all fairness, each and every one of us has a little evil in us. We have the good and we have the bad. We’re human. The devil can creep inside very easily, with persuading words and tempting offers, but after it’s been rejected, watch the outcome. You’ll struggle with the wrath of what’s been rejected. Take for instance, when you draw closer to God. What happens? You find more challenges. Is it a test from God? Possibly. I do believe that the closer we get to God, the angrier the devil becomes. The devil will throw obstacles in your way, in order to deter you from your initial focus.

Stay on track.

There are plenty of laundry mats that are willing to wash your brain for a small fee—your soul. They’re called fundamentalist churches. Now, there’s nothing wrong with choosing your own church to suit your personal needs to draw closer to God, but keep in mind that “people” who are sucked into this brainwashing mindset will have you believe almost anything.

To me, it’s just the same as the extreme Muslims who kill and die for their Gods. They have no margin for reasoning. The same goes for extreme radical Christians, with hatred for certain types of sinners. They cherry pick their sin of choice, and cast stones at anyone who tries to argue with them. They become evil, curse you and in most cases, lie about you.

Let me give you the differences between a true Christian, and those who are radical extremists who have been completely brainwashed.

Radical Extremists’ Thinking

*I’m allowed to judge anyone
*Those who sin, will be cast into the pit of hell
*You may curse in the correct context when rebuking your neighbor
*Making fun of disabilities is okay, as long as they’re sinners
*Lying is good, as long as it serves for God’s purposes
*Killing homosexuals should be a law
*Hitting your child is okay – even in the most barbaric ways

True “Jesus-like” Thinking

*Love your neighbor as you would yourself
*Give your problems to God- let God take control
*Love God with all your heart
*Judging others is not your job, it’s God’s
*Encourage and edify one another
*Spreading the good news
*Stand strong in your faith and remember that God loves you

People ask me all the time how can I call myself a “Christian lesbian”. First of all, I believe that Jesus died for my sins. I worship Christ, therefore I’m Christian. My faith can’t be dwindled or persuaded. I have a loving relationship with another woman. We’re not promiscuous, as ‘radical Christians’ tend to think. We’re best friends, lovers as well as family. We enjoy being around our family and friends and love praising God together, as a team. We pray together, which makes our bond even stronger. The true thread that binds us together is God. We strengthen each other’s faith in the Lord.

Even in the church we used to attend, the gay ministry (which desired us to be “ex-gays) were so persistent on changing us into heterosexuals, that they lost complete focus on what was truly important—God. We sat down with them and had a meeting. Each of the scripture they shot at us were the same ones that any other radical Christian would fire off. I explained my beliefs on each particular one. Now, keep in mind that the gay ministry in that church were all ex-gays. They sat there, looked at me, and read the scripture again. One lady had tears in her eyes. She knew in her heart that the message that Romans was trying to convey was about pure lust and promiscuity. The couple we were speaking to (or ex-couple), were together for over twenty years. Even though they tried to argue over the passages, they were taken back by my interpretation and understanding of each “homosexual” scripture that was served up.

If they have a ministry for gays, then why don’t they have every type of ministry? One for alcoholics, one for liars, one for adulterers, one for gossipers, another for sex addicts and ministries for those who suffer from gluttony? I’m sure they have a ministry for some of the above, however this particular church didn’t. AA was optional at a Presbyterian church nearby.

The focus of God has been blocked by the thought of homosexuals living in this world. Most radical Christians don’t even bother with any other type of “sin” they think people are committing. They feel that homosexuals should be put to the death sentence. Do they actually want a homosexual holocaust? Is this the way Christians should think?

Will it always be a holy war? I guess it will, since faith isn’t based on fact. Between extreme Muslims and radical Christians, they’ll always see the negative, and never see the good in people. Holy wars are based upon hate. They hate the “nonbelievers”. They hate those who worship Christ, they hate those who worship Allah, and they hate those who believe in the same God, yet have a different set of beliefs within their very own religion.

It’ll never end.